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Spoke With Legendary Producer Drumma Boy At The #BlackInkChicago Season 3 Premiere; Caro’s Debut “Ro-1” EP Release Party

July 20, 2017

Happy Wednesday! The grind continues. After finally getting off a long day of work, I pull up to Tinhorn Flats Saloon & Grill in the heart of Hollywood. This was a special event hosted by the beautiful Kat Tat of VH1’s hit TV Series Black Ink Crew: Chicago. I’m actually a huge venues girl, and I’ve never been to this spot. So there was some excitement on my end pulling up.

This was the Season 3 premiere viewing party for the show. Can’t say I watch the show, but I’m a sucker for tattoos. Kat Tat is so fire. If you want to get inked by her, now’s the chance. Homegirl is taking her efforts to the West Coast. Plus, I met her last time and she’s an absolute sweetheart. I fucking love nice people lmao. The red carpet took place outside the restaurant and it made my night that she remembered me.

Huge thanks to Lynn for having me. I was actually super interested in viewing the episode, and then Drumma Boy came through lmao. He became my main focus real quick. At this point, I literally sprint back to the whip to grab the DX mic. That thing is honestly a hassle and I wasn’t sure if any Hip Hop artists were actually coming though.

If you guys aren’t familiar, Drumma Boy is one of the dopest producers in the game. He’s probably produced a bunch of hits you didn’t even know he did. That tends to be the case. Producers need love too lmao. I thought this flick was fire. Kat Tat actually inked Drumma. It’s lit.

Got a hit with him speaking on R. Kelly. Sensitive subject, I know :/. I literally went to my car to get my laptop to write up the article then and there. I knew I wanted to knock it out because I had a shit ton of other things to do the rest of the night. Including driving my ass to Carson. Y’ll know I have a 15-minute radius in LA (more like 20). This shit was 45 minutes away. And actually more because I’m the queen of missing freeway exits.

When Melissa throws an event, you go. She’s a boss babe, and I fully value her opinion in artists. This was a private listening party and live performance by an artist by the name of Caro from Long Beach. I had to get briefed on his background and I was totally intrigued once she told me. He’s brand new and this was the first time he was revealing his music to the world.

Well, friends and family. I pull up to The SOL Venue, familiar territory, to find a great turnout. All my homies were already there and I was notified that there was lots of food lmao. Yas. The key to throwing a good event. I push my way to the front and catch the second half of his performance. Holy shit, this dude was dope. I needed to know more.

Caro is signed to Push The Line Entertainment. Shouts out to them. This was celebrating the debut release of his EP Ro-1. This is the best part. PTL is founded by Demetrius Shipp Sr, who was one of the last producers to work with Tupac. If y’ll didn’t make the connection, his son played Tupac in All Eyez On Me. I had no idea Demetrius had a real connection to Pac. That’s dope. I wish I knew that when I was watching the film lmao.

He performed a track called “Long Way Up” that had me straight vibing. The more he performed, the more I got a feel for his sound. I ended up drawing comparisons with Nipsey Hussle and Tyler, The Creator. Both extremely lit artists. This dude is talented. Next, he performed his record with Kap G which sounded so fire. I can’t wait for that one to drop.

He’s fairly new to social media too, which goes back to my tweet about how you need a social media following to be heard or seen. I hate it I hate it. But hopefully he is aware it’s only to open up doors that may be missed otherwise.

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