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Chris Brown’s #PARTYTOUR f. Kap G, Fabolous, O.T. Genasis, Snoop Dogg, Jeremih, Problem

May 24, 2017

Oh my goodness. I’m trying to contain myself, but it’s really difficult lmao. Chris Brown is my number one bae. Like, words can’t describe. More than YG and Nipsey Hussle. If you know me, that’s saying a lot. I attend his shows every single time he comes in town, and even walked right by him and made direct eye contact at a Grammy’s party a couple years ago. If he only knew lmao.

That being said, I’ve seen him over 15 times lmao. I die each time. Tonight was the last and final stop of his #PartyTour in Los Angeles. Taking place at The Forum in Inglewood was only right. Only the big names headline shows here. Honestly, I was surprised. This wasn’t sold out. In fact, my girl said she saw it on Groupon lmao. And then it dawned on me. CB has just as many haters as he does fans. Well, maybe not that many, but the whole fiasco with him beating Rihanna had the world shook. I’m the type that always says you can’t judge someone for their actions, but what can you do. People are going to think what they think no matter what. I guess my issue is the fact that this man is insanely talented. The whole time while he was on stage, I was thinking he’s this generation’s Michael Jackson. He can dance. And he can sing. And he’s a fashion icon.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a show at The Forum without some ticket trouble. One of the tickets ended up being used which lead to an unwanted, time-consuming trip to the box office. All was well in the end though. Huge thanks to Ariana for allowing me to cover. I brought my girl Val, who shot the Kap G interview with me. We were so excited to see him on the bill. We made it a point to not miss his set since he was first up. Thank goodness we arrived early and The Forum was running behind per usual. Kap was supposed to be on at 8:30pm, but didn’t come on until an hour later.

Ran into many familiar faces on the way in, which made me happy. The stage was in the center of the arena so everyone had a great view, no matter where they were posted. Of course, I lead us down to the very front row, because I’m extra lmao. We were welcomed with the most turnt hype man by the name of DC Young Fly. I guess he’s an Internet star, but he was funny as hell. I super appreciated the humor and him getting the crowd excited af for the show.

First up was an artist by the name of Casanova. He was super dope and thanked CB for giving him the opp to open. Everything always comes back full circle. Kap G finally came on and the crowd was cheering at the top of their lungs. It was great. He performed his track “F.I.U.” which stands for “Fuck it up.” A banger for sure. Homeboy is from Atlanta, and is very well-connected, especially in LA.

Being a Chris Brown show, the ladies were definitely the majority. Kap G, most known for his song “Girlfriend,” is a huge ladies man. He performed “Freakin ‘N’ Geekin” next. This had everybody turnt and thinking it was the damn weekend. Nope. Just Tuesday lmao. And all I could think about is work in the AM. Smh. I was not expecting this next part at all. He literally brings out Pharrell.

Fucking Pharrell you guys. They proceed to perform their new song “Icha Gicha.” Pharrell is GOAT. And the fact that he was in the studio with Kap is huge. Real recognize real. He closed his set with “Girlfriend,” of course. Val left to get a beer at this point so I was dolo, people watching in my seat. This track had the girls in front of me straight twerking. I ain’t mad, that song still goes. No matter how many times I hear it on the radio.

O.T. Genasis was next. He’s literally one of my favorite artists to see live. His dance moves and energy are always so lit, you literally can’t help but smile. Dressed in all-white everything, he comes out to “CoCo,” a song everyone can’t help but chant along to. “Bust It” was next, before he brought out Uncle Snoop.

Keep in mind, this is before CB even hits the stage. Pharrell and Snoop? Yeezus. This was cute because Snoop and O.T. are both from Long Beach. They were reppin’ that shit hard. Any Snoop throwback hits the spot, any time, any place. He was rocking a blue sweater that had “CUZZ” in huge letters across the chest. Lmao. Again, reppin’ hard. O.T. closed out with “Push It,” another banger that will get anybody up and out of their seat. Salute.

In all honesty, Fabolous is one of my favorite rappers. He’s the OG, and you can’t deny his flow (and swag). His outfit was on point tn, shout out to his stylist. I was just as excited to see Fab as I was CB. I was listening to “Real One” at work all week. I wish I had more videos to post but I had no service and gave up after trying for an hour. He started his set with “You Be Killen Em” and I died. That’s top 20 tracks for me.

“Ball Drop” with French Montana was next. His entire set was so fire man. So nostalgic. He was only able to play a snippet of all his hits, but man did those hits remind me how much I fuck with him. “Superwoman” by Lil’ Mo, “So Into You,” “Can’t Let You Go,” “You Make Me Better,” “Throw It In The Bag,” and “Breathe.” Holy shit, can he headline a show soon please? That would be so epic.

Finally, fucking finally. The star of the show: C Breezy. Holy hell, I was about to lose my shit lmao. Ask Val, I literally had to hold on to her each song he performed because I was so overwhelmed. He came out to “Wrist” in the most memorable way. Coming down from the air on a string in a Black Pyramid jumpsuit. I couldn’t deal lmao. By the way, that’s his clothing line. I’ve been wanting something from there for the longest time but that shit is expensive af. One day lmao.

“Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” is one of my absolute favorite songs by him. That real R&B music that makes you cry it’s so good. Every time he came in our corner, we freaked the fuck out. This was a fucking show. A legit tour that you could tell he rehearsed and prepped for. He literally had choreography to each record he performed, which made me compare him to MJ. Chris Brown is really fucking talented you guys. If you disagree, I’m not sure we can be friends.

“Deuces” is every girl or guy’s break up song to their ex lmao. And it always makes me think of Karreuche. Smh. That’s why he blocked me on IG. Because I posted a hot pic of Karrueche when they broke him and told him he fucked up. Everything about that song goes though, no matter what the lyrics were. Next, he told the crowd there was one rule for the show: to have fun. Respect. And then he performed “Picture Me Rollin'” which got the party started.

His “Privacy” performance must have left an imprint on every female in the building lmao. His subtle dry humping in the air in the middle of the track was too much lmao. And then Fab comes back out to bring out the guests of the evening: Problem, Jeremih, and fucking Bryson Tiller. They came out one by one to play their hits. It’s fucking lit.

Finally, CB came back out with Fab. I remember how obsessed I was when I first heard “She Wildin'”. That’s a fucking beautiful collab. Next: “Liquor,” my girl’s fav song by CB. One thing I can appreciate about CB’s shows, he sounds as good live as he does on the tracks you hear in your headphones. He gives it his all every time he’s on stage. It’s so admirable.

Next highlights: “Drunk Texting,” “Take You Down,” “Back To Sleep”… that last one hits the spot so hard. DJ Drama’s “Wishing,” DJ Khaled’s “Do You Mind”… fuck. I so wish I could have stayed until the end but I had to be responsible because I have a crazy day tomorrow. I still had to work and shower when I got home and it was nearing midnight. Smh.

Anyone else want to argue about CB? Let’s go lmao.

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