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JAY-Z & Beyonce Supporting Vic Mensa At His #TheAutobiography Album Listening

July 14, 2017

I was in full denial that JAY-Z was actually going to be in attendance tonight. For some reason, it just seemed to good to be true. He was. Man. That shit was surreal lmao. HOV is GOAT. I’m absolutely obsessed with 4:44 too. Every track.

Tonight was Vic Mensa‘s exclusive listening for his debut album, The Autobiography. I didn’t even know his album was this far along until I saw this event. As with most artists, I’m a day one Vic fan. I also loved his last EP The Manuscript. That Mr. Hudson feature is so fire. But anyways. I’m still confused on whether this shit was open to the public or not. They were hyping it up like it was going to be packed and you had to get there early… OR ELSE. One of those. But it ended up being mad chill. Too chill.

They even hyped up parking lmao. “Uber/Lyft highly suggested”! But there was also 2 complimentary lots for the sober drivers (that’s me). Clutch. Mack Sennett Studios was a super dope space to hold this event, minus the fact that we walk in and it’s dark af. I couldn’t see shit lmao. It’s located up near Griffith.

Shout out to my babygirl Ayanna for always taking care of me. I wasn’t even invited and she got me on the list. Roc Nation, Capitol Records, and Power 106 were in the building. Was very excited to see so many familiar faces in one place. This was the calm before the storm. Shout out to Dixie for being a boss babe.

Everyone was taking advantage of the open bar. AND FREE JOINTS. That was the best surprise ever lmao. They were giving out beautifully packaged pre-rolls at the bar. At one point, we ended up in the room behind the bar where this AMAZING photographer was taking photos along a white backdrop. This wasn’t your average photographer. Everyone was raving about how he was able to make you look the most bomb you’ve ever looked in a photo.

I’m low key hot about this. We were waiting in line back there and didn’t even notice JAY-Z came on the mic. SMH. I ran outside to the main room to find HOV on stage with his trademark jean jacket. I was so fucking sad lmao but I caught the end when he introduces Vic Mensa to the stage. Real recognize real man.

After Vic introduced the project, he said “press play” and the album started playing. There was some downtime which included JAY-Z and Beyonce in the VIP area, where only people with wristbands could go. Yesi said she was 10 feet away from them omg. I die. I was about to head out when he ends up getting back on stage to perform a couple joints. Had to stay. This one’s called “Wings.”

Vic is a true artist. He puts his heart and soul into his music.You can just tell when he performs. There’s no doubt this is what God put him on this earth for.

Ended up finding my boss who was standing literally front and center lmao. It was honestly the best spot to stand. Vic was in our face. We were hearing and feeling his project in the best possible capacity.

He had me capture Malik Yusef turning up to Vic. It was cute.

Huge thanks to Sam for sending this to me. I was running around trying to find raw footage of Hov, but everyone only had it to their IG story with captions all over. Smh lmao. The event was also hosted by Scooter Braun, who I believe is managing Vic. He’s also Kanye’s manager. Yeezus.

Next, I had to mob downtown to The Regent. This was celebrating 15 years of HUF, with this new G-Shock collab. Holy shit. I pull up to a swarm of people trying to enter. This shit was insane. Security was so ticked off. They tried to shut down the party a bunch of times but failed lmao. I was standing outside for almost 15 minutes when I was about to give up.

I decide to shoot my shot and hop in line with a bunch of VIP wristbanded people, using saying hi to my friend as a decoy. It worked. I was in. Caught a vibe real quick and took a look at this sick watch. HUF and G-Shock are both extremely lit so the fact that they came together to collab on a watch is huge.

Huge thanks to Erica for helping me get inside some way somehow, and Sarah for the invite! I really wanted to stay for YG’s performance but he was on at 12:30am and I hadn’t even showered lmao. Bye.

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