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Lighting One Up With Devin The Dude; Logic’s “Everybody” Documentary Screening Sold Out The Wiltern

May 11, 2017

Coming from my other job to Burbank in rush hour traffic is something I’m going to just have to accept. But it’s so worth it. On just day two, I was welcomed by two of my favorites, Jake & Papa. They are an R&B duo, also brothers, who just dropped an EP called Tattoos & Blues. I was actually really sad to miss their listening party because it took place the same exact time as AD’s. It was so dope seeing them here today. They were doing an interview with Felli.

They literally were serenading us in that room. I loved every second. Not only that, but they were covering all the classics from the 90s. Talk about feels.

My girl Sandrine cracked me the fuck up with this one. Jake was sitting right next to me too. He got all the ladies crushing. Shout out to their managers Nicky and Ace. They’re fam.

Off at 7pm, and went straight to The Wiltern. Tonight was Logic’s sold out screening of his Everybody documentary. For those who are sleeping, this is in light of the album he just dropped. I remember putting it on and falling in love after just track one (“Hallelujah”). I mean, I am a Logic fan, but there’s no denying this guy’s talent. He can spit, and even better, he can spit about real shit. One time for lyrics with substance.

Ural had gotten there way before me, and actually caught the film that started at 6:30pm. He said he found a new respect for Logic after seeing it. I’m so jealous. I wish I saw the whole thing. I caught the tail-end and loved what I saw. First of all, can we talk about how much of an understatement sold out is? There weren’t even seats, everyone was standing on the floor, like it was a concert. That’s how crowded it was. They probably had seats originally, but once realized how many tickets were selling, they said fuck it lmao.

The film had Logic talking about how he doesn’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. He knows he’s good, and he knows he’s amazing, and he doesn’t need anyone to tell him.  Huge thanks to Peter at Def Jam for putting me on the list. I had a VIP sticker which meant a seat upstairs on the balcony. But nah. If you know me, you know I need to be close to the action. Well, mainly because it makes for a better social post. It wasn’t easy though, amongst the frenzy of screaming fans.

People were chanting Logic’s name, even after the film ended, loving and praising everything that Maryland rapper stands for. I was amazed, impressed even. I tried to get closer and the security lady stopped me real fucking quick. She said I needed a wristband to enter the floor. I literally won’t take no for an answer lmao. When the lights went on, I saw her go check on something and literally snuck in as she turned her back. I hid the rest of the time so she couldn’t see me, but I’m pretty sure she did.

I couldn’t stay long at all, because we had to be somewhere at 8pm. But I knew I had to get some of the Q&A. I ended up getting some real dope content. It began with Logic taking questions from the fans, who were lined up one by one right next to me. I thought about joining the party, but realized there was probably a screening process beforehand. This question is the one that everybody wanted to know: why was Logic quitting rap?

He’s not. He’s just done making projects. And plus, now he can focus on acting. A career choice many rappers seem to eventually fall upon. This next question was what hit home for me. A fan asked what song took the longest to make, in which Logic answered “1-800-273-8255.” This song is actually about suicide awareness, which has Logic transparent as ever. He literally forced himself to go in that dark place to create the record. Respect. Much respect.

After frantically posting all these videos on DX socials, I make my way over to The Echoplex. I kid you not, the entire day, my mission was to smoke one with Devin The Dude. Mission complete. It took two hours of patience, but that’s minimal compared to this bucket list task at hand.

There was much confusion on the logistics of tonight’s show. It was originally supposed to be at The Regent, but due to booking issues, they moved it to The Echoplex. Even more confusing, this was an early show. He literally went on at 7:30pm, which meant we missed the majority of the show.

Ural and I walk in and I go to pull out my ID and the ticket lady goes, “Just go, the show’s almost over.” That was funny as hell to me lmao. But huge thanks to Kublai and Chris, his DJ, for taking care of us and assisting the interview. There was actually a pretty good turn out. It seemed like a lot of people came out to support. Makes sense- Devin is a legend. A Houston legend.

Shout out to Devin being a rebel and not getting off stage when he was supposed to. They literally had a time limit on his set, but he said fuck it and played one more. So, so glad he did, because “What A Job” is one of my favorite throwbacks. That song is nostalgic.

The waiting game begins. Devin The Dude was doing a Meet and Greet with the fans first. It was probably supposed to be formal but it came informal, because he was literally talking to everyone. I loved that though. I’m pretty sure Devin knows how legendary he is, but he was still giving everyone the time of day.

We decided to post up backstage. This was the same area I interviewed Ugly God, whom no one seemed to have heard of. That was a trip. When Devin finally showed up, he seemed so fucking happy. Genuinely enjoying life. It seemed like he had a hard time detaching from the beer from his hand, but more power to him. This was his tour. Turn up.

Right as the interview started, I sparked the joint. It was another shitty one from Coachella, so it took a couple tries with the lighter. I finally got it going and passed it to Devin, who took it without question. I watched him do a french inhale like it was nothing. So lit.

I had to ask my boss if this was cool to tweet lmao I didn’t want to be inappropriate or unprofessional. But hey, it was facts. Devin talked a lot lmao. And he insisted on bringing in the people who were working on his new project with into the shot. He definitely was trying to put them on, which I can totally respect.

Ural handled the interview because he’s the expert. Plus a fan. Always a plus. It makes the preparation easier because you genuinely want to know things about the artist, rather than digging for questions to ask. But I did have one question: who smoked more, him or Curren$y? My co-worker actually came up with that, and I thought it was genius.

Stay tuned for the answer.

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