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Frank Ocean Gave The Best Performance Of His Life At #FYFFest f. Brad Pitt

July 23, 2017

Holy fucking shit. I am absolutely speechless. It’s 2:30am and I just got home from the most life-changing performance/show/experience/whatever you want to call it of my life. I honestly think it’s safe to say Frank Ocean changed lives tonight. The entire hour and a half I just kept thinking, “I live for this.”

Before we get there, let’s start with the first function of the day/evening. Huge thanks to Melissa for the invite. This was The Goldwing Group’s Summer Warm Up hosted by Red Cup Nation. Translation: turn up. I don’t know how much I can reveal lmao. I posted a couple Snaps and got in trouble so I had to delete them. I’ma go as far as this caption.

Melissa is a boss babe. This was a lovely celebration for her new TV show on E. That’s HUGE. I knew I had FYF Fest to get to but hello, #FOMO. Looking at your straight in the eyes here lmao. Plus, it means a lot to the person who invited you. Supporting each other is how we all win.

The event took place in NoHo, which is unfamiliar territory for me. The invite said dress your best, and I definitely forgot until I walked up. FML. I was in sneakers while everyone was in cocktail dresses and heels. The worst feeling. To make matters worse, the E! cameras were rolling inside. We were going to be filmed. This meant signing not 1, but 2 waivers before entering. And taking a picture of your face with the signed form. This shit was intense, man. But when you think about it, kind of dope lmao.

I walk inside No Limit Training Facility to find the absolute most lit gymnasium I’ve ever seen. I’m not kidding. Beautiful murals covered the walls and without a doubt only the top notch fitness equipment populated the grounds. This was a function- everybody was turnt. First of all, this was legit a casino-themed party. There were tables for gambling with actual dealers. Open bar, desserts, games, a red carpet, games, slaps by SOUNDZ, and more. Issa vibe. Shout out to Byron for the flick. Stole it from his Snap lmao.

This was honestly the best part of the evening lmao. We were all posted in the corner (anti-social gang) and see this crazy Star Wars figure walk by. He proceeds to do a fucking backflip in the air. Omg, It was so fucking lit lmao. Turns out he’s an artist. Sup Zack Zilla. We were fucking crying because he deadass fell attempting a backflip against the wall. He nailed the second one though lmao. Arguably the highlight of the evening.

V disappointed for this one. My bro just went out of his way to Jason Markk my white Converse because they got trashed at the last festival. When will I learn? Street parking was extra difficult today. Frank Ocean was on at 11pm on the Main Stage and I booked it. I literally sneak into the photo pit again only to realize THERE WAS NO ONE IN IT. So awkward. Frank is so lit, he said no to photographers lmao. I was escorted out real quick.

The VIP section was extremely crowded. I ran into many familiar faces but I knew I had to push up to the front. The crowd was definitely not happy with me but it all worked out. Frank ended up performing the majority of his show in the center stage, down a long runway. It was all eyes on him. He thanked LA for coming out and lets us all know this is the 4th or 5th show he’s performed in years. Honestly, this is FYF’s biggest act.

I can’t even talk about this, I’m still shook. He came out to “Solo” and it was over before it started. Frank Ocean is GOAT. This song is off his Blonde project he surprise dropped last year. If I’m being 100, I honestly didn’t love the album when it first came out. I don’t know why. It’s not a bad thing. I really started fucking with it when more and more of my friends started raving about it.

Song after song, hit after hit. The crowd was what blew me away the most. They knew every fucking word. Every time he started a new song, within seconds they would realize which one it was and scream their heads off. I was right there with them. We were all still recovering from how fucking beautiful “Chanel” was before he begins my favorite song of 2017. I literally started balling you guys. No lie. “Lens”means so much to me,. I listened to it on repeat for a week.

Omg. “Biking.” His record with Hov and Tyler. I died when this dropped too. I really wasn’t recording for the majority of the show. In fact, I caught myself with my eyes closed literally in the moment. I was taking it all in. Frank was so fucking real up there. Rocking blue glitter Converse, pants he said he found lying around, big ass headphones on his ears, and a Nike shirt. He performed “Good Guy” and even rapped up there.

“Self Control” had everyone in a frenzy. If you guys don’t know, Frank Ocean came out a couple years ago. This was huge. Listen to his lyrics. It was the most beautiful sight to see the gay couple next to me making out. Typically, I would be like “get a room.” But these were 2 teenage boys. In love. Frank made it okay for them to express their sexuality. He’s a role model to everyone in this world.

This next part blew everyone in Los Angeles away, I swear. He beings by sharing how much he loves Prince and how he’s been living out of hotel rooms.  One night he was in a Youtube hole (so fucking real) and discovered “Close To You” by Carpenters. He proceeds to cover it but get this: he had Brad Pitt in on it. I don’t know even how to describe what happened, it was so surreal. Brad Pitt was pretending to talk on his phone the duration of the song, with Frank in the background singing. It was perfectly set up and perfectly executed. I kid you not, after we caught on what was happening, we all just had this unspoken moment of praise and respect for Frank. He really did that.

Next was “Ivy.” Every song just sounded so fucking good. He was made for this. Next, he performed a new song for us called “Only You,” that he was going to debut on Blonded Radio. It sounded amazing- Daft Punk vibes. Next was “Thinking Bout You,” and I definitely cried again. I’m literally sobbing by myself around all these teenagers. A couple of them tapped me throughout the show to make sure I knew they were in the same exact boat. One even passed me his blunt. Bless.

“Nights” was definitely a highlight. Listen to the lyrics. It tells a story. His story. Pretty sure he performed all 9 minutes of it too lmao. “Pink + White” and “Futura Free” were next, before my favorite record on Blonde. Man. “Nikes” was so fucking beautiful. And the lyrics on the big screen with a Hello Kitty pointer. Game over.

His exit was met with a full-blown applause. I pushed to the pit to say hi to Thuy who was with Erykah Badu and I see A$AP Rocky walk right by into the artist area. Followed by Badu. Also sighted: Kendall Jenner earlier. The best part? Getting stuck with john Salley on the way out. For some odd reason, there was a human traffic jam that came to a halt. No one could exit the premises. It was mind-boggling.

John was so fucking tall and EVERYONE noticed him. It was hilarious. He kept getting on his daughter for wanting to stay for the last song, and look where that got him lmao. Stuck with the rest of us basic af. Driving out of the place was a battle of its own. But it was worth every second. Frank Ocean, that was the best show I’ve ever witnessed.

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