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Missy Elliott Had Beyonce & Solange Watching Her Set At #FYFFest; Tyga’s #BitchImTheShit2 Listening Party

July 22, 2017

HAPPY FRIYAY. Tonight began with Tyga’s Bitch I’m The Shit 2 pop-up/listening party at The Dom Gallery on the corner of Melrose and Fairfax. One of my fav spots ever. I remember I first stepped foot inside on accident, because of a dope Kanye West mural on the outside. I was home.

Huge thanks to Alex for the invite and for being so fucking sweet. Not only did she promise me some time with T-Raww, but was so fucking responsive to all my questions. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that in a publicist. It was funny because I was hesitant on going since I had FYF Fest to get to, and she hit me back she was going as well. I had no excuse lmao. Plus, I’m a fan of Tyga. I genuinely think homeboy makes bangers and respect his craft. Don’t tell me “Rack City” doesn’t go.

I pull up and illegally park on the side of the building lmao. Melrose and Fairfax is parking hell. There was a swarm of people outside all waiting impatiently to get inside. I’m pretty sure this event was open to the public, you had to RSVP. The set up was super dope though. Tyga was standing there in front of a real life Supreme motorcycle, the same one on his album cover. He was just chilling taking pictures with the fans one by one. So calm lmao.

I always go out of my way to pin down these artists. There’s literally no winning out here if you’re passive. Introduced myself, told him I’m a fan, and I just watched his music video with Ty$ (“Move To L.A.”) earlier that day. Straight up Diddy vibes. I was also listening to his project on the way over. This is the sequel to his mixtape back in 2011. His single “Feel Me” with Ye is on there. How many artists out there have a Kanye feature on their project?

I literally watched the entire Breakfast Club interview just last night. He goes IN on the Kardashians. I buttered him up by asking about his project and King Cairo being on “Rollin.” But I really wanted to know about Kylie Jenner lmao. There were rumors that there was a sex tape out because of a line on “Run It Back.” He didn’t even know about it lmao.

I was in that bitch for maybe 10 minutes lmao. Got the news hit and dipset. I left before the chaos. The support is real. He has a real fanbase, especially out here in LA. I heard someone tell them they’ve been waiting for 6 years to snap a pic with him. So fucking cute.

Went home to write, eat, and change into my running shoes lmao. No lie. FYF Fest last year was a fucking trek from where I parked to the actual festival. They make things so complicated by fencing off the entire block and making you walk unnecessary lengths through the security line.

Huge thanks to Spencer for accommodating DX. It wasn’t easy, but understandable. This year, they were going ALL out. 3 days instead of 2, and Missy Elliott and Frank Ocean were headlining. You guys. That’s unheard of lmao. I pull up around 10:15pm and find my girl Ash at Anderson .Paak’s set on the lawn. The best part? Running into Dumbfoundead just chilling on the side, dolo. Genuinely enjoying the show. He said he was backstage but he wanted to view it from the crowd. Love.

It was a fucking mission getting to the main stage. Everyone was here. I literally came for Missy and I wasn’t settling lmao. Snuck my ass into the photo pit. The security was being so extra man. It was a hot mess. I run into my girl Justice and next thing I know, I’m hugging Kamaiyah. FINALLY. Been waiting to meet her for so long. The build up before Missy came on stage, and then Missy ACTUALLY coming on stage, was surreal. That’s QUEEN.

“I’m Really Hot” had the crowd in a frenzy. This shit came out in 2004. That’s 13 years ago you guys. Missy Elliott was truly the female artist of all time. GOAT. By the way, right before this, we see Janet Jackson walk by escorted by security. Omg. I thought that was incredible.

Missy’s last headlining show was back in 2008. Timeless music. Hit after hit after hit. As Ural says, she has enough hits for 3 hours. I had to contain myself in the pit because I didn’t have the right wristband and they were being Nazi lmao. It was short-lived anyways. Photographers are only allowed the first 3 songs. Next, she asked where her day one fans were at and proceeds to perform “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly).” “BEEP BEEP. WHO GOT THE KEYS TO THE JEEP?”

I remember they played “We Run This” at our rallies in high school. We all had the dance down and everything. Missy still fucking got it. That made me so happy man. And she was so real too. Confessing to the crowd she lost something with her mic and she couldn’t hear shit. But she’s a superstar. Superstars know how to handle emergency situations like that and keep their cool. I’d probably panic and have an anxiety attack.

This had me trippin’. First, she shouts out Tyler, The Creator in the pit, before the camera goes to him and he pops up on the big screen. He just smiled. So cute. Next, she tells everyone to put their phones down and gets right into “Get Ur Freak On.” The music video was playing in the background. This video was everything! Then her hype man mentions something about the BeyHive. Sure enough, confirmed. Beyonce is here. Backstage.

So many fucking hits I can’t deal. “Hot Boyz,” “Ching A Ling,” “Pass That Dutch,” “Let It Go” with Keyshia Cole, “1, 2 Step” with Ciara, “WTF (Where They From)” with Pharrell, “Gossip Folks” with Luda, and “Lose Control” with Timbaland. Holy shit. So nostalgic.

By the way, if you guys weren’t aware, Missy Elliott took a hiatus because she got sick. She has Graves’ Disease, a rare thyroid disease. She lost a significant amount of weight and that brought her career to a screeching halt. She told us how she was filming on set for “One Minute Man,” and literally had 2 asthma attacks. My heart breaks. At the end of the day, health is #1.

I had no idea Missy co-wrote Beyonce’s “Dangerously In Love.” It’s so crazy how many of these artists are actually songwriters also. The fact that all these amazing artists were out here just to watch her set is evidence of where Missy stands. She’s iconic.

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