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Day 3 Of #FYFFest f. Mura Masa, Desiigner, Little Dragon & House of Vans

July 24, 2017

My heart is full. I had a really good weekend and I feel super blessed to be surrounded by so much love and positive energy.

There’s nothing better than reuniting with your girlfriends. Tomorrow is my girl Nykki’s born day and to celebrate, her and her boyfriend threw a day party at their new crib in Culver City. First off, I miss the Westside. So much. Things are just more chill on this side of town. Secondly, I got to reunite with my old roomies from 2 plus years ago. I fucking love these ladies and seeing them the second I walked into the function made me so happy.

It was adorable. There was homemade food, drinks, beer pong, music, and even water balloons. Sad I missed that- I get really into sports-related activities lmao. The best part? This wasn’t an industry event. Like, I can’t remember the last time I just hung out with people just to hang out. I fucking loved it. They also knew I didn’t drink and MADE SURE I was lit. Ugh. The best.

Made it a mission to get to FYF Fest before 6pm. I had to catch the House of Vans tent on site. This was a special 90’s inspired pop-up which showcased the best of the 90’s culture through art, fashion, and skateboarding. My dumbass thought the sign meant JAY-Z for a sec lmao. HOV = House of Vans. Got it.

The walls on the inside were covered with dope murals all-around. The workshops were presented by Coachella, so you know it’s lit. Huge thanks to Grace and Shane for the invite and the kicks! I’m so humbled and grateful to receive these.

I loved this wall of records too. This was a collab with Trasher Magazine, which meant a projector  in the middle screening skate films that you were able to just kick back and enjoy. And it was PACKED. This was a hidden gem at the festival. There were so many kids and adults partaking in the activities and getting creative. I loved seeing that.

We made our way over to the Main Stage for Little Dragon. I don’t even know how to categorize them. All I know is I’ve seen these Swedish artists so many times at festivals on drugs lmao. Together, they make an electronic band. Definitely fitting to have them on the bill here. I genuinely enjoyed their performance of “High,” along with the rest of the crowd.

Their music is magical. Eccentric, yet heavenly. The main chick is always rocking some out of this world outfit and today was no different. She looked like a damn geisha up there, getting ready for Fashion Week in Paris lmao. It was beautiful though. They asked if they could play one of their old songs and proceeded with “Feather.”

My homie was waiting for “Ritual Union” the entire set. And it was beautiful. Also beautiful: the dad in front of us playing with his 2-year-old. It was so adorable. I couldn’t stop staring. The kid had ear plugs in and was loving daddy’s Snapchat. What’d you do this weekend? “Went to FYF Fest with my dad.”

Next up was the main reason I was here today. No lie, this is the only artist I haven’t seen and I fuck with him hard. Mura Masa at The Trees stage at 7:45pm. Think electronic heaven, with a touch of Hip Hop. He started his set off with “Love$ick” and it was everything. This chick was giving me straight life. Twerking all over the stage like it was nothing. She was sporting just a sports bra and spandex, too. So real. This is his record with A$AP Rocky and probably his biggest single to date. I was so satisfied at this point, and we weren’t even one song in.

They played “Nugget” next off Mura Masa’s self-titled album, which recently dropped, and “Low.” The latter was a highlight for sure. And then: DESIIGNER. We were not expecting that. Well, I wasn’t. Mura Masa first teased a bunch of Desiigner tags and ad-libs and then homeboy pops out on stage.

The crowd going crazy made me even more hyped. “All Around The World” is a great record, also on the project. I honestly don’t think anyone can match Desiigner’s energy on stage. His facial expressions say it all. Huge thanks to Allen for putting Mura Masa’s set on my radar. I honestly had no idea which artists were on the bill up unless someone brought it to my attention.

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