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Big Sean & Machine Gun Kelly Shut Down Pandora’s #SoundsLikeSummer At LA Memorial Coliseum

July 30, 2017

Today marks the annual #SoundsLikeSummer concert by Pandora. This year, they were going all out: Big Sean, Machine Gun Kelly, Noah Cyrus, Starley and DJ Mustard at the LA Coliseum. I got this invite in my inbox and immediately thought, “Wow. What a ginormous venue for a concert.” This is the same stadium where the USC football team plays, and now the Los Angeles Rams. It was about to be lit.

Big Sean headlining is such a good look. Who doesn’t like Sean Don? He’s Hip Hop, but his music reaches fans across all genres. He’s such a versatile, talented artist. The fact that this show was free was the selling point for sure. This was the perfect summer vibe- especially on a Saturday. I finally get inside to find an entire playground. There were games, prizes, drinks, food, and… Mustard on the beat ho. .

Huge thanks to Peter for having me. I just saw Machine Gun Kelly at Wango Tango, but tonight, his set really moved me. I make my way over to the photo pit and was welcomed with his incredible energy. MGK is a rockstar.

“Alpha Omega” is off MGK’s General Admission album. If you’ve never heard MGK’s music, my hope is that you will by the end of this. He’s really talented and I really respect his story. We’ve all been through shit, but with him, I can literally see the pain in his face.

He goes HAM on “Golden God.” I didn’t mind being 7 feet away from him lmao. Pretty sure we made eye contact and he remembered me from last time. I fangirl-ed out and told him I loved bloom, his most recent project. He then got out his guitar and performed “At My Best,” a beautiful record.

On my mama I almost cried here. MGK said he lost someone this past week, and he was hurting. You could see it in his face. Ironically, a plane flew by towards the end of the song and he had to call it out. His message to everyone was to celebrate life. We were all out here listening to live music. What could be better?

He played “Trap Paris” with Quavo and Ty$ before getting into my all-time favorite: “Wild Boy.” This is his claim to fame (in my eyes). I remember my homeboy put me on MGK when this record was hot. I had to text him and say thanks.

“Bad Things” was next. This song with Camila Cabello is a pop hit as well. Good for him. He deserves that. He proceeded to jump off stage and get way up close and personal with his fans. They knew every word. It was so cute. He ended with “Till I Die,” where his shirt came off.

Ran into my babies and had to get a photo opp. Pandora, you are lit. They utilized the massive space very well, IMO. There was seriously so much to do, which made the event so much more appealing than just a standard concert.  There was even a huge blow-up slide to go down. The line was brazy, though. I heard last year they had Fifth Harmony and Steve Aoki, but it was at LA Live. This was an upgrade.

Mustard came on the main stage during intermission, and we posted in the Premier Tent. This had special seating to view the show, but it was so far from the action lmao. Nothing VIP about that. We hear Big Sean come on and run over. “No Favors” started things off right.

“Lamborghini Mercy. Yo chick she so thirsty.” Me and the homie Chris have seen Big Sean 20+ times this year, and we were still so turnt in the front row of that photo pit. Hit after hit after hit. Btw, the photo pit was 50x more crowded than MGK lmao. People definitely were here to see Sean. After performing “Clique,” he thanked Pandora for giving the fans a free show. We’re all here because we love music.

Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass. Was twerking up there with my non-existent ass. Everyone was lmao. “Jump Out The Window,” “Play No Games,” “Beware”… we didn’t expect such a long set for a free show. Here for it.

This was explosive. “All Me” with Drake is timeless.

This was TOO good not to tweet. He gave a very inspirational speech before “One Man Can Change The World,” which I believe made me cry last time. So soft lmao. He ended with “Blessings.” That’s a wrap.

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