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Dizzy Wright Brings Love & Positivity To The El Rey On His Golden State Of Mind Tour

January 25, 2018

Wednesday, January 24th

Happy Wednesday. Today was a lot. There was a lot going on (#VicMensa). First off, I just got home after 14 hours out in the field. That part. Was super excited to bring Waka Flocka into Power though. Shout out Devin and Matt, and the entire Power squad for making this a smooth visit. DJ Felli Fel ended up having a dope interview with him.

Waka came with the ad-libs. BRICKKKK SQUAAAAA. My fucking fav. I called him a legend earlier today, and Noor told me I had to reconsider my definition of legend lmao.

This also happened today. My first article on Complex and it’s with an artist I truly fucking ride for: Mozzy from the Bay. BLADADAH. Spoke with him about his lean addiction and how difficult it was to quit. Even if you don’t know who Mozzy is (but you should, listen to “Tomorrow Ain’t Promised”), this article is worth a read. One of my questions was how the video he posted of himself pouring out a bottle of lean at the gas station inspired other rappers to do the same.

Fredo Santana was one of them, but he was in too deep. My heart literally broke when I found out he was gone.

Fast forward a rather tough day at work (contrary to how glamorous my life may seem) and a couple meetings, and we’re here. The beautiful El Rey Theatre on Wilshire Blvd in mid-city. Tonight, one of my favorite rappers was headlining: Dizzy Wright from Las Vegas. This dude’s music has gotten me through some hard times. His mantra along with his music embodies real Hip Hop. Real substance in his lyrics and real-life struggles you can relate to. “Train Your Mind” off The Growing Process is one of my favorites. This is night 2 of The Golden State of Mind Tour featuring Marlon Craft and Reezy.

Even better is Dizzy’s positivity and good vibes. Honestly, fuck the bullshit. That’s something that I need to be reminded of on the daily. Be aware of the negative energy in your life, and do everything in your power to cut that shit out. Even better than that? His love for marijuana. You know I’m about that life. Shout out to V for being my date, we enter the building 20 minutes before his set at 10pm. DJ Hoppa had the crowd lit. The floor was definitely packed with Dizzy fans, which made me happy. I felt at home. Dizzy opens the show with “Die a Legend” featuring Jarren Benton, Audio Push, Demrick, Emilio Rojas & Reezy, the first record off One Week Notice.

Dizzy also played “Icebox” off the joint project, which dropped this year with only one week’s notice (fitting to the title). In between songs, he spoke to the crowd and let everyone know he dropped 3 albums in 6 months. That’s mad impressive. Dizzy is well aware of the amount of music in the world at any given time, and makes it a point to thank his fans for all the support. This was actually supposed to be a joint tour with Joyner Lucas, but… politics. He performed “Do The Most” off Golden Age 2 and “Apart of the Plan” off State of Mind 2 next, before having the crowd make some noise one time for Hip Hop.

After “Word On The Streetz,” Dizzy performed “JOB,” which had the entire room turnt, including me. I rocked with this one hard tonight. This lead to a little motivational speech for 2018: not worrying about what the next man is doing. Personal happiness is the goal. And shout out to his hypeman Moskie on stage. I met them one time at the Kong screening at Ace Hotel in DTLA. That shit was lit af. He performed “Got The Time” and “Can’t Trust ‘Em,” which began the much-needed trip down memory lane.

“Roll My Weed” featuring Demrick is one of my all-time favs. On my momma, I texted Demrick as I entered the building tonight asking if he was here lmao. The support is real and needed. I saw him last time at The Troubador opening for Lil Debbie. That was a great night. They proceeded to perform “Make Moves Wit Me” while they were up there. I love their chemistry. They’re all about turning up and just having a good time.

And then all my favorite songs in a row: “State of Mind,” “Killem with Kindness,” and “World Peace.”

“Good Vibes” is my shitttt. He also performed “Solo Dolo” before bringing out Reezy, who he calls the “hook god.” That’s a compliment af. Shout out Dizzy, shout out Demrick, shout out good music. Let’s get it.

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