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SoMo Does It For The Females On #TheAnswersTour In Los Angeles

June 10, 2017

It’s FRIYAY. And I’m exhausted. It’s been a hell of a week. And the weekend isn’t even the weekend because the world decided to pack every event into one day tomorrow. But there was one cure for this stressful day: SoMo at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood.One of my favorite venues in LA.

Thank the man above for set times. He wasn’t on until 10pm, which meant I could lay down in my glorious bed for an hour after work lmao. If you guys haven’t heard of SoMo, I’m about to put you on. He’s a singer from Texas, who blew up off doing covers on Youtube. That’s an inspiration in itself. If you’re talented enough, you will get noticed. Obviously with that comes hard work, dedication, and perseverance, but if you have a gift, the world will see it.

Just search SoMo on Youtube and everything will pop up. He covers all the hottest R&B singers. I discovered him because my old roomie at UCLA was obsessed. I’m telling you, friends are the best outlet for music. His track “Ride” is his biggest single to date. I pull up to the Fonda to find a swarm of females. Yes, SoMo is a ladies man. And yes, he knows it lmao.

I was able to find a spot on the floor to the right of the stage, pretty close to the action. The majority, again, were females. With some dudes chillin’ in the back. This was #TheAnswersTour, in light of his recent project. He played an hour and a half long set, which I thought was pretty dope. Everyone definitely got their money’s worth.

Shout out to SoMo for this RT. I literally love when artists RT my posts lmao. It makes me happy. He brought out this female singer by the name of Maty Noyes for “Play.” She sounded great and it was definitely a nice surprise.

Next, he asks the crowd to really get into the next record, proceeding to cover T-Pain’s “Buy You A Drank.” Of course, who doesn’t know the words to that song? Participation points, ftw. SoMo really has a voice. He has the ability to cover any song and make it sound good. He covered J. Cole’s “Power Trip” next. Fuck yes.

“Ride” had all the females screaming… again. This was like some teenage boy band shit. And then he brings out one lucky girl (calling her babygirl) and proceeds to cover “Or Nah.” That song is baby-making music.

He played “Answers” next, in light of the tour. The stage turned into a rave with laser lights beaming over him. Lit. He also showed love to his band backing him up. Live instruments are always the move. Next, he performed “Show Off. Another gem of his. At the start of this song, he unbuttons his shirt about 20%. Everyone lost it lmao.

The grand finale lmao. Him taking off his shirt after performing “We Can Make Love,” another one for the bedroom.

Shout out to my baby girl Alex for being my date. She’s the fucking best.

I went on a run through Hollywood after to listen to new music, which included Vic Mensa’s new EP, The Manuscript. So fire. Especially those Mr. Hudson and Pusha T features.

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