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The Comedy Store Going Up On A Monday

July 25, 2017

Comedy saves lives. That’s my motto. Tonight was one of my best girlfriend’s birthday. And to celebrate, her boyfriend was performing stand-up at The Comedy Store in Weho.

I was late to the 8pm show, per usual. But driving up to this spot and seeing the gorgeous pink sunset was everything. It was honestly beautiful and lead to a moment of pure gratitude. After the street parking struggle of Sunset Blvd, I finally enter the premises. Only to be confused lmao. This place was ginormous. There were not 1, not 2, but 3 shows all going on at once.

Jackson was performing at THE COMEDY MADNESS show in The Belly Room. Tickets were discounted for $10 online if you got them in advance. $15 at the door. There’s no way around this. There was. no. way. around. this. Lmao. My broke ass def tried to finesse my way in. I had bought a ticket online for the free but it was to another show. The guy at the door seriously gets an A+ at his job because he was not letting anyone in without a ticket.

I walk into the farthest room which was up a flight of stairs to find a full house. Every seat was filled minus the one my girl saved me. Well, I’m pretending she did lmao. They were all in the third row, which was prime seating. Not too close, not too far. My girl Nykki literally scooted over so I could hang. She has a heart of gold and I adore the shit out of her.

This show has been around since 2009, and Jackson was a regular. That made it even more lit. This was so different from the normal Laugh Factory shows I go to. This was a show to highlight actual upcoming talent who are trying to jumpstart their careers. What a great opportunity for hungry comics to get some exposure. This is how it all begins. I loved how that was the main focus. Each comic legit got 6 minutes up there on stage. 6 minutes to sink or swim lmao.

Jackson swam. It was great. He shouted out my girl the second he got on stage and she could not stop blushing. It warmed my heart so much. I tweeted this during his set lmao. Sorry, had a moment. But where would we be if we didn’t support each other? Seriously. Nykki’s been inviting me out for a minute now, and tonight was the first time I could make the show. I was so happy I went. Sometimes, you just have to show up. Yenno?

The Comedy Store is definitely lit. There’s a bar on the front patio where everyone can go socialize and have a drink at any point during the evening. Love that it’s facing Sunset too. Had to catch a flick against this wall. Happy Monday.

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