#Superfly Was A Fucking Trip

Friday, June 14th wrote a piece on how celebrity suicides trigger the rest of the population suffering. — Shirley Ju (@shirju) June 16, 2018 Holy shit. I’m a whirl of emotions right now. Just got home and shared the most personal piece I’ve…

June 16, 2018

Brasstracks Encourages Audiophiles To “Stay There” Featuring Xavier Omär

Read the full article on Okayplayer! The super talented jazz/hip-hop band Brasstracks brings their ultra-distinctive sound with a new song co-starring Xavier Omär. If you’ve only heard the name Brasstracks when listening to Chance the Rapper’s “No Problem,” then please dig into their catalog ASAP. The Grammy…

June 15, 2018

What Would Shirju Do? June 14, 2018

Read the full article on! This is your sneak preview of events and shows happening in Los Angeles for the upcoming week! No FOMO, no problem. I’m sick of people telling me, “Omg, I wish I knew about this, I would have gone!” My…

June 14, 2018