Love & Hip Hop’s Lyrica Anderson Celebrates The Release Of Her Debut Album “Adia”

October 15, 2017

Saturday, October 14

Introducing Lyrica Anderson, one of the stars of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, a show I wish I had time to watch. I actually find reality television very entertaining (Jersey Shore was life), but there are way too many LNHH’s to keep up with. It makes my job hard lmao especially when I cover red carpets and fail to recognize most. Lyrica is lit though, as evidenced by how much my friends fuck with her. It’s crazy how much a friends’ cosign matters.

This was her Adia album release party at Xen Lounge in Studio City. Her latest singles, “Don’t Take It Personal” and “Dolla Bill$” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, currently sit at over 2 million YouTube views. But BEYOND music, her songwriting credits are insane. Beginning in 2004, she’s written hits for Keke Palmer, Beyoncé, Tinashe, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Brown, Demi Lovato… like damn. You would have never known. The realm of songwriting is so interesting to me. So many artists you would never imagine end up being the ones responsible for the lyrics of songs you hear on the daily.

The event said 7pm-12am, which really meant 10pm lmao. I’ve actually never been to Xen Lounge. I feel like this is the one venue I ALWAYS see on every DJ’s flier, but I’ve actually never made it out to. Studio City, we meet again. I walk inside to find DJ Carisma on the turntables, which means it’s automatically lit. She only drops the hottest bangers. Posters of Lyrica’s album Adia were lined up on the walls inside, which I thought was excellent marketing. She informed everyone later the word actually means “gift from God” in Hebrew. Love that.

Shout out to Isabel (and Erik) for the invite. She’s actually the main reason I came lmao. To hang out with her. It’s sad that the only time I can hang out with people is at events. Working on that. Was excited to catch up with Ural too, the biggest LNHH fan I know lmao. Lyrica was looking like a queen up in there. She was honestly so fucking sweet too. So sweet. I love. when. celebrities. are. nice. Gamechanger. This pic took a couple tries. I seriously think I suck at my iPhone more than I should. Her homie had to assist. She honestly fire, I had to capture it lmao.

Lyrica got on the mic to give us a little intro to the project, which she said took blood, sweat, and tears. This wasn’t just an R&B album- this was her life. Her struggles. Her story. She was supposed to perform but everything was running behind and time didn’t allow for it (she had an after party to get to). BUT, she did bring up her mom on stage. That was a beautiful moment. Her mom used to be a singer also. She also brought out her bae, A1, whom she called her ride or die. It was cute.

I head out around 11pm because I had to get to Soho House, when the unexpected happened. I was leaving the Chevron across the street when all of a sudden, BAM. I couldn’t even tell you what happened, because it was all so fucking fast. It was honestly traumatizing and I’m still shook. I thought it was 100% my fault, but now I’m thinking the other driver must have been speeding. I legit did not see them. I was trying to make a last minute left turn because Google Maps had just figured out where I was. All I know is I tried to take a left on Lankershim and it ended in both cars totaled.

My hand still hurts from the impact. My entire front bumper came off and was just chillin’ in the middle of the intersection. Both cars had flat tires. The police came. I didn’t even know what to do in that moment. I just texted my brother because he’s the only family I have. I felt so bad too because he was out at Galantis with all his friends. In that moment, I was just sad. Sad this happened, sad that I have to deal with this, sad I wasn’t more responsible. This was a wake up call over anything. It’s time to slow the fuck down and live life at a normal speed.

Really truly grateful God spared me.

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