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21 Savage’s #Issa Album Listening Party At #YouTubeSpaceLA

July 8, 2017

21, 21, 21. Today is 21 Savage’s day. Issa album is upon us.  First off, genius title. Him being the founder and creator of the “Issa” moniker, he couldn’t have chosen a better name for his debut album.

I’m not going to front, I didn’t love his album when I heard it on my way to work this morning. But I was most excited for this #YouTubeSpaceLA. I brought my girl to their Halloween party and it literally became one of our favorite spaces in all of Los Angeles. Everything from the food, drinks, photo booths, decorations, modern-ness, music, vibes- these guys know how to throw an event. Both my girl and I confessed we’d love to work here. It’s that lit.

We pull up to the function in gorgeous Playa Vista to find everyone and anyone in attendance. It was packed. Everyone in the music industry was out tonight. People I haven’t seen in a minute, people I see every day. It was all love tonight. It wasn’t long before we mob to the back where the food was. These sweets were so beautiful lmao. Who doesn’t love s’mores? And milk and cookies?! Yeezus..

The crazy thing is, 21 just came from a performance at Belasco, literally at 9pm. This event ran from 7-10pm. I knew better than to show up earlier than 8:45pm lmao. When we arrived, everyone was asking where 21 was, or if he was even coming. The good thing, we had the glorious #YouTubeSpaceLA to entertain us. Seriously, this place is heavenly. And if you posted a picture with that hashtag it showed up on this ginormous screen in the main room. Winning.

I’ve seen 21 a bunch of times perform, so I knew what to expect. Minus the fact that he didn’t even perform lmao. He just rapped along. They didn’t play the album all the way through, just select songs. Of course, the beats were slappin’ through the speakers. It sounded way better than it did in my car this morning. He def recruited the GOAT producers in the game (Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, etc.), which in my opinion, saved this project.

It was dope though. It did make me want to give the project another try. It’s just I came from a 5-day weekend of straight JAY-Z 4:44 bars, so I wasn’t ready for ignant rap. It helped seeing him 10 feet away rap all the lyrics verbatim to his own songs. You can’t knock an artist for their hustle and doing what they love. Side note, the homies think “FaceTime” is going to hit radios soon. So look out for that.

I felt like fucking TMZ for this but I had to capture this. I was in the prime position. Amber Rose was literally chilling in the corner until this moment where she comes up behind 21 in the DJ booth. She literally whispers something in his ear and after their 10-second interaction, the DJ announced he was leaving. Translation: “let’s go home boo, gotta check on Bash.” Lmao. Jk. Not really.

One thing’s for sure, 21 is getting that check. Connecting with Youtube tonight, starting his own IG animated series, new merch, and I saw something with Spotify on Twitter earlier lmao. lly, Arigato! She was my date for Halloween and round 2 tonight was even better.

Shout out to good people in this industry. Love you, Mo. Issa vibe.

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