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Redman x Datsik x Jayceeoh = #1000Volts Video Shoot

July 21, 2017

Happy Thursday. Life has been brazy lately, you guys. And tonight was no different. Huge shout out to the homie, the plug, one of my favorites, Matt, for this assist. He called me up earlier this week about an opp to interview Redman at his dispensary in downtown LA. I cancelled my plans real quick lmao.

I actually assisted this one to my boss. He’s way more equipped to interview Redman and we all know it. But anyways. Redman is legendary. I was stoked to meet him and told him how much I enjoyed him and Method Man’s show at The NOVO not too long ago. I remember thinking, “Omg. This is a real fucking Hip Hop show. Finally.” Had to tell him.

This was actually a video shoot for 1000volts, his project with Jayceeoh, at his dispensary in my hood. Omg. So beautiful outside and inside. Nothing but vibrant murals throughout. I had the pleasure of meeting Jayceeoh, who is a dope producer/DJ. I asked how they linked and he said in Croatia. Literally backstage at a festival. I loved that.

I think Matt mentioned something about Datsik, but holy shit. I must have forgotten. This video shoot was for a track called “Monster” featuring Datsik. And sure enough, there’s Troy, IRL. I was so stoked to meet him lmao. His show at The Hollywood Palladium recently was absolutely nuts. I always have SO much respect for EDM DJs because of the magnitude on how they can turn a crowd upside down. Datsik throws it down hard.

He was a sweetheart. Shout out to Sharra for being a boss babe and Mike for having us. Getting Redman in one spot is very rare. We were honored to be there. They’d been shooting all day and this was the last stop. First of all, can we talk about this collab? So here for it. EDM and Hip Hop is a beautiful thing.

We make our way inside and through the dispensary, which was heaven to me lmao. Bud everywhere. Edibles and vape everywhere. It was closed at this hour, which made it such a dope place to shoot a music video. I always wanted to work at a dispensary but was stuck being a server throughout my years. Also slightly obsessed with Datsik’s shoes. Those might be my favorite pair of Nikes on guys.

Redman is seriously hilarious. Genuinely funny. He needs his own show. Excited for this interview to drop. Caught some flicks inside because it was too dope not to. This “Monster” record should be dropping mid-August. I’m excited.

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