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Ab-Soul’s Sold Out #YMFTour in LA f. ScHoolboy Q, SZA & Nick Grant

May 27, 2017

Another show which fits the definition of #FOMO. If you are in any way a Hip Hop head, you weren’t missing this one. Ab-Soul at El Rey on his #YMFTour- one of the dopest members of TDE. Well, they’re all fucking dope. I literally found out last minute that Nick Grant was opening. I was even more excited after that. He’s the homie, and I fucking love his music. No bias.

I pull up to one of my favorite venues in LA and meet everyone at 9:15pm, just in time for Nick’s set. The squad was out tonight. I’m telling you, if you love Hip Hop, you wanted to be at this show. This was real Hip Hop. None of that turn up bullshit. Luckily, both my secret parking spot and my secret spot in the building were open. Had to push to the way front for Nick. I love being close to the action.

I’m actually listening to “Royalty” by Nick Grant featuring CyHi The Prynce. His recent album Return Of The Cool was a project that I could just listen all the way through and just vibe too. The production combined with his clean ass flow. And his bars. I love his one-liners. So clever lmao. I just tried to find “Gold Chains” on Apple Music ad failed. I hate when that happens.

He played about a 30-minute set. But he could have kept going. Definitely think he’s ready to headline his own tour. I think he was supposed to actually, but don’t know what happened. Next, he played “The Sing Along” which hit the spot. His music just embodies real Hip Hop, and he had the entire crowd chanting for it tonight. We were all vibing so hard.

“The Fire was a beautiful sight. He had everybody in the building put up their phones. It was lit- literally. Then he name-dropped all the GOATS of Hip Hop, in which the crowd screamed and cheered after each one. Biggie, Tupac, Jay Z, Nas, J. Cole… and then the grand finale: Nick Grant. That was cute lmao. And the crowd cheered just as loud.

Can you tell I’m a fan? Lmao. He closed out with “Bouncin’.” Afterward, I made everyone come to the front so I could post these damn videos on DX lmao. Service is a bitch in El Rey. We ended up seeing Nick and his manager Amir on their way up to VIP. Both are fam. Told Nick he killed that shit <3.

Yo I went HAM on socials for this show lmao. I knew I loved Ab-Soul, but I was literally LOVING Ab-Soul. I literally left everyone to go to the front to get the best shot. Ab-Soul is from Carson, CA. That’s on the outskirts of LA. My homeboy is from there, shout out to Gabe for always providing the paper planes. This time- blueberry. I die. He literally saved my life at King Lil G.

“YMF” is a record off his last project Do What Thou Wilt. Flames. Every song. He played a good chunk of those records tonight. But my favorite was when he brought it back to this Control System project that dropped in 2012. “Track Two” was first. Yes, please. Shout out to TDE in the building. When we were in the front, Gabe pointed out Top Dawg walking in, like a straight boss. Yes, the Top Dawg lmao.

Omg. So many fucking gems! “Bohemian Grove” is a straight vibe. “Motherfuck the government, motherfuck the system.” Ab-Soul is as real as real gets. Then he performed “INvocation” and “God’s A Girl.” Which leads to my thought the entire show: Ab-Soul is a straight ladies man lmao.

He asked the entire crowd why he thought God is a girl, and proceeded to answer it by performing “Womanogamy.” You guys. The crowd knew every word. This was actually the case with every record, but at this point I really noticed. Unreal. Yes, this is one of those shows where I scream “I love this song!” to like every song. “Empathy” was a prime example.

ScHoolboy Q in the building. We knew he was here, so it was only a matter of time. This was only right. They brought the energy on stage with them, and performed “Beat The Case.”

The money be coming in. I love that line lmao. Been using it way too much.

I sadly actually didn’t hear this part, until my girl Jazzie reminded me later. Shout out to her. I had to get confirmation before I tweeted it lmao but ScHoolboy Q  said he would be dropping his album after SZA dropped hers. CTRL is coming June 9, you guys. I literally wrote about it today lmao.

“Huey Knew THEN” had the crowd straight jumping. “Blackout blackout.” Listen to the lyrics. He tells a fucking story.

“Terrorist Threats” with Danny Brown is, in my opinion, one of his hardest records. And then he played “ILLuminate” with K Dot. So much feels.

OMG. BAE. SZA. I died. SZA is straight bae. She’s the queen of TDE. I was lit. He hyped the crowd out by announcing he needed a shorty on stage. It was her. The way he brought her out and sat her in the chair had me thinking they were a thing lmao but nah. I think they’re just friends. 2 extremely talented friends.

You know I’m serious when I post a video to my IG lmao. “God’s Reign” was beautiful. After this, I retired my phone lmao. And just enjoyed the rest of the show. So cute- Ab-Soul shouted out his mom in the building, chilling the VIP balcony up top. He closed with “Turn Me Up,” “SOPA,” and “Mixed Emotions.”

Shout out to baby girl Sandrine being my date. By the end of the night, Ab had his shirt off, revealing his abs. I made a joke with that pun and cracked myself up. We left before the last song finished to beat the crowd and apparently missed the encore lmao. But night was solid af. If you guys have a chance to see Ab-Soul live. Please go.

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