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LA Style Magazine’s Muse Lifestyle Brunch f. Baron Davis; B.o.B’s Pineapple Soirée In The Hollywood Hills

July 10, 2017

Happy Sunday! It’s still 1000000 degrees out in Los Angeles. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today started out with an amazing event called Muse Lifestyle Brunch by LA Style Magazine. First of all, a chef-catered brunch at the Mercedes-Benz Dealership in downtown LA? How could you not (#FOMO). Huge thanks to Leslie for the invite, this was definitely my steez. It was an exclusive opportunity for industry and social media leaders to share an intimate interactive environment with panel members, elite brands, AND they offer to let you test-drive the new Benz. Omg.

Thank goodness for AC. I walk inside to find Baron Davis on the red carpet- just the man I was looking for. I was literally so upset when I missed him at the #DXTurbo event. So upset lmao. He has a special place in my heart because of the Dubs. At first, he was super not feeling it lmao. I swear, he was over it. So many media outlets in his face.

But then I asked him about rap and caught his attention lmao. I can’t believe he said he fucked with 21’s album lmao. Ugh. That surprised me.

Next up: food. I’m talking- make your own omelet with your own ingredients, and fresh waffles fresh off the iron. And an open mimosa and cosmo martini bar. So many people offered me one, but I had to kindly decline. Very sweet of them. The reception had many interactive components, ranging from beauty, automotive, technology, and entertainment. The energy was so great, especially in this beautiful space on Figueroa, literally down the street from Staples Center. This was the perfect Sunday vibe.

The Power of Influence panel was next, moderated by Christine Andreu, the Editor-In-Chief of LA Style Magazine. It was so powerful. And Baron was the only male among all these pretty women. The goal is for these dynamic influencers and industry experts to share with the audience (me) how to better ourselves and realign our vision and potential for the future. I needed this.

Next up was my babygirl’s own event with B.o.B. I was so, so excited to see her. Laura, you are a doll. Absolutely one of my favorite women in the industry. This was his pineapple soirée, in light of the company he just started back in Atlanta.

The push downtown was rough, and I didn’t realize it would literally be up in the Hollywood Hills. That view was priceless, I’ll never forget. But this really happened when I pulled up. The guy at the front asked if I was an Uber driver picking someone up. That offended me so hard lmao. Like, bitch, I’m attending the function.

I walk up the longest flight of stairs to find all my homegirls in one spot. I was ecstatic. Everything about this event was on- literally. And I say that with no bias. From the tacos, to the open bar, to the hookahs, to the pool, to the slaps by DJ Storm, to the pineapple floaties and straws, to the photo booth, to the people… issa vibe.

Laura, you’re the fucking shit. Thank you for being so genuine and so fucking encouraging, motivating, empowering… everything. My heart is warmed just thinking of you. She also introduced me to Hit-Boy later, and it totally didn’t register it was THE Hit-Boy. Legendary producer man. I fangirl-ed lmao.

Had to catch B.o.B for the DX gram before he got too turnt. And shit got turnt- in the best way. He was definitely the star of the event. I loved his shirt so much lmao. Shout out to Ashlee for the clutch photo edit though. Literally, the struggle was real to get a decent flick. The sun was not on our side.

Twerk contest was unreal lmao. B.o.B was standing right there. I couldn’t even see. I just held up my phone to Snap and prayed I got the shot lmao. I did. Halla. This went on for a minute. Shit was wild. Laura, this event was a W lmao <3.

Today was my only opp to go to yoga so I had to mob to the 7pm Hot Power Fusion at Core Power Yoga in Hollywood. Shout out to Bearsmoke for getting ya girl lit af. I saw them light this up and had to hit it. Straight, organic leaves. It was so smooth. So fucking smooth.


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