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Pretty Ricky Put On The Most Ratchet Show Of The Year; très stacks’ “Sky’s The Limit” Biggie Shirt

May 21, 2017

Today’s one of those days that Los Angeles is unbearably hot. But who’s really complaining? Besides me lmao. I tweeted this AFTER my hot yoga class. But anybody that woke up this morning probably thought to themselves: “What a beautiful day.” The sun was beaming.

This was the absolute most perfect way to start the weekend. Meet Y7, where yoga and Hip Hop come together as one. This is everything I ever wanted in life. If you guys know me, you know how much I value yoga. It saved my life, specifically my mental health. Religiously going to Core Power Yoga whenever I have a free hour in my schedule, I always wanted to try this studio.

My homegirl Jennifer actually told me about it when she moved to New York. And then my other homegirl was working the front desk and gave me a free class, which I’ve held on to for almost a year. Smh. I have an LA bucket list, and that was on the list. So happy to cross it off finally. The LA studio is located right there in the middle of busy Melrose, which means allow 10 minutes or more for the street parking hunt. The universe blessed me today with a spot right out front. I was running late so it was seriously clutch.

bc #yoga and #hiphop is always the move. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #namaste

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Huge thanks to Sarika for the special invite. I couldn’t thank her enough. This was an Outside Voices activation, which meant one thing: gifts. You know this is one of my favorite things in life. I was blessed with a sports bra and matching leggings. If I’m not dressed up, I’m in workout clothes. Facts. Shout out to my girl Nykki for being my date. We suffered in the best way possible. I was like, if I’m hot, she must be dying lmao.

It was one hour of straight flow… and sweat. I thought the instructor was great. I’m by no means anywhere near a yogi, but I have some experience, and even then I was dying. A lot of people have the wrong impression of yoga- but it’s actually a workout. The class took place in a long room with no windows. I don’t even think the heat was on because it was so hot out. But it was intense, and I felt like I was going to die, but it was perfect for me lmao. Endorphins are my best friend.

Fast forward to the evening, for some major throwback vibes. Pretty fucking Ricky at The NOVO at LA Live. Def was here last night. And yes. The same Pretty Ricky that were at the forefront of baby-making music back in the day. They were R&B. “Grind On Me” will forever be the jam. Keep in mind, this was during high school, when freak dancing at functions was the wave.

pretty ricky with my babygirl 💎 grind on meeee. #dtla

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Shout out to my babygirl Nikka for being my date. Don’t think she knew what she was about to get into lmao. I literally just saw them at Soulquarius, but their set was cut short, by a lot. The fans were livid. Low key, so was I. We walk inside the venue to find it sold tf out. Makes sense. It was a $10 show. The people were OUT tonight. It was Saturday night, and the feeling was right. Literally, everyone was so turnt. It made for some great people watching.

They were supposed to be on at 10pm, which is when we strategically pulled up. But they took an hour to come out. That’s a long time y’ll. Low key was getting so irritated at the hype man and DJ teasing us every 5 minutes. They finally graced the stage at 11pm (smh) to “Playhouse,” and all was forgotten lmao. I fucking loved that song. The entire Bluestars album really.

when you go to a @prettyricky show…..

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“Your Body,” “Get A Little Closer,” “Nothing But A Number”… the DJ kept fucking shouting out “Who in the crowd is over 25?” I was like wtf. Me. Af. Lmao. And then I realized why. That was the Pretty Ricky generation. Nobody born in the 2000’s understood. The fact these guys are still doing this is pretty epic. This was the grand finale. This might be the lap dance of the century. First of all, it took them like 20 minutes to find females they wanted to bring up there.

Mood af the entire time LMAO. Shout out to Spectacular for getting every female in the room aroused. I can’t deal. Didn’t know if I should post it because it’s so intense lmao. “Juicy” was probably their go-to track in the bedroom.

My next move was to meet my Gucci squad (Corey, Val, V) in Chinatown, at the Grand Star Jazz Club. We haven’t had a full reunion in a minute so I was excited. This was a dope party called The Drop, put on by one of V‘s friends, Andrea, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the end. The DJ’s were dropping all the throwbacks. Those timeless records (like Juvenile’s “Back That Ass Up”) that will forever be in rotation.

What helped is the fact that this venue is 5 minutes from the crib. I’ve low key boycotted Chinatown ever since I had that traumatic foot massage experience, but this was a super neat spot. It’s in the cuts right off Broadway. We walk into the room to find nothing but good vibes. Including merch. This is their clothing brand: très stacks. And they just released this dope Biggie shirt. “Sky’s The Limit” is literally my anthem. Need this stat.

our #rns group chat keeps me alive. 💎 #chinatown

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Love these ladies a lot. It’s now 3am and I’m going to watch Everyday Struggle cause I have no life.

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