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AmirSaysNothing’s #EmployeeOfTheMonth Tour At Union Nightclub f. Code Green

July 17, 2017

Issa photoshoot. Super honored to have done this for the homie Tim. He has a clothing brand called #YLYR, which stands for “Your Life Your Rules.” This is a streetwear clothing brand that encouragees everyone to chase after their goals, no matter the circumstances. Naturally, I’m a hustler. This applies to me in every aspect of my life.

Keep in mind, I’m no model. So far from it. So when people ask me to do photo shoots for them, I always ask, “Are you sure?” Lmao. I’m not that lit and actually hate pictures solo. But I was super honored when he asked me. We shot in Hollywood by the LA Fitness on El Centro and Sunset, located conveniently next to HipHopDX. There was this super dope wall with the most vibrant mural of Los Angeles, including the short-lived Hollyweed landmark.

Fast forward to the evening, tonight was a celebration for one of my best homegirls. V, I love you. She told us a while back to mark our calendars to come out to see the homies Code Green perform at Union Nightclub. This venue brought back memories of when I hosted my girl’s event. That shit was terrifying lmao but fun nonetheless.

Shout out to Neal for hitting me about AmirSaysNothing‘s show just earlier in the day. Surprise, I’m already going lmao. What a small, small, small world this is. I ran into them on my way inside, and was excited to meet Amir. This was the #EmployeeOfTheMonth tour. DX actually premiered his video, and V said he was hilarious. I was excited to see what he was about.

Code Green is a trio, comprised of Nesi, Er, and Evo. They’re like the 3 amigos- it’s so cute. We actually all went to a Clippers game at Staples Center once, always the move. They took the stage around 10pm and it was automatically a vibe. Cue “Luv and Vibe,” which had us swerving from side to side. They proceeded to play cuts off their 7 Day Trip project: “Damn, I Took Too Many!,” “Irregular,” “Wild Wild West.”

“D.W.U.D.” stands for “Do Whatever U Do,” and had everyone in the room feeling good. All 3 of them genuinely had great energy on stage and were nothing but smiles. Nesi’s my fav. He’s always so turnt. You could tell they had their peoples out supporting tonight. Shout out to the girl in the very front who knew all the worlds. “Too Silly” was dope too.

In the middle of their set, I just felt the urge to tweet this. I was just observing all 3 of these guys on stage, genuinely having the time of their life. And they were rapping. And it sounded good. How many people are there right now sitting at home wishing they could take a stage in LA? Any stage, it doesn’t matter where. Idk, my heart. I have such a soft spot for talented artists who don’t get the shine they deserve.

Next up: AmirSaysNothing. I was happy he took the stage immediately after. The downtime between sets would have been pointless. He graced the stage and turned tf up with “BackToSleep.” This is the first track off the album. His personality immediately shone through. V was right. Homeboy’s hilarious. He was cursing at everyone to get closer to the stage, and then apologized because his mom’s best friend was in attendance.

“Employee of the Month” was next. Now I’m wondering if he played his album in order from beginning to end. He had just as much energy as Code, which makes sense that they’re homies. The good thing about The Union, it’s a super intimate setting. You could literally say hi to your homie in the crowd while you’re on stage. That happened a lot tonight lmao.

Amir proceeded to bring out his friends for the next couple tracks. He intro-ed “Just Sayin'” by asking which guys in the crowd had girlfriends. And even further, who took baths with their girls. So random lmao. Kin G! took the stage with him and both had the room turnt. I didn’t get to stay for the end of the show, but I know he for sure killed it.

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