Nef the Pharoah Performing At Puma x Pink Dolphin Collab f. Iamsu & G-Eazy; #GirlfriendsandChampagne f. Kat Tat

June 24, 2017

Today started off with an event I was not going to miss: Girlfriends&Champagne. So much so, I switched my work shift to be able to attend. When the #FOMO is real…

This was a brunch gifting suite and spa party hosted by Kat Tat from Black Ink Chicago. They had me at spa. Getting pampered during BET weekend? Count me in. One issue. Totally overlooked the “all-white” memo. Like, shit lmao. I pull up to this spot on the Westside called The Olympic Collection and make my way to the third floor. I was not ready.

I kid you not, I walk in with all-black: the hat, the sweatpants, the shirt… key word. Sweatpants. My life has been a mess and I have no time to get dressed. Anyways. I stood out like a sore thumb. Bitches were dressed so fancy and cute. Heels and all. Smh. There was a full-on buffet of dank breakfast food and tables lined up throughout the extremely spacious ballroom. What a perfect venue to hold this event. Very classy.

There were tables of jewelry, an oxygen bar, palm reading, and my ass went straight to the massage chairs outside. Fuck the food. I needed to be blessed one time. There were only two massage therapists, which meant there was a line. I was happy to wait. Man. That was 12 minutes of straight heaven. I wanted to tip the guy but I had no cash. It was seriously the fix I needed to keep going.

I had to be at work soon, but I really wanted to grab a drop from Kat Tat. She’s bae. I’m in love with all tattoo artists lmao. She was so sweet too. Genuinely kind. She said she just moved to LA and is doing tats, so definitely peep her work.

Huge thanks to Helecia, who put on this entire event. She made sure I got to connect with Kat. She was such a doll. Congrats to her for an amazing event. There needs to be more like this- for the females. Because fuck men lmao. Also thanks to my babygirl Suria who first told me about this. She’s the best.


Work was long, but so worth the turn up afterward. There’s nothing better than pulling up to an event with 0 expectations, and it ends up being dumb lit. Huge thanks to Symba for letting me know about this. He hit me with this flier and I immediately cancel my other plans lmao (sorry other plans). Nef the Pharaoh is another Bay Area spirit animal of mine.

Pink Dolphin? And Puma? Yes, please. Y’ll know fashion is my second love. I pull up to Avenue on Cahuenga in Hollywood to find the homies posted right at the entrance. Slowly but surely, the entire venue filled up. It was straight Bay Area in there tonight. So fucking lit. Still on a high.

Huge thanks to Michelle with Audible Treats with the assist. She made sure Kenn, Nef’s manager, got me on the list. I love how responsive she is. That’s rare in this industry. I was so excited to meet Nef finally. It’s been a long time coming. I keep missing him out. He’s exactly who I thought he would be lmao. He’s super young too. Only 22.

This venue was so dope. There was a room in the front bar and a full on nightclub set-up in the back. Dre Sinatra got on the mic and we were all like, is that Dre? Lmao. I had to go say hi. He’s a god on the turntables. He can turn any function into a lituation. Speaking of, him playing this Meek Mill “Dreams and Nightmares” made my night. Top 10 songs of all time.

So so happy to run into my babygirl Diana. She’s the sweetest human being, and I aspire to be as lit as her lmao. One time for the photo booth. The best part: they actually sent you the Gif in video form. You could save it in one click. GOLD. The Gif struggle is so real out here. And it printed a hard copy. If I could write a Yelp review, I would. 5 stars.

It doesn’t get any better than this. My two favorites. Su was down here for BET weekend. Shout out to G-Eazy and ymtk in the building too. The Bay takeover is real.

Nef performed a little after 9:30pm. I was wondering the whole time where he was going to post up, and I look up and he’s literally standing on top of the couches lmao.

Watch this clip. He literally hops off and gets right in front of my face. I didn’t know what to do in that moment lmao. “Big Tymin'” is a straight banger. It’s the song that made me fall in love with him. I’ve literally only seen his career go up. Now he’s got a security guard, and I even met his stylist.

The entire building was lit. If you’re from the Bay, you fuck with this song.

He played “Bling Blaow” next. Banger. This next part made my life. They dropped Mac Dre “Since ’84” and “Get Stupid.” Game over. Nef was just up on top above everyone else, so it was like we were all going dumb with him. So epic.

I had 2 choices, go to a bowling event with 400 or a cannabis party. I chose the later. Lmao. This meant a mission across town, and I was so distracted. I probably could have gotten there in half the time lmao. The event: LET’S BUD TOGETHER! The Canna Cool Lounge celebrates the BET Awards weekend.


This was put on by Marijuana Maven Bonita “Bo” Money of Women Abuv Ground (WAG), encouraging women of color to join the cannabis revolution. I pull up to Casa Vertigo, which was indeed, turned into a cannabis lounge. It was a huge room full of vendors and booths with all your 420 needs. I’m talking joints, vape pens, vape pen cartridges, edibles, edible-drinks, edible bath bombs, EDIBLE COTTON CANDY. Ummmm. Yes.

The event was definitely dying down when I pulled up. It was supposed be over at midnight and it was definitely 11:30pm. Vendors were packing up lmao but not before I could grab samples. I literally came up on this pen that seals the blunt for you, so you don’t have to lick it. GENIUS. Also- gum to get rid of your munchies. I can’t lmao.

Huge thanks to my babygirl Kiera for the invite. I love when my friends know me lmao. And huge thanks to Wyllisa for having me. She responded to my RSVP immediately.

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