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Craig David Blesses Los Angeles With A Show To Remember

May 12, 2017

Holy shit. I don’t even know where to begin. I literally was not ready for this show. At all. Craig David performing at The Fonda Theater, right there in the heart of Hollywood. I missed his last show in LA, and was super sad about it. Hashtag, FOMO. I believe that one was at El Rey and it was the definition of sold out. Tonight was no different.

My homegirl met me at 10pm, and we were ready. Huge thanks to Kristin and Alex for the passes to cover. There’s nothing I love more than walking into a venue so crowded you can’t even walk through the crowd. Craig David definitely has a solid fan base backing him, still, after all these years. He’s super old school. The R&B OG. “Walking Away” was my life in high school. So emo lmao. I literally listened to this song on the car ride over, so ready to be in my feels.

I can’t even describe our reactions. We were not expecting this at all. We walk in to find Craig deejaying. Literally, this felt like a club. He was laying down all the classics. It took a little getting used to, because we were just so taken aback. We had no idea homeboy would be cutting it up. But when he played “No Scrubs” and “Say My Name,” we quickly conformed. Craig didn’t need a DJ. He was the DJ.

Craig David is from London, so hearing him speak in that sexy accent of his was definitely a highlight. I was honestly impressed by how hip he was. He was playing all the recent hits, like Desiigner‘s “Panda.” Not only that, he was on stage spitting, singing, deejaying, doing it all. The crowd was eating it up. There was an instance where I look behind me and up at the balcony- every single seat was taken. So many happy people standing and dancing to the beat. Happy Thursday, this was a celebration.

He really did this though. He performed “Walking Away” over the beat from Dr. Dre’s “Still D.R.E.” It was fucking fire. Can I download this somewhere? Other hits he performed: “Change My Love,” “7 Days,” “Ain’t Giving Up,” and “Nothing Like This.” That last one is his record with Blonde, and it sounded so good tonight. Craig honestly sounded so good on the mic.

Ran into my babygirl Jennifer in the VIP section. She’s actually the one person I knew who hit his last show in LA. I was jealous lmao. Craig had us twerking when he dropped that Sean Paul. It was a lituation. Again, still in shock on how turnt the show turned out to be. It was literally a party. Props to Craig for doing his thing and continuing to live out his first love: music.

My favorite part had to be his Justin Bieber covers, that took place all throughout the evening. This shit went viral on the internet. As it should. JB is life. And Craig David is so talented, he could probably kill any song he’s hit with. The show ended with “Fill Me In” over JB and Jack U’s “Where Are Ü Now.” That beat is seriously everything <3.

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