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Timothy Bloom Serenades Pour Vous In Weho; Lucky Strike Bowl Teases Xmas At Exclusive Holiday Preview

August 16, 2017

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Happy Tuesday. Every day seems like a milestone, but I’m pushing through. My biggest battle right now is getting enough sleep to make it through the day. But it’s always exciting to have things like this to look forward to. Tonight was Lucky Strike‘s Annual Holiday Taste and Tour. If you guys like to bowl, Lucky Strike is your go-to. Probably the most lit bowling alley chain to exist. This isn’t just a bowling alley- it’s a whole turn up.

When I say turn up, I mean the evenings pop off. There’s a full bar and when you walk in, it feels like a straight club. The event was held at the Hollywood/Highland location, right next to the TCL Chinese Theater. We were greeted by a very friendly host who gave us name tags to wear. I loved that. Name tags totally encourage everyone to mingle. She said there were 2 events, and ours was next to the buffet. It’s lit. This nitro-frozen ice cream table… bruh.


Beyond bowling, this just made me think, what a great space to throwing events. The vibe was just right. There was an open bar with specialty cocktails (Chrismas, wya?), unlimited steak, asparagus, and cookies (def copped 2 cookies to-go), a DJ providing a wide variety of music (it was a breath of fresh air from straight Hip Hop), and entertainment, in the form of casino tables and arcade games. That was honestly so legit. Vegas vibes.

Shout out to Quaz for being my date. Love him. He works in the mall so I thought he’d be d. I say this a lot but I love my down ass friends. I be dragging people to the most random shit.  I actually ran into some familiar faces which I always love. LA is so big yet so fucking small.

Mood af all day lmao. Had a meeting to head to next but it was cancelled, and my next event wasn’t until 9pm. So I just ate up data on my limited data plan. Shit’s weak lmao. Nah but really. I need to learn how to not be on my phone while I drive. Working on it.

I drove to my next destination in West Hollywood: Pour Vous. Tonight, my newly appointed mentor Thuy’s client was performing. She’s literally my idol/role model, whatever you want to call it. I don’t think anyone understands the struggles of being a female in the music industry, unless you’re in it. It was actually brought to my attention in most instances, and I didn’t realize it until after the fact.

Meet Timothy Bloom: singer/songwriter and 2x Grammy award-winner born in Texas. I had the pleasure of meeting him backstage. First of all, this venue is the cutest thing ever. A hidden gem right there on Melrose Ave. I guess it used to be a burlesque bar, which makes total sense. There was just such a classy vibe to it. It was the perfect place for a soul singer to perform.

I asked him if there was one song I should listen to, what would it be. He said “Stand In The Way (Of Love). Literally listening to it rn. The way he was dressed, you could just tell he was an artist. Vest, fedora… everything was so put together. He got on around 9:30 and started hitting these high notes that sounded phenomenal. “Welcome to Hollywooooood.” We out here.

He performed “Walk It Out” next and even got off stage to go in the crowd at the end of his 20-minute set. It was lit. All of DX was out to support. It was cute. Love the fam.

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