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Museum Of Failure Is A MUST-SEE In Los Angeles’ Arts District

December 4, 2017

Sunday, December 3

Welcome to the Museum of Failure in Los Angeles. I remember when I first caught wind of this, in my favorite group chat. My brother actually was the one who told me it was opening this weekend in the Arts District, but my homeboy definitely beat him to the punch, texting us weeks prior. I clicked on the link and watched the clip, and immediately fell in love with the concept. I feel like it’s a running joke that my life is full of L’s, especially 2017. This includes 3 car tows, totaling my car, 5 red light tickets, being scammed on a $300 Bape hoodie, an embarrassing amount of parking tickets, and others that I shall not disclose. Basically, this museum was made for me.

The Museum of Failure originated from Helsingborg, Sweden, showcasing innovation failures from around the world. You know Europe is super lit. It was such a success there that they decided to embark on a world tour, gauging the interests of thousands of visitors from all over the globe. Now, it’s here in Los Angeles. This literally opened yesterday (12/2), so I was both eager and excited to visit on day 2. In fact, I canceled all my plans just to do so lmao. It’s located in the Arts District (900 E. 4th St.) right by downtown LA, at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum.

“An experiential journey of failures-past! Come fail with us!” I’m sold. The #ComeFailWithUs hashtag alone made it such a welcoming and heartwarming experience. This is a great outing for friends, families, lovers, ALONE — you name it. In fact, I could have 100% come alone. I was getting so engulfed in reading all the amazing descriptions and explanations for each project. I could have spent hours here by myself, but remembered I came with company (shout out to Corey and my bros). They were literally just eating lunch less than 5 minutes away and walked over. Tickets are only $15, which is a great price for what you get. The motivational quotes on almost every wall were much-needed, especially for me and where I’m at in my career.

And this isn’t just for show. Compare this to The Museum of Ice Cream or The Happy Place, where tickets are $30+. You’re not getting much except a dope pic for the Gram (not to knock them off). Here, you’re actually learning something. There’s knowledge to be gained! Which to me, is totally worth paying. And even further, there’s science behind the entire thing. This collection of 100+ failures was originally conceived by psychologist Dr. Samuel West, as part of his research on corporate success and innovation. I LOVE this Wall of Oreos. High key my favorite part of the exhibit. I love this convo to follow too lmao.

I can’t stress this enough, I LOVE social media accounts that interact with the users. This actually helped me understand this piece even more. Salute. The answer is no, these aren’t all the failed flavors. We actually figured this out the second we saw the first row was comprised of the original Oreo flavor. Also when we saw the Birthday Cake flavor. That was definitely a win lmao. The flavors got more obscure as they approached the middle of the collage. Flavors like Swedish Fish and Blueberry Pie… sus.

And the biggest fail of the year: Donald Trump. Our President of the United States. How? This shrine of Trump was much-needed. Inside the glass display was a fifth of Trump vodka, which my bro claims he’s tried. V interesting. I love the set-up of this museum because there’s SO much to look at at any given time. So many different areas you can look at without butting heads with the next person. I remember stumbling upon No More Woof, this device that translates a dog’s thoughts into English words. Mind-blown. What I loved also is the “Fail-O-Meter” which shows you how hard these products failed. Very insightful and a genius addition to each display.

Did you guys know 80-90% of industry projects fail? That’s a lot. West does a remarkable job of sharing the untold stories and the lessons within them on why they did indeed fail. But that doesn’t discredit the initial vision. The fact that these inventors were able to get these products created and approved to sell to the public says a lot. They definitely made their imprint in the industry, whether it lasted or not. A lot of these products brought back nostalgia as well, like the compact discs my bro’s roomie had way back when. And who remembers Four Lokos? Those things were DEADLY. My homegirl would drink one and black out every time. Every. Time. Lmao. This quote really stuck out to me. #RT!

I had to catch a flick with this doll. This sex doll lmao. I could not wrap my head around this! I’m really hoping this exists only in China, cause if it was here in the US, I can’t deal. This is the “Shared Girlfriend” service where you can order a sex doll on your SMARTPHONE. For $45 a day. We felt her (not like that) and literally freaked out. The texture is too realistic. Another item that served as pure entertainment was the Colgate beef lasagna. Whoever thought that was a good idea was straight on one. A toothpaste brand should not be making frozen food!

Shouts out to Corey for mobbing with me and being a real one. Sorry to cut out his Yeezys in the pic lmao. But I love his revised quote: “Don’t mess up plan A…” Boss. I’d post way more pics but I want you guys to experience this! It’s a great outing for all ages in a great neighborhood. Urth Cafe is literally walking distance. They could not have picked a better location.

Had to end the day with this lit photo booth. I was literally praising how great it was while I was there. I just love how the motivational quote sits still while the gif runs in the background. AND you could choose your favorite quote. The logo, the lighting, the placement… everything is A1. Come to find out, my girl Gloria worked on this! #Proud. My friends are lit. Also, hope no one mistakes my brother as anything else lmao. Forever our concern when we go out in public together. But seriously, he’s my biggest support system in my life and I would not be here today without him. <3 Feeling incredibly grateful.

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