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THIS Is How Logic Sold Out A 5,870-Seat Venue In Los Angeles

July 11, 2017

The day has finally come- night 2 of Logic’s sold out #EverybodysTour in Los Angeles. You guys. I’ve been a day one Logic fan. Before he signed a deal with the record label, before he was poppin’, before all the fame. I really genuinely fucked with his music and thought he could truly spit. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s a cutie pie. He’s adorable lmao.

Last night, I was literally scrolling (for like a minute max lmao) and saw my TL filled with all Logic. Everybody and their mom had a pic with Logic. It was brazy. I was like damn, am I basic? Lmao. But I kind of liked it like that. He performed at the historic Greek Theatre- a venue that holds 5,870 people- two nights in a row. That’s a huge step up from The Wiltern where I saw him last, which holds around 1,800 people. Salute.

I was really surprised to see Joey Badass on the bill. Def feel like Joey is lit enough to headline his own tour. But real recognize real. Joey is the definition of real Hip Hop. You can’t deny his dopeness. I’m so glad I caught half his set. Honestly, I had a bit of a rough day today. And “Devastated” made me feel better. That song touches souls.

The crowd reception was insane. Good for him. He shouted out Pro Era before exiting the stage, and told everyone to “continue to be great.” I love the positive message from both these guys tonight. They are such role models for the youth. Speaking of youth, I felt so old being there lmao. Logic has FANS for days. Fans that scream their heads off for him. And he knows it. And he loves them as much as they love him. He always gives them what they want to hear and see. It’s a beautiful thing.

Shout out to my babygirl Noor for being my date. She recently went back to his Everybody album, and that really struck a chord with me. I loved the album also, but I didn’t give it the replay value it deserves. Huge thanks to Peter and Genesis for the tickets to allow me to cover. I didn’t realize The Greek was going to be this intimate. The seats were also so fire- minus the fact they weren’t next to each other LMAO. I thought that was hilarious. Not that it mattered. You know I never settle. Always gotta push as close to the front as possible.

This was seriously the perfect song to open his set with. The song started playing and it took a while for Logic to actually grace the stage, but the buildup made it that much more epic. The fans were so, so excited. As was I. “Hallelujah” is the first track on the Everybody, and the one that drew me in without the first 15 seconds. The intro track to an album is so crucial.

I’m so, so, so proud lmao. Logic literally put this set together himself and he said he spent a lot of time on it. It seemed like every detail was planned out and timed so strategically. Every moment was connected to the next. Honestly, I always notice this. I feel like every time an artist signs a deal with a record label, their shows/tours are all of a sudden perfected: the stage set-up, the rehearsals, the timed execution. Shout out to Def Jam. Logic killed this shit.

I had no service to post anything throughout the entire show, and I kind of loved it. Was stressed at first, but genuinely enjoyed his entire set. He played “Everybody,” “Killing Spree” (which was SO dope live), and “Fade Away” before introducing his assistant Juan to all of us. So cute. Logic said he promoted his last assistant to be his day-to-day manager. He also had a band on stage, which he said he’s never had before. He showed them so much love. Logic is a lover.

Next he performed “Like Woah” from The Incredible True Story. I loved how he was playing old and new music alike, from all his mixtapes and albums. Also, theme of the evening: peace, love, and positivity. He kept repeating it over and over. He followed this up with, “Follow your dreams, enjoy life, turn up, and… DANCE OFF.” He brought it back way old school before asking if he could turn up with some new shit. I literally knew it was going to be “Magnolia.” I knew it. I called it in my head lmao.

Possibly the highlight of my night lmao. He really brought out Juicy J got “Slob On My Knob.” I feel like the kids didn’t know what to do but to bounce. Logic admitted to being a huge 3 6 fan, and turning up to their beats when he was younger. Little old Logic lmao.

And then we enter the video game portion of the show lmao. He legit played Mario Kart on stage, challenging someone from his camp. After winning the game, he screams “I’m the greatest!” leading right into “Super Mario World.” I had some friends who didn’t appreciate how much he talked throughout the show, but I thought it was cool. He was entertaining his fans.

Next, he brought out Black Thought for “America.” This song has such a political message. The crowd was literally chanting “Fuck white power!” along with Logic as real footage of racism and injustice played on the big screen. Black Thought was super dope. I noticed the Rattpack tat on his forearm. They performed “Young Jesus” next with the music video playing behind them. So fire.

He made everyone put their phones away, and proceeded to play “Flexicution.” He SNAPS on that song. I remember when this song dropped. I was just like, YES. He’s back. Can you tell I’m a fan? Lmao. Next, he got on the keys and sang for us.

Btw, Logic is 27 and from Maryland. And happily married. Him and his wife are the cutest.

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