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Sabrina Claudio Sells At The Echo In Los Angeles

June 28, 2017

Sabrina Claudio, God bless your soul. I remember my girl telling me about her a couple months back, and low and behold, I get an email in my inbox about her show at The Echo on Sunset. The universe knows. Huge thanks to Chelsea for the invite. Big things coming for this R&B songstress.

Tonight was just proof of how special she is. I’ve never seen this venue so crowded. It was almost brutal, how much you could not move without pissing off the person next to you. We push our way to the front (because it’s a concert and that’s standard), only to be chewed out by a squad of girls. Yeezus.

She graced the stage in the most gorgeous red two-piece dress. The off the shoulder tube top and bell sleeves was so fitting for her magical energy. She began with “Too Much Too Late,” and fans immediately go nuts. They knew every word. To every song. As an artist, not sure there’s anything else in the world that can beat that feeling.

She played “Tell Me” and “Runnin’ Thru Lovers” next, both crowd favorites. And then takes a moment to show love to the live band behind her, shouting out each member. You could just tell they had this amazing synergy together. Her team also informed her the line outside was insane and out the door (which it was), and humbly thanked everyone so much so all the love and support.

Confidently Lost” off her EP (by the same name) that dropped this year… so much feels. She also sang “I Don’t” and “Orion’s Belt,” which was produced by her DJ, also her best friend. Cute.

She played us a couple new records, “Frozen” and “Everlasting Love.” Her voice is beautiful. She told everyone she’s been doing this since the age of 14, and has been through many ups and downs that made her second guess everything. But her fans tonight solidified that it was all worth it. We were all sad when she performed her last song- so much so, we made her come out to do “Tell Me” again.

Sabrina is from Florida and is only 20. Fml lmao. They keep getting younger and younger. Huge thanks to my bb Nechelle again for putting me on her. Definitely listened to her single “Unravel Me” on the ride home. This is only the beginning for Sabrina.

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