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Smino & Sabrina Claudio Take Over Soulection Experience; Left Brain’s Mind Gone Body Reunion At WAV

August 13, 2017

Happy Saturday. Today started off with Left Brain’s Mind Gone Family Reunion at WAV in West LA. Way out of my 15-minute radius, but I had to come support. Plus, events here are always a vibe. Free food, free drank, and only the best music. Live music at that. It was a glorious sunny day in LA, and this WAV spot is set up perfectly for a cookout.

As I’m driving in, I see Ural getting in his whip. He literally just wrapped up an interview with Left Brain. If you guys fuck with Odd Future, you know Left Brain. He’s a riot. All those guys are. The last event at WAV was Domo Genesis’ Red Corolla Party with King Chip. This was definitely round 2.

I entered through the black gate and immediately see Chuck Inglish (of The Cool Kids) dancing and grooving the day away. It was honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He was legit enjoying life along with the rest of the attendees. The support is real. Left Brain was posted on the stage for the majority of the time.

Shout out to the homie C Wills who explained to me what Mind Gone was. And for getting ya girl a little lit lmao. Haven’t smoked all week due to a dental procedure. Basically, they’re a group of rappers, producers, engineers… a branch off Odd Future. Similar to how The Internet is. That made total sense lmao. It was the perfect explanation.

When I say all the homies were out here, I’m serious lmao. Ash Riser, Jay Worthy, Go Dreamer, Warm Brew... it was a function. I can’t tell if it was open to the public, but it should have been lmao. WAV is so fucking spacious. Such a great space for events.

Go Dreamer laced us with leis lmao. There was also a dude running around with a water gun and I got drenched and had a hissy fit for like half a minute. I was just sad we missed the alligator lmao. They legit grilled an alligator. And ate it. Like, in the shape of its body and everything. That freaked me out but it was kind of epic at the same damn time.

Always dope to have merch at an event. Especially dope merch like RIP Pimp C shirts, which my girl really wanted but they didn’t have her size. @reworksla, I see you with that Mac Dre. Need that in my wardrobe stat. Shout out to Ari for being my date. I literally hate going to events dolo.

Huge shout out to Nelson for again, putting this entire fucking thing together. May or may not have come for him. Or the alligator. I’ll just say both. He kills it though, every time. Also thanks to Alex for the invite. Boss babe.

It took an hour to get home. Fuck LA traffic- literally the worst. Did some work and finally got the Lil Jon piece up. I actually like how it turned out.

TONIGHT: the first ever Soulection Experience. Soulection is so fucking fire. It’s like its own world. If you listen to Soulection radio or fuck with artists on Soulection, then I know you have good taste in music. It’s like underground, R&B, trippy, majestic vibes. Always a good time for sure.

Smino was definitely the only reason I was here tonight. Shout out to Soulection for having him on the bill, they know what’s up. I’ve been listening to blkswn all fucking month. It just so happened that Sabrina Claudio was on right before him. My homegirl put me on her and I’ve been in love ever since.

We literally just saw her perform at the Echoplex, sold out to the brim, in the most intimate setting. Now, she was taking her efforts to festival status. The Shrine Auditorium is no joke. This venue is huge. Only the hottest DJs and Hip Hop acts play here, and most of the time it’s sold out. She graces the stage with her beauty and performs “Too Much Too Late” and “Tell Me.”

Her entire Confidently Lost EP is fire. Every song: “Runnin’ Thru Lovers,” “Confidently Lost,” “Orion’s Belt.” Excuse me as I give you a play by play of her set lmao. She’s so real. Like, an angel. Jhene Aiko vibes. Someone the other day was trying to tell me Jhene ain’t shit. I was like bruh. Bye. Don’t understand why people have to put down artists for no reason. You can’t knock talent.

Sabrina was so cute. She had her full band on stage with her again. She kept saying how this was her first festival. Def not going to be your last babygirl. She performed “Unravel Me,” and finished with “Belong To You,” which she just dropped a video for. I feel like most of the crowd didn’t know who she was. Or it seemed. Makes me happy she got exposure to an audience that otherwise would probably never come across her.

Fuck whoever introduced Smino because he joked that he wasn’t coming and that a hologram Smino would be taking his place. Literally played me lmao. A few moments later, Smino literally JUMPS on stage in his Pistons’ Hill jersey. Homeboy is lit off life. It was amazing. He had so much personality up there. It made the entire evening worth it.

Next, Smino played an explosive “Anita” and introduced “RAW” by asking who in the crowd loves condoms. He’s hilarious. This record was for the day 1 Smino fans, and had the chick next to me reciting every word with her hands up. Nothing beats this next part though. Homeboy is from St. Louis, and tonight, he brought his hometown to L.A. he brought it wayyyy back. “Air Force 1s” by Murphy Lee is timeless.

“Wild Irish Roses” is the intro track to blkswn. It gets me in the mood every time. Literally listen to it on my way to work every morning. If I fuck with a project, I’ll literally listen to it on repeat for a week. I love really falling in love with an artist and soaking up their craft. It really seemed like the crowd was here for Smino. Soulection wins with that one.

The moment everyone was waiting for. “Netflix & Dusse” is such a vibe. I’m seriously just sitting here so happy that he was so good live. Just so much fucking energy and love in that room tonight. He performed “Maraca” before making the venue shut the lights off for “Amphetamine,” the last track on the project. He told everyone he wrote that song from the bottom of his heart. Ugh. So satisfied.

I love you, Nechelle. I def made her track down this photo booth with me. Super dope promo from Apple Music. Not that they need it lmao. This shit was lit. We scoped out the rest of the venue which consisted of an outdoor stage and a line of food trucks. In the middle there were tables to lounge down, eat, and take a breather. Soulection, thank you. And Lauren for being a doll. Such a vibe tonight.



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