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Vali’s Performance At Black Rabbit Rose f. Laurieann Gibson; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Is A Must-See

May 10, 2017

I was off early today and decided to go on a run down Sunset Blvd. I know, so LA. I literally turn around to head back the direction I came, and run right by Mac Miller. He was among 3 other heads, in the corner with his hoodie on. Definitely staying as low key as possible. We made eye contact lmao. I’ve met him before. But not sure if he remembers. Probably not.

Tonight, I fell in love with an artist named Vali. When I got the invite, I thought I’d never heard of her. But turns out, I had her in my iTunes. She has a record with Wiz Khalifa called “Dimes,” from 2013. I definitely probably downloaded that for Wiz. I was obsessed with Wiz in high school. Shout out to Kim for the invite. She’s an absolute doll. I texted her right away. Talk about #TBT.

This was an exclusive performance for her Billboard charting single “Ain’t No Friend Of Mine.” The flier wasn’t posted anywhere, so you know it’s real. It was from 8pm-10pm at this super cute, swanky, just overall dope restaurant/bar called Black Rabbit Rose. Sitting on the corner of Hollywood & Hudson, it was honestly the perfect venue for tonight.

I pull up around 8:45pm, and wait for the doorman to check my name on the list. After he found it, I was given a password: Buttercup. I love it lmao. I was instructed to head to the back room, which was overcrowded with people. In a good way. The turn out was amazing. Shout out to Rostrum Records, they’re killing it with these artists. So good to see them all again, just one day after Mod Sun’s #Movie last night at The Roxy.

The tiny stage at the front and tables lined up all along the walls reminded me of Peppermint Club, but much smaller. It was way more intimate. Shout out to Mike Taylor in the building. He was soaring over everybody lmao so tall. I had to say hi. At this point, everybody was talking amongst themselves, patiently waiting for Vali to take the stage.

Damn, Vali! Damn lmao. I found Earl later and asked him where they’ve been hiding her lmao. She was looking so fire. Gorgeous. She had on this black one-piece jumpsuit that showed off her rib tattoo of Chinese symbols directly below her chest. From her platinum silver hair to her septum piercing, she just looked like an artist. Like, Tinashe status.

Shout out to Laurieann Gibson in the building. She looks so good. She always looks good lmao. If you guys don’t know, she’s an amazing choreographer. I discovered her back in the Making Da Band days on MTV. She had long blond braids and a trendy hat on. Best believe she had a VIP table. I later find out she’s Vali’s manager. It all makes sense. They were also filming her new show on Lifetime tonight. One of our friends had to sign a release form. Tear. That means I didn’t make the cut lmao.

This is her hit single, “Ain’t No Friend Of Mine.” The performance was A1. And then she got on the keyboards to play a record. Omg. I love artists that can play instruments. So talented.

I wanted to tell Vali how dope she was but didn’t have time because I had to get going. Ran into one of my favorites on my way out though. Shout out to Melissa. She’s the definition of a boss babe.

I literally had negative 6 minutes to get to Arclight Hollywood. Been dying to see Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 ever since it came out this past weekend. The showing was at 9:45pm and I was 5 minutes away. I ran to my whip and SKRT’ed to Sunset Blvd just in time. Shout out to the homie Tony for being so down last minute. I literally texted him when I got to Hollywood.

We were a tad late, but the film is 2 hours and 17 minutes, so all good. Had to get my overpriced popcorn, buttered throughout, and snuck in my white cheddar popcorn seasoning. I literally leave that shit in the whip. It’s a necessity. We were in the very front row. It was a full house in there, surprising for an semi-late Tuesday night.

This movie was everything. Marvel never fails. If you’re a fan of movies in general, go see this. And if you’re a fan of Marvel,  you’re going to love this. This is a sequel, hence the Vol. 2, but you don’t really need to see the first one. I literally didn’t know what was going on for a lot of the film (what’s new). It’s just so damn entertaining. Between the humor and the action, there’s literally nothing negative I can say about it. The ratings too, this got like a 90%.

The picture/cinematography was beyond impressive. It looked really fucking good on the big screen. Zoe Saldana is my favorite. And she looks bomb even with green skin lmao. The star of the film would definitely have to be Groot. There’s no denying it. Groot for President. Watch it and you’ll see. Cuteness overload.

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