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History Was Made At The RJ Vs. 03 Greedo Show In Los Angeles

February 2, 2018

Thursday, February 1st

Wow. It didn’t even hit me until tonight that it was the first of February. I feel like I’ve been doing the most. But at least I had this show to look forward to all day: RJ vs. 03 Greedo at The Novo in downtown LA. Anyone who knows me knows I ride for RJ. His music SLAPS. He’s literally the epitome of the LA rap I fuck with. And truthfully, even though I was team RJ, Greedo turned me into a fan tonight. Just being in the middle of the crowd like I was… they weren’t kidding when they said Greedo has the streets on fire.

For those just tuning in, this was a huge night for LA. Like huge. These are the two hottest out of the city right now, and they were going to battle it out on stage. Both rep their own hoods to the fullest, which is why the majority of my friends were not down lmao. I swear, on my momma (#OMMIO), everyone I talked to was trying to NOT pull up. They literally were concerned for their safety. Btw, 03 Greedo just got out of jail, hence having the LA streets on fire. Basically, this was round 2 after a movie at The Observatory in the OC. RJ vs. 03 Greedo — who will win?

First off, let’s talk about the pre-show. Their set time was 10:10pm, which I knew was not happening. Shout out to Dharmic — I was not missing this. RJ is one of my favorites, and I JUST started bumping Greedo. Their song “All 4s” on RJ’s last project with Mustard, The Ghetto, slaps so fucking hard. That whole project slaps really. I was kicking it at the merch table beforehand, and just witnessed all the commotion and security panic attacks go down. It was intense. I think Greedo just got on stage when we saw the first real fight. Two dudes got into it in the hallway and security swarmed. Everyone was on call tonight.

Shout out to Asha for accompanying me — the best PIC. We posted right in the middle of the damn pit and it actually changed the whole trajectory of the evening. I love being surrounded by fans. It makes the show so much better. At this point, I was team RJ, and really couldn’t tell who everyone was rooting for. Honestly, it was both. They loved both artists equally. And I hate to say this, but maybe Greedo a tiny bit more. When I’m telling you there were fans in the crowd, there were fans. RJ came out to “Ride Wit Me,” a straight banger. Right after this joint, RJ announces, “This shit over. Round 1 over. OMMIO!” On My Momma I’m On. I rep that shit hard. If you guys ever need a refresher, just slap any of these projects, and you’ll be straight.

This was a full-on competition. A rap battle, if you will. Greedo came out to a screaming crowd. Bitches were seriously here for him tonight. As they were RJ, but Greedo was on another level. Asha and I were literally just trying to blend in lmao. The second 03 got on the mic… I just finally understood it. I understood why he’s so lit and why the people love him so much. He puts on for their city, like Kendrick does for Compton (subtle bar). And then there were technical difficulties. I swear, the mic kept cutting out. Greedo was getting so frustrated. Even when RJ went to perform “Brackin,” the DJ fucked up the drop. Lots going on on stage and off, but they made it work.

“Tricc on Just Anybody” by Greedo had me legit hyped. The girl twerking next to us was also thriving. That was literally her anthem. It was lit on the floor, including the fights and security having to regulate. Greedo also got so mad when the lights came on lmao we thought that was funny. He performed “Like A N*gga,” another song we added to queue. I’m telling you, I’m a new fan. RJ came back to the center to perform “If It Ain’t Ace” off O.M.M.I.O 2.

And the trolling was real. I was crying when RJ came out with a wig making fun of Greedo.

03 Greedo comes back out and drops a quick bar on RJ: “The only good song on your project was the one with me” and then rhymed it with his name. Idc what you say, that shit was hard lmao. If anyone was in attendance tonight and caught that also, please drop me a line. Greedo went on to perform “Run For Yo Life” which had EVERYBODY straight giggin’. These people knew every single song Greedo dropped verbatim. RJ performed “My Life and My Right Side” next, a song I always love seeing him do. Do ya dance, RJ, do ya dance.

Speaking of, shout out to YG in attendance tonight. He was super low key and I’m super surprised RJ didn’t bring him out. But that’s dope. Let these artists do their thang. He came over by the pit and bitches started freaking out — celeb status. Greedo performed “If I” next before RJ called him out on the whole projects coming out. It’s true though. He had the entire projects out. RJ played “Comfortable” next which had his fans turnt on 400. I caught a snap of him stroking his d to Greedo’s side, which had me literally dying. RJ wild.

“Hoes Come Easy” by RJ even had Greedo admitting that shit hard. There was definitely love on stage, above all else. This was an example of world peace lmao. Greedo comes back to hit him with “Diamonds,” which had ole girl next to me twerking for round 2. Definitely a slap though. RJ did “Watch What You Say” next before Greedo opened a box of Gucci shoes on stage. I’m pretty sure RJ had dem kicks on too. What a lifestyle. At this point, both parties were screaming and reppin’ their teams harder than ever.

“Mafia Business” by 03 Greedo is the one. Even RJ recognized it. Both artists made sure to set an example of bringing all the gangs together, shouting out the Bloods, Pirus, etc. The ref kept reminding them they had 10 minutes left. Did I mention there was a ref? He was lit. At this point, we head backstage so I could position myself to get a drop from RJ lmao. So extra. But shout out to Ty for taking care of ya girl. I love all the good people I’ve come across in the industry. There are good people. They exist.

I was sad because I missed RJ performing “Flex,” but you win some, you lose some. Waited until RJ cooled off and said wassup. Black History Month in full effect. <3

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