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Rich Chigga Sold Out The Roxy In LA At Just 17 Years Old

May 16, 2017

Holy crap. This headline doesn’t even begin to describe this artist’s career. But it’s a damn good start. Tonight was Rich Chigga’s sold out show at The Roxy on Sunset. You guys know I live at this venue. To see a 17 year old sell out this iconic venue is really something else.

This was my mood all day lmao. I found out about this show at the end of last week, and no lie, desperately reached out to anyone and everyone, including the good people at 88 Rising. I remember posting Rich Chigga on DX when I was running the music section. Of course, everyone was asking me what I thought, because hi. We’re both Asian. To be honest, it was hard to take him seriously. I was like, he did not call himself Chigga. No way.

Fast forward to this month, he literally comes out with the hardest track I’ve heard in a while: “Gospel” featuring Keith Ape and XXXTENTACION. Keith Ape is another Asian rapper sensation and XXX is just XXX. If you know, you know. “Born in ’99 and I got 99 chicks in my crib.” I heard this in the whip with my bro last night on the way back from Carlsbad and was like BRUH. Bruh lmao. Who is this kid?

That made me want to go to the show even more. I literally got approved mid-day today, at work. Huge thanks to his manager Sean for allowing me to cover (and Alisha for getting me on the list). It literally sold out well before day of show. They only could provide me one ticket because the list was so tight. All I can say is, whatever they’re doing at 88 Rising, they’re doing it right. It’s a media platform that specifically puts on for the Asian culture.

I wanted to interview Rich Chigga so bad lmao but they said his schedule was tight. Understood. I was lucky enough to even get on the list. But mostly also because this kid is hilarious. He has a sense of humor, which I can always appreciate in an artist. He’s from Indonesia. He said he’s always wanted to come to the US, ever since he was 13 years old. It was a dream of his. He gave a pretty heartwarming speech up there. The crowd kept cheering at every line.

I literally get out of Core Power Yoga in Hollywood at 9:40pm and rush over, ratchet as hell lmao. Thank goodness everyone’s eyes were already on the stage. I could hear the bass from when I was picking up my ticket at the box office. I walk inside and immediately feel the sweat. He’s got a crazy fanbase. It was unreal. “Working For It” is his record with Skrillex, Zhu, and THEY., for a mega Remix. Like I said, whatever 88 Rising is doing, they’re doing it right. These names are HUGE. Salute.

This had to be the best part of my night. It was a long day at work (Monday blues), and this made it all better lmao. He had his squad come out on stage for Playboi Carti’s “Magnolia,” one of the most lit songs of 2017. No lie, they all looked like they were 17. Maybe younger lmao. Even his DJ looked young af. But whoever came out with that little machine that blows out dollar bills, God bless his soul. He was making it rain with Asian dollar bills. Thanks to my homegirl who commented on this post, apparently they have Rich Chigga’s face on them. Epic, but damn. Thought they were real lmao.

Fml so hard. My phone ran out of storage AGAIN. I give up. Right when he performs “Gospel” too. I wanted to get him saying the “99 bitches” line so bad to post on DX. Epic fail. I caught some of “Dat $tick,” but only through Snap. Guys, this is his breakout single. And it goes. So much so, Ghostface Killah hopped on the remix. That’s fucking insane. Ghostface is part of Wu-Tang Clan. He’s legendary.

I’m sad lmao this is the only full video I captured tonight, but ay, he actually spits in it. “Who That Be” went hard tonight. I’m excited to see if DX readers fuck with the kid lmao. They usually rip these new kids apart but you have to respect that he’s really out here doing this.

By the way, the show was only 30 minutes long. I swear. That shit was wild to me lmao. I was walking out of the building at 10:34pm. My friend had a good point, he doesn’t have THAT much music out. But he did say he’s working on an album, and that we can find him singing on it. It’s lit.

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