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Blackbear’s Sold Out Show At The Wiltern In LA f. 24Hrs On His #DigitalDrugTour

May 25, 2017

I literally got no sleep last night (thanks to Chris Breezy) but here for it. Tonight was a show I wasn’t going to miss (#FOMO). Blackbear’s Digital Drug Tour at The Wiltern, sold tf out. You guys, Blackbear’s has never performed a non-sold out a show. That’s fucking respect.

Please, if you guys haven’t heard of Blackbear, my hope is you do by the end of this piece. This is an artist that is extremely talented, and puts out nothing but straight fire. Once you hear one of his songs, you’ll understand. He’s R&B slash pop slash rock slash straight vibes. He’s one of those artists you appreciate for actually putting instruments in their music. And seeing him play the piano tonight was a beautiful thing. Him and all his tats lmao. I was listening to his project digital druglord all fucking week to prep. That project goes so hard. Like, every single track. Straight vibes.

Huge thanks to Samantha for allowing me to cover. This meant a lot. For once, this was an artist I hadn’t seen live before. That’s rare. I was told 24Hrs was on at 8:30pm, and tried my absolute best to make it around then. The Wiltern had a line of eager fans outside the door and around the building. As well as a police car posted right out front the pretend box office. Tf lmao. I just walked through and no one questioned me. That’s one way to do it right?

I was sad to miss the openers Yung Pinch and Elhae. I’m a fan of both and have supported their music for a while now. I walk in at the tail-end of 24’s set, perfect timing for the homie Ty Dolla $ign to show face. It’s so cute how close these two are. Ty hella supports Twenty. Their record “What You Like” is a banger. Of course, Ty proceeds to play “Blasé .” The crowd goes nuts.

20 closed out with “Moodz,” his record with Blackbear. Can I just be real one time. This record hits home for me. Why? Because I was diagnosed bipolar last year. The line goes “I got 2 moods… sleep is for the weak.” That’s me right there. Forever 2 moods, forever not sleeping.

There was a solid 30 minutes before Blackbear hit the stage, in which we go kick in in the empty ass VIP section. My babygirl Brit was my date, but she ended up not even needing my ticket. I immediately panic because I’m the type that HATES seeing a concert ticket go to waste. Especially when it’s a sold out show that anybody would love to come to if they could. I immediately text the homie Josh. He literally texts me back “I’m 20 away.” Shout out to him for being a real one. I love my down ass bitches (not calling him a bitch) who love and appreciate music like I do.

Blackbear hits the stage and we mobbed to the makeshift photo pit, which we ended up getting kicked out from after the third song. They were ruthless up there. But literally, Blackbear hits the stage and fans start screaming. Including me, I was excited. Blackbear is in his own lane. He is one-of-a-kind. I always say I love him cause he’s emo af, and so am I. Emo is life. I’m not sure the order, but it sounded like he was playing the entire digital druglord project.

“hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone,” “i miss the old u”… every song hit the spot. By this time, we had moved into the crowd to smoke a j. This was the best decision of the night, I kid you not. Ily, Brit. The universe planned it perfectly so that we were lit for our favorite song by Blackbear: “Do Re Mi.” It was fucking beautiful.

Next, he performed “if i could i would feel nothing” while playing the piano. Beautiful. And then there was a long intermission lmao. We were like, where did he go? 21 Savage did the same exact thing at The Wiltern. Alright, I was seriously banking on the fact G-Eazy would pop up tonight. “90210” is their hit single together, and the song I think that actually put me on Blackbear. But nah, it’s G’s birthday. G-Eazy was probably turning up somewhere fancy af. Blackbear introduced this as a “song about his dick.” Homeboy’s hilarious. Emo, sarcastic, and hilarious. I love him.

“Deadroses,” “Dirty Laundry” (possibly his biggest hit), and “Wanderlust” for the IG sluts. Blackbear is telling a story. His story. He also took the time to thank the crowd for coming to his hometown of LA, from the bottom of his heart. This stop was extra special. He proceeded to turn the fuck up with “Shake Ya Ass” which P-Lo.

This was beautiful. After the second time he performed “idfc,” he was presented with the gold plaque. Another beautiful sight to see from this end. Word on the street is he is going to sign to a label soon, but he’s been 100% about this independent grind of his. And doing everything on his own. It’s admirable af. He said he literally started recording in his bedroom on a 300 dollar mic. That’s a testament to any struggling artist.

Current mood af lmao. Blackbear was lit, so much so he decided to play the crowd another record, going over his 75 minute set time. He closed with “chateau,” which definitely hit the spot. Thank you Blackbear, we fucking love you.

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