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Issa Rae & Insecure HBO Throw The Block Party Of The Year f. Kamaiyah & SZA

July 16, 2017


Today marked the day for the block party of a lifetime: Insecure HBO, thank you. Issa Rae, thank you. Yvonne Orji, thank you. Inglewood, thank you. This was literally the turn up of the year. I still can’t get over it. I don’t even know where to begin. All I know is I was only going to stop by and ended up staying for 6 whole hours.

How adorable is this flick? Seriously. The entire cast, with Issa Rae and Yvonne in the center. This was a VIP Block Party experience in anticipation of the season two premiere
episode. The best part? There was a theater screening the episode 3 different times throughout the day. So here for it.

Had to get the star solo. By the way, Issa Rae has nothing to do with the 21 Savage “issa” bullshit lmao. There was a red carpet to the left of this amazing Insecure photo opp. Tried to get Issa on the red carpet but it wasn’t going to happen. Huge thanks to Paris for having me and Kurtis for putting this together. I told him congrats. He won with this one lmao.

Also worthy to note- Issa Rae completely put on for the city of Inglewood with this one. They took over the entire block. The homie Ural said he literally used to get his school uniforms in one of the shops across the way. This was literally at the very front, and I spent a good hour here and didn’t even realize the playground that awaited. Shout to my babygirl Mercedes. I absolutely adore her.

Omg omg omg. Surprise performances= Kamaiyah. “Build You Up” is her latest single. I remember at FYF Fest last year, I pushed literally just to see her set. So fucking crazy how far she’s come. Well-deserved XXL Freshman.

I cannot get over Buddy right now. “Fuck It Up” with YG is a straight banger. Buddy kills me lmao.

I was so fucking turnt for this man. Yay Area spirit animal.

HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE RICH? Been broke all my lifeeeee. Hi, still broke here.

Shout out to Miss Diddy hosting the entire event. She killed hat shit. They couldn’t have picked a better person to do this. She runs shit in this city. Oh hey, Aja, mayor of Compton. Casual.

Okay, let’s talk about the food one time. I’m actually munching on the leftovers rn lmao. Endless free food. Endless dank free food. Not only that, but it was from actual food places around LA. All Flavor No Grease out of Watts was the winner. Chicken and steak quesadillas with caramelized onions and delicious sauce. Other options: fried chicken, yams, hot dogs with the option of meat and chili, and DONUTS. You know that huge donut sign in Inglewood that everybody posts pictures of? Randy’s Donuts. Genius. I literally couldn’t pick between chocolate or glazed and she said, “Girl take both” lmao.

Had to leave the premises to go feed my meter. Except wait, no in’s and out’s. They were so fucking strict at the door and I’m not quite sure why lmao. Thank you, Kurtis, for letting me go. I hope I can be the boss man one day where everyone has to look to me for approval. Caught Dreezy on the way back in. I didn’t even know she was featured on the new season. Her and Yvonne so fire.

I became a huge fan of Yvonne Orji ever since I heard her speak on International Women’s Day. And then I went to see her do stand up at Chocolate Sundaes. Of course, another surprise performance by Ty Dolla $ign. Literally had a moment during his entire set last night. This was just pure gold man.

She kept going too. Yvonne is the most turnt every time I see her. It’s fucking epic. “Blasé” never gets old.

The photo booths were to die for. We had a ball striking these poses. I almost forgot- this was right next to the pop up shop. SO dope man. You got these cards and you were able to redeem goodies at 2 out of the 4 tables. They even gave us an Insecure bag to hold it in. Promotion/marketing- A1. I decided to grab a pin and look up and see my homie’s clothing brand as one of the options. Shout out to Kacey and Bricks & Woods. Best believe I picked a yellow beanie. What a small fucking world this is.

This was one of my favorite parts of the day. Introducing my babygirl Sandrine to Ro James. She’s the one that put me on his music. I ended up waiting 2 hours to interview him at SXSW lmao. She told me he was here and I made her bring me to him. This was special.

And Ro James always got the most swag outfit out. All designer everything. He styles himself. I’ve asked a bunch lmao. I’m so annoying. Thanks to Miss Diddy for the assist on this photo. Elijah Kelley, Ro James, Luke James. This was officially the place to be.


This theater was in the middle of the block party. So. Clutch. So. Perfect. Event planning- A1. I was so lucky to catch the last screening at 7:30pm. There was a huge line and my ass definitely cut. I love you, Mercedes, for being a trooper and watching it again with me. This was the Season 2 premiere episode, and OMG you guys are going to die lmao.


I actually took this earlier when I wanted popcorn lmao. But you guys. Not only was there unlimited popcorn, candy, and water, but there was a charging station. MY PHONE LITERALLY JUST DIED. I was heartbroken until someone pointed me to the most lit invention I’ve seen in a long while. This machine had little compartments for you to charge your phone. All you had to do was punch in a pin. Wow.

We snuck our way into the middle of the theater, which ended up being a full house. They definitely couldn’t accommodate everyone so I was just super happy I made the cut. The entire cast introduced the episode before it started playing. Insecure is probably one of the funniest TV shows out there right now. We were all busting up. Forgot to mention there were open bars everywhere. We were all on a good one. Came out to DJ Kiss dropping all the slaps.

SZA was the surprise guest. Again. Ugh. That’s bae. She is not of this earth. And she’s so fucking good live. Her energy is like a unicorn lmao. “Child’s Play” with Chance.

My girl and I were loving every fucking second. “Broken Clocks.”

My girl’s favorite song by SZA: “The Weekend.” Honestly, I love them all.

This was honestly the perfect way to end this party. “Love Galore” is such a fucking vibe. The party was supposed to end at 9pm and they were trying so hard to kick everyone out lmao.

This pisses me off so much man. Came out to a bunch of fliers tucked into my car window on the driver side. They were bugging me when I was on the road so I rolled down my windows in an attempt to get them off, and they slid right thru the crack. I die every time. No parking ticket though. That’s all that matters lmao.

Had to push back to Budland, because… #FOMO. At this point, I hadn’t been home all fucking day. I didn’t even want to look in the mirror lmao. The line was actually brazy outside. I forced my way in and luckily got my girls in too. I feel like way more people knew about it tonight because Q posted it on his IG page.

Omg. I die. Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky. My 2 baes. I died man. I was supposed to hit Agenda in Long Beach to see Tyler too and totally failed. The universe got me.

They played a couple tracks together. I was really, really happy lmao.

He brought out Madeintyo immediately after. Was not expecting that. “Skateboard P” had the crowd livin’.

This blew my mind. He let the cat out of the bag lmao. He was trying to play another song and was mad he couldn’t so he said this. They really paid him 6 figures to perform 5 songs man. Okay, Budweiser! Yeezus.

That’s a wrap. He had the mosh pit out for this one. “THat Part” is undeniably great.



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