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Domo Genesis’ #RedCorolla Party f. King Chip at WAV; Azizi Gibson At The NOVO

July 7, 2017

Hold up. I just logged on Twitter and saw this tweet from Domo Genesis to my boo Nelson, who literally put on this #RedCorolla party in less than a week. So cute.

This party was literally lit. We were talking about Tyler, The Creator (my spirit animal) all day at work, which got me even more hyped about tonight. First of all, Odd Future is one of my favorite groups. They are all just a riot. The invite said: “Come for an evening of music, art, and tacos.” Sold.

It took place at WAV in West Los Angeles, also where 24Hrs had his Nightshift EP listening. That being said, I knew what to expect. They have this gorgeous building to work out of, with a spacious parking lot right outside. I remember being chilly last time, but tonight, the LA weather was perfect. Issa vibe.

I saw King Chip‘s name on the flier and was immediately excited. He’s so dope. And so slept on! I remember how much I listened to “Feel Good” in college. I pull up around 8:45pm, right as he started performing. The universe got me. He played “High School Reunion” before “BLK on BLK.” Always reppin’ Cleveland.

The crowd was pretty diverse. And young. Most Odd Future events are majority youth. But I loved how many King Chip fans I saw tonight. People who genuinely fuck with him like I do.He can spit. He performed “Movie” next. I met him in the studio hella years ago and had to mob through the crowd to say hi after his set. He’s always super sweet.

This made my night. “Just What I Am” with Cudi is one of the realist songs out there. Listen to it. And roll one up.

Found the taco station and lost my place front row when Domo hit the mic. This party was getting brazy. During King Chip’s set, they opened the door to this actual Red Corolla and a bunch of smoke came out. These guys are definitely 420 friendly, 24/7. Peep this girl attempting to crip walk lmao. I can’t.

The fire emoji came to life lmao. This woman was literally was dancing with this fire stick in her hand. Like, I could feel the heat from the back row. Domo was so cute. He had his auntie and his mom out tonight. And Mike G from Odd Future. PS, this #RedCorolla experience is in light of his recent mixtape.

Shout out to my babygirl Tierra for being my date! We caught a vibe real quick. Shout out to Louis for letting us cut in the taco line too. That shit was long af. And thanks again Nelson for the invite.

Night wasn’t over. Had to push to The NOVO in downtown LA to catch Azizi Gibson’s show. All I have to say is, thank God his set time was 10:30pm. Last time I saw him (at this venue also), he didn’t come on until 1am. That shit was gnarly lmao. Shout out to Azad for the invite. DX always supports his music (because it’s fire), and I finally got to meet him backstage. He was so sweet.

I made it to the stage when he was performing “Freak.” Azizi always has his fans out. Tonight was no different. I love it. He puts on such a great show. His energy on stage is so on point, there’s no chance you won’t enjoy his set. “High” is a joint off his new album Memoirs of the Reaper.

And he keeps it mad real. In between songs, he was throwing out subtle positive messages for us to apply to our everyday life. Some were deep lmao. “Toast” is so fire. It was a beautiful song to see live.

“Nintendo King” is another gem. He went off about video games after this, at which point I was lost lmao. Shout out to the homie Mark, whom I always run into when Azizi comes around. Music forever bringing people together <3.

I was turnt when he performed “Slave Ship,” one of my favs. He told everyone to stretch beforehand. Hilarious.

Had to leave a little early because I hadn’t been home since I left for work this morning, but this tweet made my night. Ily, Melissa. Sometimes (most times) I question myself (and my sanity), but I really do just love and support these artists. And my friends. The people I see out. They make it worth it.

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