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Power 106.1’s #PowerhouseLA f. Jeremih, Post Malone, Ugly God, DJ Khaled & Scoop Deville

May 7, 2017

I literally just got home from the coldest night of my life. Jk. Not really. They weren’t kidding with this “Rain or shine” caption. It was raining, and not shining lmao. This year was the first year Power 106.1 (LA’s go-to radio station for Hip Hop and R&B) turned Powerhouse into a festival. An outdoor festival. I would call it the West Coast version of the Hot 97 Summer Jam.

Shout out to my girl Jen, who drove us all in her boss Jeep all the way down to San Bernardino. I literally hate driving, and she loves it. So it worked out. Minus the way back. I didn’t last (smh). I was wondering what the Glen Helen Amphitheater was, and if it was the same venue that Rock The Bells was at. It was. RIP, San Manual Amphitheater.

I literally run into Scoop Deville as I’m entering the premises. I felt like I was late, only because I missed his set. There were two stages this year, one was the Who’s Next stage, that Scoop just came from. Btw, he’s definitely not an up and coming artist. He’s one of the most legendary producers in the game.

And now he’s rapping. He had the crowd’s full attention (per the pics). So happy for him.

We find our way into the media tent, which covered the rain, but not the cold. The whole crew was out (in) here. Shout out to Sasha for organizing this whole thing. She’s a boss. I literally was with Pun and G Perico, like 12 hours ago. Still thriving off P-Lo’s listening party. That shit made my month.

The real reason I was hurrying though, was because I wanted a hug from young Ugly God. I literally saw his name on the lineup in the car ride down and texted him I was coming. With 2 exclamation points. As we pull in, he responded with a “hurry.” I had to catch him. That’s my boo. Shout out to his manager, Jackie. I love them both.

Told Skeme to do some crazy shit, and he busted out his stacks of cash. I was dying. Told him I loved when he performed at The NOVO, and I forgot who he opened for. He reminded me it was Lil Uzi Vert on New Years. That was a fun show.

Jay 305 is a riot. I still can’t get over him bringing strippers to Interscope to play his new record. Comedy. Between you and I, I heard someone at Interscope low key got in trouble for allowing that to happen. Shit, he brought strippers into a corporate office. Respect.

After enough socializing, I realized, “oh shit.” There were performances going on lmao. Luckily, we were right behind the stage. Shout out to Power making it easy for us to maneuver our way to the photo pit. I said wsup to Post Malone backstage and then heard him on the mic shortly after. I literally ran over lmao.

“Congratulations” is the perfect record to describe his career. Ever since “White Iverson,” homeboy has been working. He was giving nobody an opportunity to call him a one-hit wonder. Respect.

This part is fucking hilarious. I cannot stop laughing. We see DJ Khaled hustling to his set, getting pulled left and right by people desperate to get a selfie. I didn’t want to be that person (at all), but how often do you get to get the King of Snapchat on your Snap? (Well, IG story, because I hate Snapchat lmao.) I somehow catch his attention and ask for a drop for HipHopDX. This mf, sees Kevin Wong in the short distance ahead, and shouts him out instead. TF. I was pissed lmao.

Anyways. The other star of the evening is Jeremih. My bae, if we’re talking music. Honestly, I’m the biggest Jeremih fan. And I must have bugged the shit out of him tonight lmao. Literally asked for a pic, a drop, an interview, another pic. Sorry, Jeremih. You’re hard to pin down, so I had to take advantage of the situation. Shout out to Scott Storch and Steve Lobel running the festival grounds too. Legends.

“Planez” is top 5. Maybe top 3. Shout out to my girl Ashley next to me, enjoying this performance as much as I was. And then he brought out Scott Storch for “All Eyez.” Top 20. I really think Jeremih takes credit for 50% of my top 30 R&B songs.

Caught up with him after his performance and asked about his recent project Cinco de Mihyo and how he feels about Def Jam. He was so distracted. Everybody was swarming him. Including the ten female dancers (refraining from strippers) going in and out of his trailer. He also gets the award for the most turnt up group out there today. They were screaming and howling, making everybody turn their heads.

I was all trying to post each Snap individually, and then Trent hit me with the genius idea of saving the whole story. I had to wait for last night’s Snap to go away to download it, but I was sad I didn’t think of that myself lmao. This next part was hilarious also. Stay for the end, where we find the star of the upcoming Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me. I literally went to tag Demetrius on IG but didn’t know which account was his. So we just captioned “we found Tupac.” LMAO. Dead. Shout out to Madeintyo out here on these streets as well.

Literally, had to leave early because I was so fucking cold. It was not okay. I knew I could count on Ural to dipset. He was out here doing interviews for DX, and got all he needed. That was my PIC for Coachella. He’s one of the greatest human beings I’ve met. So genuine.

It wasn’t all glory leaving. He couldn’t find his whip lmao. This reminded me of the time my girl and I left Hard Summer mad early to beat the traffic and ended up not being able to find our car for 2 whole hours. Today was extra painful because of the weather. We even hopped in the sheriff’s car so they could drive us around. That was all me though lmao. I begged them to help us because I was so cold. Getting in the car and sitting on those hard as rock back seats was a trip. Those seats were like a subtle punishment to the criminals.

Finally found the whip after 30+ minutes. Mobbed an hour back to LA and now I’m writing. My space heater is on high and I’m still cold.

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