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Wiz Khalifa x Taylor Gang Fashion Show At #MadeLA; The Bank Sale f. Master P & Art By Mariella Angela

June 11, 2017

Happy Saturday. I could not get out of bed today. My week definitely caught up to me. But I had to make it to yoga. Hip Hop yoga, to be specific. Y7 is one of the most lit studios in LA. Located right on the bright and sunny Melrose. Today was a special event with an artist by the name of Rayana Jay.

I pull up to find a meter spot right out front, again. Bless up. I was running late, so this was a game changer. We were going to take class to a playlist curated by Rayana, proceeded by a meet and greet. I was ecstatic when I found out she was from the Bay, Richmond to be specific. She was such a sweetheart. I ended up taking class right next to her.

Man. Hot yoga on a hot day does not mix. I swear I was about to pass out. But the playlist was fire. Anything can be cured with good music. The class was only 45 minutes, but it was physically challenging. Huge thanks to my girl Sarika for the invite! She knows my love for yoga lmao. And Shannon for instructing. I needed endorphins.

Next up was The Bank Sale at The Reef downtown. This is a super dope Street & Contemporary Expo. I went last year and had an amazing time. This was actually the 5 year anniversary. That’s dope. It definitely needs to keep going. Huge thanks to Mandiie for the invite. I was so happy to be coming back.

“Our lifestyle event incorporates an array of fashion, live art, and music. TBS has pride itself on growing naturally while still staying true to our roots, making our successful event what it is today.” This is basically an entire floor of only the dopest streetwear, art, sneakers, food trucks… the list goes on.

I, unfortunately, had work to finish, so I couldn’t make it until the tail-end, around 5:30pm. I walk in and it looked like people were packing up already. Tear lmao. But wow. This was the first booth/vendor I see and I immediately walk over. I literally fell in love. This was my heaven. Meet Mariel, the most lit oil painter in the game.

I had fun guessing all the artists she painted. Tyler, The Creator was definitely one of my favorites. DMX next to him. Too dope.

The craziest part is that I’ve come across her work before, because all my friends are obsessed with her. I actually didn’t make the connection until my one homegirl commented on my post, and I was like OHHHHHH snap lmao. I was so fucking honored to meet Mariel, IRL. Asian sisters unite. But fr, she was so fucking sweet. Like, so sweet. I definitely want to be friends lmao.

I find out that Master P was actually speaking and rush over to catch the end. This is the room that Nipsey Hussle spoke in last year and I die lmao. I walk in to find my babygirl Jen moderating! So dope. She’s the realist. And really good at what she does. This was the Build Your Business Entrepreneur Workshop, so perfect for Master P to speak on. He dropped so many gems today.

This is just one example of how inspiring it was to hear him speak. He is literally about his money. And that’s the drive and grind that got him to where he is today. You got to do the work in order to succeed. That’s all there is to it. He said he can’t even flaunt all the money he has on IG lmao. There’s too much. I felt like he kept bringing up IG and what a front it was. Rappers nowadays are a joke. I respect Master P so much for keeping it real.

Jen asked him how he managed his time, and he told everyone he got 8 hours of sleep. That really struck a chord with me. Because it’s really hard with my lifestyle. But I do notice on days I get less sleep (4-5 hours), I really struggle the next day. I’m disciplined enough to push through and get my shit done, but man, it’s fucking tough.

Next, they took questions from the crowd. One person asked how Master P became a better rapper, and Master P answered with one word: PRACTICE. Like, Allen Iverson’s “practice” voice. He applies it to everything in life. Hearing it from Master P though- beyond inspiring. He’s one of the GOATs.

I was sad to have missed Monica’s talk (@thundercup) at 4pm, but I was happy to catch her afterward. So cute, she had her mom with her supporting. On my way out, I had to go back and snap this pic. They were closing shop and I thought it looked dope on its own. “Tunnel Vission” forever the jam.

Next up was an event I was no way in hell going to miss: Wiz Khalifa x Taylor Gang fashion show at L.A. Live’s Event Deck. Saw one of the best shows to date up here: Absinthe. That was entertainment. Tonight was more my steez. Fashion combined with one of my favorite rappers alive? Hell yeah.

I was actually sad to miss the Joyrich x Snoop Dogg fashion show earlier that day (#FOMO). I used to work at Joyrich and I miss it a lot. Heard it was dumb lit, too. Fashion is probably my second passion (Hip Hop is first), along with comedy. To catch you up, MADE “curates year-round events that connects talent in fashion, music, art and culture with visionary brand partners.” LA is one of the 4 lucky cities, along with New York, Sydney, and Berlin.

Huge thanks to Jordan and Mike for allowing me to cover. I was actually approved for DX, but my boss at Young & Reckless hooked it up as well. I was mobbing with his nephew, Donteice. He asked me to show him the ropes of how I cover events and what not. I felt honored lmao until I remembered I was 26. So fucking old. Kill me. I also brought the homie Michael cause this is his steez. He’s a fashion designer. And I’m jealous lmao. Overall nothing but good vibes tonight.

The entire event deck was lit. It was full of vendors and little shops with the dopest merch, as well as this dope mural. I wish I had more time to frolic (or had money to blow) because I could have done damage. I love supporting brands, especially when people start it themselves. This is a dream for many, and it’s so admirable when people take that leap to actually do it.

We finally walk inside literally right as the show was about to begin. We were lost on where to sit because apparently our seats were taken because we were late. This was a legit fashion show, with a runway and everything. Not sure I’ve ever been to one, so I was amped. I didn’t like where they directed me to go (in the upper section) so I finessed my way down to get the best shot. Of course, no service. Forever the first world problem.

There was the longest buildup before the models actually came up, and I just laughed at everyone taking videos of it lmao. Literally, they were recording nothing but loud eardrum-rattling noises for over 5 minutes. It was all part of the show. The smoke, the lights, the one yellow hoodie that was worn 10 different ways by 10 different models. Hello, fashion. This is Wiz Khalifa’s collab with 424 and PLEASURES.

Didn’t even notice Wiz was one of the models until he started performing. Everyone was so hyped. It’s fucking Wiz. He performed “On My Level” and “Black and Yellow.” I don’t think there’s a song by Wiz I don’t fuck with. Chevy Woods came out next to perform a track. I literally fuck with Taylor Gang so hard. I usDidn’t even notice Wiz was one of the models until he started performing. Everyone was so hyped. It’s fucking Wiz. He performed “On My Level” and “Black and Yellow.” I don’t think there’s a song by Wiz I don’t fuck with. Chevy Woods came out next to perform a track. I literally fuck with Taylor Gang so hard. I used to watch Youtube videos of them just doing nothing when I was at UCSB. Obsessed.

Juicy J and Ty Dolla $ign too? Fuck yes. It was a lituation. This “Taylor Gang” anthem always puts a smile on my face. I recently watched Wiz on Big Boy and he said he was trying to bulk up, but he’s still skinny as a mf lmao. Literally, don’t think it’s possible for Wiz to gain weight. He probably eats whatever the fuck he wants to.

Hol up hol up. “We Dem Boyz.” Thank you, Wiz.

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