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Power 106’s #NewAt2Live f. JID, Nav, Jay 305, 24Hrs & Yung Swag

June 30, 2017

Happy fucking Thursday. Just got home and CANNOT wait to listen to JAY-Z’s new album lmao. 4:44 really dropped, that’s what amazes me.

Tonight was Power 106’s #NewAt2Live show at Belasco in downtown LA. Was definitely here last night for Everclear lmao. The lineup is stacked with artists I both know and love: JID, 24Hrs, Jay 305, and haven’t met Nav or Yung Swag yet.

I fell in love with the latter. I met him backstage first, and his energy was so positive and inviting. I heard he jumped on stage doing the splits, so I had to go peep game. Sure enough, he’s breaking out all the dance moves. It was the cutest thing. He had the crowd up, setting the bar for the rest of the show. He performed his latest single “Fall In Luv.”

My mission for the evening was to interview the homie JID. You guys. The Never Story project has to be one of the best albums of 2017 thus far. He is so fucking talented. Thank God for real Hip Hop. Shouts out to Dreamville for signing one of the realists in the game. And get forget my boy Josh for being a beast behind the lens.

Shout out to Ural for coming to shoot. And Aura, Zeke, and everyone who helped make this happen. I’ve been trying to track him down for a minute now. I asked how it felt to be compared to Kendrick Lamar, and he just pointed to his shirt. It said “Darn” like a spinoff off DAMN. Epic.

I heard I just missed RJ coming out to perform with Jay 305 and was pissed lmao. Love RJ so much. Luckily, I made it in time for the end of his set. “YOUZZA FLIP” is a straight banger! Jay 305 always carries his city on his back. LA was all over that stage: RJ, Slim 400, Niko G4, etc. I was pissed when they threw water on me though lmao. But I always get mad when that happens.

Was trying to switch off between DX and Power lmao. “Yuck It Up” always reminds me of that time he brought strippers to Interscope. Too fucking funny man.

This was a nice surprise. Ran into Troy earlier and he introduced us to Roscoe… totally didn’t make the connection it was Roscoe Dash. His verse on Waka’s “No Hands” is fucking lit. This had me nostalgic af.

Next up was the moment Ash and I were both waiting for: JID. I was sad when I saw he only had a 20-minute set. He could definitely headline his own show and play his entire project and have every fan there for it. He’s also opening for J. Cole on his tour, so if you guys have tickets to that, go early and listen to this kid spit. Please.

“EdEddnEddy” is so fire. I remember seeing his set when he opened for Jazz Cartier at The Roxy. He puts on a great performance. His energy on stage tonight was no different. The fans were so here for it- as was I. Real. Hip Hop.

Earthgang and JID together= Spillage Village. Fuck yes. Earthgang (they’re a duo from Atlanta) is straight vibes. The chillest, smoothest, rap out right now. These guys are the best. I love seeing them together. Had no idea JID was going to bring them on stage.

So lit. Love them all. JID played “Underwear” next, one of my favs also. Shit, I think they’re all my favs.

“I love Dom, that should be your new tat!” Finally met the NikoG4 also. I tell Dom every time how much I love him lmao.

Fans were loving Nav. He was the headliner. It was cute. Totally forgot he was on Travis Scott’s “biebs in the trap” until he performed his verse tonight.

“Myself” goes. I love that song lmao. Emo, just like me. The fans were CHANTING for one more song after he got off. Adorable.

Thanks, Power 106 for an amazing event and supplying us with endless pizza, food, gummy bears, and water.

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