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Jessie Reyez’ “Gatekeeper” & #NoCeilingsTour f. Boogie, Kaiydo & Michael Christmas

May 4, 2017

HEY GUYS. I’m moving my #FOMOBlog on HipHopDX to its own playground (WordPress lmao). I really just want this to be a platform to put on talented artists, because good music needs to be heard. And of course, for you to hit all the dope events and shows in your city. LA is crazy.

Today started with a phoner with Lil Dicky. He is pure comedy and actually a very talented rapper. I really fuck with him and everything he stands for, including his passion for safe sex. I asked if it was hard for peole to take him seriously. He said maybe inititally, but not anymore. Being an XXL Freshmen for sure helped that. Peep the interview.


Tonight started with a singer that moved me so much I almost cried. Well, I teared, so I guess that is crying? I was invited to check out Jesse Reyez, a Colombian singer/songwriter. Huge thanks to Dana from Biz3 for putting me on. I literally had to text her after the event to say thanks.  You guys. I’ve been listening to her Kiddo EP all damn day. Literally, could not stop. Before, after, during the event. . . today was all about Jessie.

This girl is a machine. That voice, her image, her positive energy… it’s like you could see her heart when she was performing. I’m pretty sure she left an imprint on every single individual in attendance tonight. The event took place at No Name, which my girl and I definitely thought No Name the singer was going to be there lmao. Fail. This was the name of the bar (the irony).

A super nice bar at that. And an open bar at that. It’s super low key right in the middle of Fairfax, amongst all the streetwear hype. Literally, no name outside. That just clicked for me lmao. I walk in around 7:15 p.m. after 20 minutes of desperately trying to find a meter to park at. I must have made at least 15 circles up and down this overpopulated street, and got so frustrated I was about to leave. You’d think after 7 years here I’d be used to this…

As I walk step inside the dark room and am told there was no photography allowed. So crazy. That was the vibe of the night. Literally, no one pulled out their phone. Not one person. It tripped me tf out because I wanted to get footage of Jessie (slaying) but literally could not. It was this heavy, unspoken pressure to not be on social media. I swear. My girl felt it too. But honestly, that was fucking dope to see. Everyone was living in the moment and truly just enjoying Jesse’s presence. This event definitely had music industry vibes to me, with lots of label heads. But then I saw a handful of homies and felt better lmao.

The event began with a screening of her short film “Gatekeeper,” a record off her EP. Man, when I listened to this earlier, I literally felt her and the message she was trying to convey. Seeing the story behind it really made me feel type of way. Jessie allows herself to be completely transparent for everyone to see. She was sharing an experience that she went through being a female in the music industry, and the pressures of that combined with making her dream come true. If you guys get a chance, please check it out. This poor girl was literally told she had to sleep with someone for her dreams to come true. Nobody wants to hear that.

I must have gotten chills at least 3x throughout the duration of the clip. Before that, Jessie hopped on stage to introduce herself.  What an adorable human being. She was so real and just down-to-earth, rocking a baseball cap, a sorority tank top, skirt, and Timbs. And she came with a sense of humor too. That’s always a plus.

The first song she played was “F**k It,” the first track off her EP. It was over at that point. She blew us all away with her stage presence. It’s one thing to sound good in the studio, but to be able to put on a breath-taking performance and move people with her set? That’s unteachable. She was screaming into that mic with all she had.

And she’s only 25 (kill me lmao). Travis Scott just turned 25 too (I know you care). “Shutter Island” is another one with insane visuals. Dang just saw it has over a million views, as it should. I was emo earlier today too, so this record literally hit the spot.

And if that wasn’t enough, she covered my favorite record off Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap, “Cocoa Butter Kisses.” I know this is a statement, but she sounded better than Chance. I mean, that’s truly how I felt in that moment. By this time, we were literally right in front of her on the stage, maybe less than ten feet. She had us all scoot in to crowd the stage, because she wanted to feel our energy. Twice. Loved that.

And then she covered “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me),” and we just literally at each other with a smile. Shout out to Malikka who was my plus one. She found Jessie on Soundcloud and was raving about her before I even invited her to this. I’m telling you, friends are the key to discovering the best new music. I trust my friends’ opinions more than blogs sites (sorry DX).

She closed out with “Gatekeeper” and “Figures.” Man, I didn’t want her to get off stage. Honestly. Truly. We stood (awkwardly) nearby until we could get a word with her. I literally told her I could see her headlining The Forum or some shit. She was that good. Shout out to Dom in the building too. I found out the producer he manages (@jahaansweet) actually produced one of the tracks on the EP (“Great One”). Small, small world this music industry is.

By the way, she’s going on tour. Here’s your chance to catch her. June 27 in LA. Issa vibe.

I had some to kill before my next show at The Roxy. I literally went to Ralph’s to get snacks and then pulled up and did ten more circles until I found a meter spot. The struggle of parking in Weho. These are the only times where I would say Uber is beneficial.

I pull up to The Roxy and my peoples hadn’t even left their crib. I literally get anxiety when I’m dolo. It’s sad. And then I found a pre-roll in the whip lmao. I lit that up real quick. Smh. The free j’s I got from the Weedmaps party at Chella are terrible. So poorly rolled, I could barely hit it.

There were some issues getting tickets at the box office, as always. This lady (refraining from cursing) was so damn rude. I was confirmed twice, and yet somehow, didn’t show up on the list. Goldenvoice even had me on theirs. Smh. Huge thanks to Dylan, Kaiydo’s manager, who came through with all-access wristbands. I had a plus two to get in and he literally saved the day. He was such a sweetheart. I love nice people.

I just realized Dana again invited me out. She’s honestly the best. I’m telling you. Having someone’s taste you can trust is key. And huge thanks to Humbert for getting me on the list. I was here to see Kaiydo. I came in at the tail end of Kemba’s set, whom I’ve heard great things about. My girl was actually there to see Michael Christmas, who blew me away. I saw this tweet and immediately knew he was a real one. Any rapper who fucks with Section 80 is. His set had the crowd bouncing and swaying, and even kneeling. It was great.

Kaiydo was up next. I met him outside and again backstage because we were trying to find a place to smoke lmao. The Roxy isn’t the easiest venue to light one up. It’s tiny. Find out he’s 20 years old and from Florida. His DJ was right next to him. These two just looked like artists. It might have been the outfits. But you now when some people just look like artists? Yeah. It’s a good thing.

Kaiydo was so cute lmao. He kept saying he was nervous but it didn’t matter. He did his thing and the crowd ate him up. He first played a record called “Reflections,” which I immediately looked up. I would describe his music as straight feel-good vibes. “Jumpin” had us celebrating. He closed his set with his single “Fruit Punch,” which had The Roxy lit. Shout out to Michael Christmas coming back out to rock the stage.

I literally told myself I wasn’t going to stay for Boogie’s set, because I had to be up mad early. But man, he was too lit. I literally could not leave. We caught up with him backstage and he was so kind. He really fucks with DX too. Shout out to supporting an artist who can really spit. It’s always nice to see a real emcee perform.

The Roxy quickly filled up. People really did come out for him. He began his set with “No Way” from his Thirst 48, Pt. II project. Shit’s fire. “Westside,” “Sunroof,” “Two Days,” I really couldn’t leave. Highlight of the night was when he brought out his son for “Oh My,” his hit single. You m̶a̶y̶ probably have heard it on the radio. This was wild. We saw a little kid backstage in the green room, but didn’t know it was his lmao.

Shout out to Marcos and Jess for hanging out with me. My peoples <3.

Also, after forever and a half lmao, PnB Rock interview from SXSW is out. If you guys read the actual article, you guys will understand why I fuck with him. He’s a real one and I really am excited for his career to blow. Low key already has.

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