Trees By Game NBA 2K17 Tournament; Mike Taylor’s “Colours” Music Video Screening

June 15, 2017

Happy hump day. Officially 11pm and just got home from leaving the crib at 8:30am. Mind over matter.

After work, the evening began with an event featuring Mike Taylor, an artist signed to Rostrum Records. This was a screening of his new music video “Colours,” which drops Friday (June 16). Huge thanks to Kim for the invite. I saw that it was at Estrella and was immediately down. Obsessed with this venue/lounge/bar/theater right in the middle of Sunset Blvd.

I discovered Mike when I was invited to a special performance of his at The Peppermint Club. He had the greatest energy and the most vibrant clothes (and smile). I would say his music is like dance-y R&B. Nothing but good vibes only.

I always feel honored to be at Rostrum Records’ events. You can just tell they only invite people they know and trust. I walk inside to find everyone chit chatting amongst themselves. Hello, open bar. Situations like this I really wish I drank again lmao. Everyone was literally toasting glasses of champagne at what, 8pm at night? And the light shining into the room from the back patio was low-key gorgeous. It was a celebration.

At first I thought, wow, all this for a music video? That’s crazy. The theater is one of those small, bougie ones you see in mansions. This one is laced with couches instead of seats. It was a small room, and there were definitely more heads than seats. But we made it happen.

And them I saw the music video, and I thought, alright. Totally get why this was such a big deal. This was the most powerful music video I’ve seen in a minute (minus when Yesi showed me Elijah Blake’s “Hanging Tree”). Elijah’s had a strong political message, but Mike’s had a strong political message PLUS pure joy.

I got chills. It was really fucking beautiful. They found the second most beautiful city in Mexico, 5 hours south from Mexico City and shot there for 2 days, using local natives as the actual cast. The concept of “Colours” in the video breaks down the barriers of racism and discrimination.

There was a Q&A afterward with Mike in between the producer and director of the video. I was shocked to find that they were both women (pretty women at that lmao). Amazing. Definitely feel like I usually see guys up there taking on such big roles. The fact that those two females put together the clip I just saw on the big screen was really inspiring. Of course, Mike is the star, but they single-handedly brought the record to life.

I literally was having a heart attack because my street meter on Sunset ran out -14 minutes ago. I convinced my boo Nelson to roll with me to this next one: Tree by Game | Sunset Beach| NBA2K17 Basketball Tournament. This ended up being a riot. After a solid 45 minutes commuting (at 9pm on a Wednesday night in LA), and possibly me missing some exits), we arrive at Nexus Social Lounge. Definitely helped it was downtown.

Deadass, this post couldn’t be more accurate. We walk inside and everyone is just high lmao. Dope venue though. Super spacious and so many rooms to maneuver. I scouted out the spot, which consisted of a food track, arcade games (really wanted to play the basketball game), a bar, etc. I walk in further and see 3 dudes (one wearing a TMT hat) passed out in the couches in the middle. Good night lmao.

Trees by #Game | Sunset Beach – NBA 2K17 TOURNAMENT 🏀

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But they woke up when The Game finally came downstairs lmao. He was tuuuuuurnt. He didn’t give a fuck lmao. He was super cheerful and saying what’s up to everyone. I love The Game. Every time I talk to him, it’s always so sincere. He was being pulled left and right so I literally forced my way and asked him for a pic for DX. He was super d so that made me happy. Gang gang.

Thanks to Duney Kush, I was lit off my ass lmao. He literally gets me every time. He sparked this gold-plated paper joint rolled with Game’s bud. It changed everything. Side note, I embarrassingly hate and suck at video games so hard, and I sure as hell don’t have the attention span to watch. Even if The Game’s playing lmao. I turn to Duney and asked if they had started, and he said not even close. Their hands weren’t even on the controllers. I died. That shit was too funny.

I actually ran into a bunch of homies there, but when I tried to say bye, it seemed like they all left lmao. That made me think, damn, they didn’t care to say bye lmao.

2 more days til the weekend and I can sleep in. Let’s go.

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