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18 Wins From Budweiser’s #Budland Los Angeles f. Syd & Ty Dolla $ign

July 15, 2017

Photo Credit: David X Prutting/BFA

Holy shit lmao. It’s 1:30am and I just got home. I haven’t been this turnt in a very long time. And it was exactly what the doctor ordered (WIN #1*). No lie, I had a pretty rough day. One that left me in tears at work. Which I’m ashamed to admit because at this age, I blame myself for lettings things affect me as much as they do.

*I’m going to be listing all the reasons why this event was a win.

But that’s life. Tonight was Budland LA featuring performances from Buddy, Syd (bae), and a surprise guest. First of all, it’s free (WIN#2). And downtown. It’s Friday night. There was no other spot to be. I was so emo I contemplated staying home. But my girl got me out. Bless her soul. Best decision I’ve ever made.

Huge thanks to Page for being an absolute doll in making sure I was taken care of. This event was one for the books. First off, they had Lyftcodes which gave us up to $10 off (WIN #3). EACH WAY (WIN #4). Yes, that counts as 2 wins. This was so clutch, especially to encourage people to not drink and drive. My girls met me at my crib downtown and we took a Lyft.

We pull up to the function around 9pm and it’s already a vibe. The loud music and ambience as we stepped inside was just right. I missed Taco’s DJ set, but he’s extremely dope. This Werkartz venue (WIN #5) was perfect. It was spacious af outdoors and had endless photo opps (WIN #6) indoors. In between was the bar and food trucks (WIN #7). You know we had to one time.

Funny story…. up until tonight, I totally fucking thought BUDLAND meant bud. Like weed. Like marijuana. Mannnn lmao. I had a headache all day and I was ready to cure that shit. I thought there was legit going to be free weed here for some reason lmao. When it clicked that Bud meant Budweiser, I was like OHHHHHH. I feel like that deserves an L lmao.

When I found out, I was hella sad lmao. I don’t drink and everyone received like 4 free drink tickets (WIN #8). My girls were struggling lmao beer isn’t the easiest to take down. But honestly- what excellent marketing (WIN #9). This is the first year they put on this 2-day festival in LA, in light of Budweiser’s new California bottles (which launched today). The celebration included music, fashion. food,  live performances and art installations (WIN #10). There was this gorgeous art piece made of beer bottles inside the van inside.

There’s no losing when it comes to live music (WIN #10). I caught the end of Buddy’s set and he performed “Shine.” I felt like I was the only one in the crowd who was excited but hey. Buddy’s from Compton and I just met him IRL at the Jay 305 listening. He was wildin’ lmao.

Syd (WIN #11) gets her own win. You can’t tell me nothin’. Seriously, Syd is bae. She’s so, so, so, so good. She played us “She Got Her Own” and other cuts off her album Fin. It was so cute. She said her mom is the only one who could tell if she was off-pitch or not. She was chilling in the crowd among the rest of us.

If you guys are sleeping, Syd is the main vocalist in The Internet, whom I got to see live at Fonda Theater. Speechless. It’s crazy because she was actually just an engineer to begin with. She has one of the most unique voices in R&B. Ugh. “Girl” with Kaytranada is gold.

The moment I saw Aishah in the building, I knew Ty Dolla $ign was the surprise guest (WIN #12). I don’t even think she knew lmao. But what a solid headliner for this. Mind you, all 3 of us are lit af at this point. We were on cloud 9. Literally, Ty is gold. When he played “It’s A Vibe” with 2 Chainz, game over. Issa vibe for sure (WIN #13).

“Love U Better” with Weezy and The Dream is fucking fire. Summer anthem, for sure. My long lost homegirl also found me during his set. Shout out to all the fucking beautiful people I saw tonight. I hadn’t seen her in a minute so that made me happy. Ty kept shouting out the most random turn up shit like “raise your hand if you don’t have an STD!” Shit was hilarious. He also took off his shirt and played guitar towards the end. Homeboy is so fucking talented.

Good people (WIN #14), good energy, good everything. Thank you Sandrine, Lyric, and Chris for the laughs. Oh yeah, we hit the ice cream truck (WIN #15) on the way out for Lyric. She got the most water-mouthing vanilla cone. Out here living her best life. By the way, this was definitely 420 friendly (WIN #16). And whoever smoked us out, thank you. I want to shake your hand lmao.

Shabbaaaaa was deejaying inside, throwing down all the slaps. This function was open late (WIN #16), until 2am. We decided to take our lit asses home and proceeded to struggle on finding the exit. It was through the porter potties (WIN #17). Easy, quick bathroom access. They knew everyone would be drinking tons of beer. Excellent planning.

Once we actually exited the premises, there were so many signs pointing to where the Lyft pick up/drop off was. Everything was so organized (WIN #18). Especially with the streets behind closed off, this was clutch.

Grateful for music and blessed to have these experiences. Thank you, Budland!

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