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Dua Lipa Flexes Icon Status At Second Sold Out Show In Hollywood

February 13, 2018

Monday, February 12th

Happy Monday! Today was a Monday if there ever was one. But at least I had bae to look forward to tonight. Dua Lipa is a goddess. Aside from being a singer/songwriter, she’s also a model. Her accent came to life in that microphone tonight and it was beautiful. I love British accents. Tonight was night 2 of 2 sold-out shows at the Hollywood Palladium. This is one of LA’s most popular venues, and it’s huge. To sell out 2 nights at capacity is real-life goals.

First off, it was a cold, rainy night in LA. I was literally in my hoodie and clothes from yoga. I had to do it though. Music is the cure to life. Huge thanks to Claire and Kathy for this. If you love music, you love Dua Lipa. Her set time was 9pm and she was actually on at 9pm, which was a miracle. Pop shows > hip hop shows.

I enter the most packed Palladium I’ve ever seen. There was barely any place to stand — across the whole floor! It was insane. This was like Britney Spears status. It was heartwarming to see. People were genuinely excited, eager, and just present to see Dua Lipa do her thing. She was singing “Hotter Than Hell” when I pushed my way through to the photo pit. This was not easy. At all lmao. I made it inside for “Dreams,” which had the crowd screaming.

“No Lie” featuring Sean Paul was next, which had her bringing the party to Los Angeles. And “Lost In Your Light” and “Garden” reminded everyone this girl can sing.

Right after “Last Dance,” she responds to the screaming fans: “I fucking love u too! LA, I’m so happy to be here. I can’t thank you guys enough. I’m so lucky to be here. Can you dance?” The crowd erupts with cheer as she begins “Blow You Mind (Mwah).” In this moment, I realized, she’s an icon. And the fact that she everybody in the room dancing and moving is truly special. A lot of these shows in LA are so weak because the crowd is always bougie or too cool to dance. Tonight was a breath of fresh air.

Next, she asked everyone if they could bring it down a notch and sing along with her. Thinking ‘Bout You” had her flexing her vocals on that mic like I’ve never seen. She makes nothing but hit records. She kept thanking everyone too and saying she couldn’t believe she was back on this stage. Like no girl, thank you! Personality is huge for me (and I’m sure anyone), which is why she’s so loved. She performed “New Love” next.

“No Goodbyes” hit home. And “IDGAF” brought us back up. The lyrics provided on the screen to match were perfect. This song is a hit. Also, her entire production and stage setup was fire. It was a full-on show. She kept the party going with “Scared To Be Lonely” with Martin Garrix. The EDM crossover is real. Everyone knew the words to this one.

“New Rules” was the encore. What a great way to end a Monday.



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