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Bryson Tiller LITERALLY #SetItOff At The Greek Theatre With H.E.R., Metro Boomin, Madeintyo, Rae Sremmurd & O.T. Genasis

August 15, 2017

Alright you guys. Bryson Tiller has come A LONG way. I am definitely a day 1 Tiller fan. A TRAPSOUL stan. Who isn’t? He literally created his own subgenre in R&B. That being said, I’ve seen him evolve so much as an artist, progressing in all areas of his craft. From a nobody to selling out The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. This Set It Off Tour is his biggest one yet.

But what really got me was seeing H.E.R. on the lineup. Let me put you guys on real quick. First of all, this chick is so mysterious lmao. I still don’t know anything about her. I do know that she can seriously sing and is the next to blow in R&B. Listen to any of her H.E.R., Vol. 1 or Vol. 2 EP’s and you’ll understand.

Shout out to Greek for the set times. H.E.R. was on at 7:30pm, and she was deadass on at 7:30pm. I wasn’t off until 6pm in Westwood and it took me over an hour to get to the venue. It was one of those drives where my ass started hurting from sitting too long. The worst. That made for a great Bryson listening sesh. The best part about his music is I can go back to it any time, any day.

This part’s embarrassing lmao. Our seats did not make for prime coverage, so I tried to sneak down literally every single section in the lowers. I failed each time. Eventually, the head of security escorted me out lmao whoops. I managed to sneak around the side though. She started her set with “Say It Again,” off her most recent EP. She sounded SO good on the mic.

I wanted to be as close as possible. But then I found out DX’s Twitter was still suspended (due to copyright BS) so I couldn’t even post. Oh well. “Focus” and “U” were gems. She had on these overalls to pair with her big hair, and had the most legit backup singers on stage. I died when she covered Kendrick and Zacari’s “LOVE.” That’s my favorite record off DAMN.

She finished off with “Every Kind Of Way,” “JUNGLE,” and “Changes.” If you’re going to listen to one song, Listen to “Jungle.” It’s her cover of Drake’s record. Fucking fire. She had a solid 30-minute set. And then my babygirl came to join me. I adore her. Also huge thanks to Michelle for the tix <3. Still couldn’t get over how early I was lmao.

How do you go from H.E.R. to Metro? Whatever, we were here for it. It was fucking lit. Metro is one of the best damn producers in the game. Real talk. I’ve seen him perform so many times, beyond deejaying or club appearances. Like, homeboy headlines his own shows. And he’s a DJ. It’s nothing but a huge turn up sesh. He dropped that old school 21 Savage and I was lit lmao.

He even threw in some D4L in there. Metro is GOAT. Was not expecting him to bring on Madeintyo. At this point, we return to our seats, partly lmao. We posted in the first couple rows of the middle tier. Still dunno where our seats were but… never settle. “Uber Everywhere” was lit, of course. “I Want” is one of my favs from TYO, also Metro’s fav. Glad we have something in common. And you know he couldn’t get off stage without performing “Skateboard P.”

We mob back to our original spot. I knew I wasn’t staying long for Bryson’s set. I literally just saw him at The Roxy for his pop-up show when True To Self dropped. That was super intimate. Tonight, looking out over The Greek, I was able to compare it to the first times I’d ever seen him. This was when he was only being pulled out as a guest during shows. He’s improved SO much as a performer.

Especially tonight, the Set It Off Tour was so perfect. Tonight, he was showing out. After almost 45 minutes of intermission, which got a little frustrating, the crowd starting chanting for Bryson. Stans. I love it. His opening song was “Self-Made,” which I called. That made me happy. That’s my fav song off the project.

Next, he performed “Blowing Smoke” before taking a solid couple minutes to thank LA for believing in him. This went into how much he had doubted himself in this journey and how lately he’s been “on some different shit.” He really did put in the work. I respect him a lot. Then he brought it back to TRAPSOUL. Everyone knew the words to “Let Em’ Know.”

After “Don’t Get Too High,” Bryson proved why he’s a superstar. Homeboy brought out O.T. Genasis, Rae Sremmurd, Travis Scott, and Big Sean. Yeezus. First off, can we talk about how “Perplexing Pegasus” has been my favorite song of the month? Fr. Mike Will is a god. That song is a banger.

“Swang” is such a turn up anthem. These guys make me so fucking happy- every time. Slim Jxmmi legit had no shirt on while Swae Lee was decked out in red checkered print. I see you ,Bryson. At this point, I had to force myself to leave because I had too much to do. Being an adult and being responsible is fucking hell when you have #FOMO lmao.

We heard “Sorry Not Sorry” as we were heading out, and while at the merch booth, we actually saw him perform on the big screen. Shout out to Greek for making sure you were able to see the show even if you had to use the restroom or get food. Stealing the homegirl’s video here, Bryson seriously has come so fucking far.

Not that he used to suck, but he used to put on very underwhelming performances. The energy combined with his stage presence tonight just proved where he fits in this game. He’s a superstar. And “Don’t” is probably top 20 R&B songs.

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