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RnBass Throws A Lit Mixer At The Parlor; Flaunt Magazine’s Celebration Of Tupac Shakur f. The Cast Of “All Eyez On Me”

June 1, 2017

Today was the long-awaited RnBass mixer, hosted by my girl Jen DeLeon. I found her early in the evening, but then lost her the rest of the night lmao. What is RnBass? It’s the evolution of R&B. You know Bryson Tiller’s TRAPSOUL? Yeah. That’s RnBass. It’s the hottest genre of this generation, besides the Lil Uzi/Lil Yachty wave.

I pull up to The Parlor early because the founder, J Maine, told me to. It was a very good suggestion. Bitches were stuck at the door when I left around 10pm. It was chaos. First off, The Parlor is probably the sickest spot to hold a mixer. Such a great space with bars in every room and an outdoor patio. I actually used to come here to watch Indiana Pacers game when I lived with 4 Hoosiers some years back. Shout out to the good days when I had time to watch sports.

Back to the founder. Shout out to J Maine for hosting such a dope party. RnBass events are rare, maybe twice a year. So this was definitely the definition of FOMO. Plus he’s from Frisco. Yay areaaaaa. It definitely helped that all my peoples were out tonight. Literally, everyone. I loved it. We were joking earlier in the week about him hiding because of how many people would be trying to get his contact lmao. I literally found him tucked away in the corner.

The mixer came equipped with multiple photo booths. One that created a fucking GIF that always makes my life a living hell. I took an amazing one with Moses, but spent like 15 minutes trying to download it as a video to post. Eventually just gave up.

Shout out to the homies Yaz and DJ Meez in the building. Yaz is my favorite.

I’ve been trying to refrain from the word ‘lit,’ but this was litty lmao. Shout out to my girl Lupe working with RnBass, I love her. She put me on their IG story that made me feel worthy for 3 seconds. Even my homeboy Corey knew DJ Iceman from his hometown of Arizona. Everything comes full circle in the music industry. I swear.

I had to quickly say my goodbyes in order to make it to this next event: Flaunt Magazine‘s private celebration of The Cadence Issue at Black Rabbit Rose in Hollywood. I was literally just here to see Vali perform, so I knew what I was getting myself into. This is one of those venues where you have to be on the list to enter. Super exclusive. Also evidenced by the RSVP list closing earlier in the day.

It seemed like the party was entering the “everyone’s faded” part of the evening, so I just went in with a mission of grabbing Demetrius for DX socials lmao. The event said the cast of All Eyez On Me would be in attendance. I think everyone and their moms are excited for his Tupac biopic to drop in June. Shout out to Earl outside giving me the rundown. Flaunt Magazine was huge back in day, known for their satirical fashion and culture. They also had a bit of a sex appeal, which welcomes this naked photo of the real life Tupac on their front cover. This photograph went viral.

First of all, they weren’t even in Black Rabbit, but the Hudson bar next door. I literally had to track him down, asking everybody and anybody.  A staff member told me they went upstairs, and I literally find Demetrius next to Annie Ilonzeh, cuddling it up. I asked for a pic for DX social, but the flash reflected in the mirror behind them. Tried round 2, and I got this gem lmao. Candid, ftw.

They loved it so much, they took my phone and sent it to themselves. Btw, Annie plays Kidada Jones in the film. That’s Tupac’s fiance. Makes sense. Ran into the homie Michael on the way out, and he had copped one of the actual magazines. It was thick as hell. I was jealous.

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