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J. Cole’s #4YourEyezOnly Tour Is His Best Tour To Date

July 13, 2017

J. Cole is the motherfucking truth. Merely evidenced by how many people call him their favorite rapper of all time. It’s time for the #4YourEyezOnly tour in LA, and I can’t even tell you how many people were hyped to go. Shit, my girl went solo last night. I was so proud. If you’re a J. Cole fan, you were here. This was the second night of 2 sold out shows at The Forum in Inglewood.

This is the venue every artist dreams of selling out. An LA staple. Unfortunately, I ruined the surprise by seeing all the social media posts from his show in Anaheim on Sunday. He comes out and walks to the center of the arena in this orange prison jumpsuit, dreads all over his face, beard game strong. The fans were wild. He came out to “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” which set the bar for the rest of the evening.

4 Your Eyez Only is his latest project, the one that went platinum with no features. *insert meme* He legit played every. single. song. Although, it is only 10 tracks long. But this was just so meaningful. Every track he performed had so much emotion and you could see him lay his heart out on that stage for us. “Immortal” was next.

Then “Deja Vu.” At this point, I realized he’s literally playing the album in order, track by track. I’m not going to lie, I went into this concert with the fond memory that I didn’t LOVE the #4yeo project. I left with a newfound respect for it, and J. Cole as a whole. Seeing him progress as an artist is indescribable. I’ve seen him maybe 15+ times. And this was probably his best show to date.

The message given during “Ville Mentality” was so memorable. If you can’t tell by now, I’m really big on the message the artists have for their fans, and the impact they have. Every artist is a role model. Whether they like it or not. The message here was to live in the moment. And that’s very difficult for most of us. Next, he brought out Ari Lennox for “Change.” Omg. I finally got to see her live. I literally kept missing her in LA. She sounded phenomenal. J. Cole don’t play when it comes to his Dreamville artists. Like, if Cole believes in you, you’re fucking solid.

Then he went back to his roots. Fuck man, I was waiting for this song the entire time lmao. “Lights please lights please, turn off the lights!” Feeeeeeels.

And it didn’t stop. Another one of my favorite joints: “Nobody’s Perfect” with Missy Elliot.Easily one of my fav Cole songs. His presence on stage was unmatched. And then you notice, hey. Every single song he’s playing is a hit. Damn. Respect.

And it didn’t stop. “Can’t Get Enough.” Nostalgic.

This is the part that I ruined for myself lmao. For clicking on that damn Hypebeast article. So, “Forbidden Fruit” from Born Sinner, if you play it backwards, it’s actually the beat for “Neighbors.” What a motherfucking genius lmao. Who does that?!

He proceeds to show us REAL footage from the story behind “Neighbors.” Omg I died. This shit was too funny. He kept making fun of how dumb the cops were thinking he had drugs in the crib. In this scene, the cop kicks open the door thinking it’s a drug room, when in actuality, it’s the outside lmao. If you weren’t aware of what’s happening, J. Cole got you. He told us the entire story behind it, beginning with his move from New York back home to North Carolina. His dumb ass neighbors ended up calling the cops on him (racial profiling) because they thought he was selling dope. SO brazy. I just think it’s hilarious he caught that shit on his security cameras. Fr.

Please tell me you’ve seen the memes for this song: “Foldin Clothes.” Next, he slowed things down for “She’s Mine Pt. 2,” and showed footage of his baby girl. Being a father is his main priority now. She’s his world. And then he played “Love Yourz.” You guys. This song makes me cry every time. I could not hold it in. I literally started balling. That song got me through a very hard time in my life. I was embarrassed lmao. I didn’t want to cry. PS, 2014 Forest Hills Drive holds a very special place in my heart.

“Wet Dreamz,” “A Tale of 2 Citiez,” “GOMD,” “Power Trip, “No Role Modelz.” Every single song had us hyped and just as excited as the last. He gave a public service announcement before his last song of the evening: “4 Your Eyez Only.” This was 8 minutes of him laying out his entire heart for us. This is the record that his entire album and tour was based off.  He gave the entire Forum the option to leave, but no one did. He yelled “Listen!” before each verse, and we sure as hell did. It’s so crazy how far he takes it, about him no longer being on this earth but his number one goal is for his daughter to be taken care of. Man.

Shout out to my baby mama Sandrine for being my date. This was an early birthday present to her. We left so, so satisfied. Huge thanks to Maxie for allowing me to cover. And my girl Dani for the assist! One for the books.

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