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Garren Brings Out G Perico, Cozz & AD At His First Show At Sayers Club In Hollywood

December 9, 2017

Friday, December 8

Yo. Friday was real today. First off, everyone was completely checked out. First off, half of LA is in Miami for Art Basel, while the other half just decided to not come in lmao. Idk. It was dead. I was honestly tired af. My entire week caught up to me today. I just left the club in hoodie and Uggs and low key embarrassed about it lmao.

Drove 45 minutes to the J.W. Marriott at L.A. Live downtown the second I got off. I had to come peep the life-size gingerbread house. Ever since Corey found it online (I seriously don’t know how he finds all this cool shit), I’ve been wanting to come check it out. Honestly, it was not what I thought it would be lmao. Like at all. I watched this video at work that made it out to be this beyond extravagant attraction, that you literally had to come visit for yourself. Nah. We pull up to find everything roped off. It’s located RIGHT as you walk through the lobby doors (s/o to valet to buying my excuse that I was looking for a friend who’s phone died), RIGHT next to the concierge. At first, we thought they were going to be uptight about it, but they literally dgaf. I asked this lady nicely if we could go in to snap a flick and she literally didn’t care. It’s crazy how different life can be when you just ask. I swear lmao.

Was more excited to see my babygirl more than anything, and thanks Corey for the flicks. People were wondering if this house was actually edible. The answer is yes, but no one would want to actually consume any of it (for obvious reasons). I have to give it to them production wise. The set up was actually super impressive. It was reminiscent of a cozy living room equipped with a fireplace, chairs, windows, and a fully stocked bar — which is the selling point. It’s called Santa’s Tavern, and you can actually buy drinks here. The entire thing is made from 1,300 pounds of spiced cookie dough and sugar, with barstools and bottles composed of candy and cookie dough. Even better- the bar offers cocktail tastings, mixology classes, drinks and snacks to enjoy as you stop by the hotel.

The exhibit is supposed to be open now, which is why I was so confused to see it roped off. But that’s okay. There’s also a gorgeous gold and red chair for Santa to come sit starting on December 14. Maybe we came too early? The video I watched also said they’d be serving warm chocolate chip cookies when Santa arrived. #FOMO lmao. I definitely would say you can miss this, but if you’re in the area, why not. The good news is we got to walk through L.A. Live and all its festivities. The ginormous Christmas tree in the middle of the ice skating rink (every year) gives me so much life. Also, I purposely didn’t include any pictures so you guys can go peep if you’re interested. I thought it was cute how the painting above the fireplace displayed the group of chefs/artists behind this project. Much-deserved recognition.

Smh, I was literally about to fall asleep but I had to push through to Sayer’s Club in Hollywood. Tonight, Garren was performing his first show ever at The Sayer’s Club in Hollywood. AND HE KILLED THAT SHIT.  I’m so proud. First off, I knew Garren as a person way before I knew him as an artist. We just met out somewhere and I just hella fucked with his vibe and energy. You can just tell when people are good peoples, and Garren is the fucking sweetest. I actually always thought he was a rapper until I heard his record with G Perico titled “LA Shit.” That was the first time I heard him hit those high notes, and he sounded great. Shout out to J.R. also, I straight up was worried they wouldn’t let me in the club in my bum attire and had to text him to make sure lmao.

I see Pun out back and immediately had to mob over. That’s fam. I don’t even know if I was on the list, but I entered through the back lmao. Shout out to Sophia and Garren himself for the invite. It always means a little more when you get a personal invite from the artist and/or their team. He’s been telling me he been putting in work too, and I had to wait for it. Tonight, everything came together. I could not be more proud. He killed the stage, equipped with a live band and all. This was a Sayers Club like I’ve never seen before. It was set up as a lounge vs. the dance floor I was used to. I fucked with it though. There were couches set up so girls could literally sit and enjoy the show like a concert. It was honestly perfect.

First off, shouts out to whoever was deejaying because he dropped all the bangers. When it was time for Garren to come on, we all flocked to the stage. I posted near the couch at the very front where these 4 girls were literally living off Garren’s music. They knew every word. It was so fucking cute. The second he started singing, they were cheering so loud. I chose the right spot. I hate being around a dead crowd. I go to a lot of shows, and LA can be super weak sometimes. After a quick intro, he went straight into “My Work” which proved to be these girls’ favorite song. This comes from his latest EP DeeperThanThis.

Garren definitely has music for the ladies. “F.O.A.” is one. I honestly couldn’t believe Garren could hit these high notes lmao. And his energy on stage was just on. I thoroughly enjoyed each song he performed. Next was “Been That,” which had the crowd singing along word for word. This is only the beginning for Garren, and he’s already got fans knowing the lyrics to all his songs. Salute. He caught wind of this himself and let everyone know this was a dream come true. He also shouted out autotune, which I thought was dope. T-Pain started a beautiful thing with autotune and I definitely think 24Hrs took it to a whole nother level.

“Misunderstood,” was next, before Garren brought out all the homies. G Perico was first, whom I ran into earlier and I told him they had to play “LA Shit.” So fucking happy when they dropped this lmao. This collab is gold. They only had one mic to work with but made it happen so salute to them. Next was Dreamvill’s own Cozz, also from South Central LA, who came on stage to play some new shit. I was so lit. I’ve heard from multiple sources that Cozz has been putting in WORK in the studio and his new shit is crazy. I was so excited to hear it tonight. Also, the support is so real.

I GOT THE “JUICE.” Wait a minute. Had no idea AD was here, this shit had me so turnt lmao. I literally couldn’t hold the camera still. I forgot how much this record slaps. Also, Garren introduced him as Eddie (I think I heard correctly), which I thought was hilarious. The friends he brought out tonight definitely took the show to a new level. Night made. Garren closed out with “Wrong Way” and I’m pretty sure every single person in the room was just proud. Btw, it was completely packed. Garren literally had Los Angeles out here tonight.

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