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A$AP Rocky & ScHoolboy Q Bring Out Kendrick Lamar At #BETExperience; SZA & Playboi Carti Perform At Youtube Party At Neuehouse

June 25, 2017

Damn. Today is the second to last day of this BET Awards weekend chaos, and I couldn’t be happier lmao. Home stretch. We’re almost there.

Today didn’t start out so smooth. I was supposed to cover the celebrity basketball game at Los Angeles Convention Center at 12pm, but didn’t pull up until 1:30pm. Fail. I can’t even complain because it’s my fault for being so late, but this shit was a hot. mess. Hot being the key word. There were SO many people and SO much going on. This was a ticketed event, and I could not find the media tent for a solid hour.

Huge thanks to my bb Andria, for putting up with my helpless self. She literally came to help me find the media tent. And I’ve been bugging her ALL weekend for set times and what not. I owe her one lmao. By the time I actually got to the game, there was a minute and a half left on the clock. And I couldn’t see shit lmao. Good thing I ran into Clarissa on the way out and she sent me this amazing picture of Kevin Ross singing the national anthem. So fire. Peep the shirt too.

Ran into my babygirl Sandrine on my way out, and she took away my frustration lmao. We frolicked the #kicksperience space, which was actually super dope. Sneakers on sneakers on sneakers. My heaven. We also walk right into the Young & Reckless booth. I had to turn around to get this Lonerism tee. Shout out to Sour Matt!

My next move was to the J.W. Marriott, to pick up my credentials for the BET Awards red carpet. It was a maze to find The Gold Room, but eventually arrived. This was intense. You literally had to get your picture taken and prove it was you. It was on some Grammys shit. I ended up running into many familiar faces, so that was cool.

Next up was the move of the day: YouTube’s BET Awards Pre-Party at Neuehouse. This proved to be the spot-to-be. If you ever get invited to an event at Neuehouse, don’t pass it up. It’s bound to be lit. Plus, Playboi Carti was set to perform. Hell yeah. Shout out to my babygirl Sarika for being my date. She’s literally a riot, and I love her to death.



YouTube, we love you. Seriously. Sarika knew someone up front and she laced us with VIP wristbands, which meant access to the second floor. Which meant, FOOD. Wow. This was a gourmet buffet. They were grilling right there in front of us. I was pissed because I literally just ate at home. This looked so dank.

Finally get upstairs to the rooftop and the sun is such blazing down on all of us. It was 6pm. LA weather is unmatched. We were there for a solid 3 hours lmao. That’s a long time for an event. Open bar and… no bud lmao. Well, I had mine in the whip. But legit I wanted to smoke so bad and no one was lighting up. It was a shame. After I tweeted this, I had so many people hitting my line like “ay you need bud?” Lmao. Nah bruh. I meant right there and then. Nice of them to get my back though.

I was so excited to see JID again. He’s the fucking truth. He’s about to overtake J. Cole on Dreamville. Jk. But we actually got to kick it and he’s so fucking cool. I love artists that are able to have a conversation with you. Other artists in attendance: Lecrae, Bobby Valentino, Consequence, and a whole lot more.

Yasssss. Carti Season! “Yah Mean” was the first song Playboi Carti performed. I couldn’t get over how lame the crowd was the entire time lmao. Legit just standing there. Come on people. Turn up.

“Let It Go” was next. His self-titled album is trash but it slaps lmao. There’s no denying it. Shout out to Carti reppin’ the shirt my boy Joseph made! So lit. So happy for him lmao.

He played “wokeuplikethis*” and “Magnolia” next. My boss legit saw Lil Uzi pick him up after in a Bentley. I was sad he didn’t take footage lmao that’s epic. After he got off, I made the conscious decision to go move my car from the Rite Aid lot lmao. I was so fucking paranoid I was going to get towed. I couldn’t risk another hundred bucks down the drain.

More downtime before bae took the stage. We played life-size Connect 4 next to the life-size Jenga and Checkers. So lit. Youtube is so lit. But the highlight of the evening: SZA!!! She was the surprise performance. I die. I thought it was a secret, but I guess everyone knew lmao. She played “Child’s Play” first, her song with Chance. So fucking fire.

I legit could not get over how fucking bae she was. Straight vibes. So fucking real. She is so real. Just the feedback from the crowd screaming her name and swooning over her stage presence. Man. SZA is going to go so fucking far. We all know it. She played “Love Galore” next before asking the crowd what they wanted to hear.

I had so many clips to post, but then I ran out of service. She threw it back to her Z album and performed “HiiiJack.” I don’t think I ever listened to this record, truth to be told. But adding it to the playlist now. For sure. Next, she played “The Weekend” and “Drew Barrymore” before they cut off her mic. Smh. That was so rude.

The entire crowd legit had her back. We kept singing to the song and vibing so hard. Man. She made my entire night. So, my next move was to go on a run lmao. No lie. Some people know this, but I was actually pretty emo all day. Was so sick of people asking what the next move was, especially while my ass was over here not invited to half of it. Lmao. So emo. I ran to Vince StaplesBig Fish Theory. Fire project. “745” is a banger.

I can’t believe I actually committed to this lmao. I am the definition of extra. I mob across town from Hollywood to DTLA. I had a ticket to the #BETExperience shows at Staples Center all 3 nights. Thursday with Kid Cudi was life-changing. I literally force my way inside because the box office was closed. The guy at the door refused to let me in but I asked for the manager. Bitch, please lmao. I make my way down to the floor and sneak to the front rows. ScHoolboy Q drops “Man Of The Year” and the crowd goes nuts.

Again, thank goodness for set times. I arrive around 11pm and there was 30 minutes of their set left. I was definitely hear for A$AP Rocky, bae #1. My girl texted me that they were switching off. TDE and A$AP Mob. Gold. “Studio” had the crowd up.


Rocky comes back on stage with Q and they both just start clowning on each other. It was fucking adorable and I was here for it.

They proceed to ask the crowd what they want to hear, and then admitted they couldn’t hear shit lmao. “Electric Body” by Rocky was so fucking fire. Omg.

By this time, I was going to shank the white girls in front of me. Flailing their arms and jumping up and down, side to side. One straight up knocked my phone out of my hands. I was pissed lmao. I move all the way to the very first row, close enough to piss off some older lady. She complained to security, but he DGAF lmao. She straight up goes, “I paid too much for these tickets.” And then I felt bad.

“Yamborghini High” gives me so much life. RIP, A$AP Yams. Rocky turns up so fucking much, each time. He’s such a great performer. “PMW” with Q was next. So next level. A$AP Mob and TDE on stage- the 2 hottest Hip Hop groups out rn.

“THat Part”! I could have sworn Q said Ye was in the building again tonight, but I wasn’t sure.

The moment we were all waiting for. Jk, just a few of us. The moment Q said he was bringing out the king of LA, we all knew. Kendrick fucking Lamar. Hi. SZA. Hi.

Sit down. Be humble.

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