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Popular Demand Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary 71 Floors Above Ground

July 19, 2017


Happy Tuesday. Tonight was the most fancy dinner I’ve had in probably the past 2 years (been ballin’ on a budget nahmean). No lie, the moment it registered that this was the restaurant my parents ate at with my brother when they visited Los Angeles, I was like, “DAMN.” Lmao. I totally went to a Clippers game instead because I didn’t want them to spend $75 on me for a meal. Deadass.

Huge thanks to my babygirl Monica for this invite. She is the absolute sweetest and I adore the shit out of her. This was an exclusive dinner at 71 Above celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Popular Demand and its founder, Blake Ricciardi. The fact that the dinner was at such a glorious restaurant was lit in its own right. But also sponsored by Hennessy? Okay. I see you.

After trying to find parking for a solid 25 minutes, I gave up and did the valet. Knew I should have Uber-ed lmao. But if you do end up coming, it is $10. This was in the same building as Skyspace LA, which I was not expecting. I was literally just here for the Jay 305 album listening. Took 2 separate elevators up to the 71st floor (fitting to the name) and was welcomed with this gorgeous view overlooking downtown LA.

I loved that my ears popped on the way up too lmao. This dinner was invite only- which meant only friends and family were in attendance. I felt very honored to be there. Thank you, Blake and Monica, for having me. Super grateful and blessed to share such a special meal with everyone. 71 Above (also a Skylounge) is a hidden gem. It’s reputable for how impossible it is to make reservations. You literally have to reserve a spot months in advance.

Hennessy is possible. Literally lmao. The hostess escorted me to the back room which was reserved for us only. A long table with fancy glasses and silverware awaited us. There were giant-sized Henny bottles planted around the room, and then I realized I totally recognized Blanco from the last Henny dinner I attended. That was for Paloma Ford at Maestro’s in Beverly Hills. What a small world. He’s great. You definitely want him on your team.

I’m so fucking annoying when it comes to fancy restaurants. Like, I never know what anything is. But shouts out to 71 Above for the four-course meal. It was about to be lit. For starters, the cocktail menu was customized to Blake and Popular Demand. After greeting everyone and the endless photo opps, we took our seats and ordered. I only knew what octopus was so that was the move lmao.

After just one bite, I could hear my taste buds thanking me. No lie, this was exquisite. The texture, the flavors, the sauce, the seasoning, the degree of which the ends were burned, the display… I’ll remember this dish for the rest of the year lmao. Totes forgot to snap a pic before I dove in but Shavone got my back. That iPhone 7+ life.

The dinner was both delicious and full of laughs. I ended up sitting next to a friend I hadn’t seen in a minute. Halfway through, Blake gave a nice little toast thanking everyone for coming. If you guys don’t know, Popular Demand is one of the most lit streetwear brands out there. Him and Monica tag teamed and slayed. Especially for only being 5 years old.

Honestly, they are what most clothing brands aspire to be. And rightfully so. The dinner says it all.

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