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John Mayer Brought Out Post Malone & Covered Beyonce’s “XO” At His Sold Out Show In Los Angeles

July 31, 2017

Sundays were made for brunch. Today was something special. This wasn’t your regular brunch, it was the Eyelust Boss Brunch. So fucking honored to be invited by one of my favorite females in LA. Monica, you are an angel. And a role model to anyone and everyone out here chasing their dreams. She made hers happen. Eyelust Eyewear is her new line of eyewear with Kiona from Popular Demand. After blood, sweat, and tears, they are finally launching the line on Tuesday.

It’s so crazy cause every time I see Monica out, I always see her rocking these gorgeous, chic shades. One day, I complimented them and proceeded to ask if they were Ray-Ban. She put me on real quick: Eyelust Eyewear. The fact that I thought they were Rayban is a statement in itself. These shades are so cute and perfect for any boss babe. Literally, it’s like they are made specifically for the female face, and in my opinion (with no bias), they will have you feeling like a million bucks.

The private brunch was held at Toca Madera on 3rd in Weho. This place is LIT. I had people texting me asking where I was, and I was happy to tell. I walk in to find the most GORGEOUS set up. It looked like a damn baby shower. There were balloons that spelled out Eyelust on top of hand-picked flower arrangements with Eyelust glasses decorating the exterior. Kiona said they literally went to the LA flower market downtown to pick them. There were the cutest name tags all lined up for the honorary attendees. Shavone, I heart you.

It’s honestly so inspiring to be surrounded by so many passion-driven women. People that truly get the grind and don’t settle for anything less. Next to our name tags was a gift bag with the most beautiful gift wrapping. Again, event planning and decorating- two thumbs up. It was like Christmas. Inside the gift bags were only the finest Eyelust glasses. So fucking sweet and thoughtful. Honestly can’t wait to rock them.

Toca Madera, I see you. The ladies started off with beautiful, refreshing cocktails. So cute I wish I drank lmao. There was this Bye Felicia drink that straight up had an ice cream stick inside. We were given fruit, plantain chips, and fresh guac to hold us over until the food came. This churro waffle with chicken was definitely the main attraction. We were all so satisfied.

Another reason Eyelust is lit: the founders are real, genuine people with a vision to bring you only the hottest, trendiest looks. These ladies know fashion and they know what consumers want. They’ve been in the game for years. And the fact that they put their everything into the brand makes it that that much more appealing. Salute.

Fast forward to the evening… there are no words to describe John Mayer, other than a musical genius. A musical fucking genius. This man is so talented, on so many levels. Not only is his voice pure gold, but his efforts on the guitar and harmonica propel him to be one of the most versatile, soulful, well-respected musicians to date.

You guys are going to think I’m crazy, but I literally got approved for his show tonight at The Forum and canceled my flights home. I was going to go to the Bay this weekend and just hide lmao (LA been killing me). I had forgotten about this show because I didn’t think I’d be able to go. Sold out is an understatement. This is one of those shows that you have to set an alarm for at 10am when tickets go on sale, and even then, you still might be late.

I had to take my girl Ashley. We both wanted to go to his intimate #DiveBarTour show earlier in the week SO BAD, but didn’t make the cut (G-Eazy did though lmao). Huge thanks to Maxie for allowing me to cover and blessing me with set times, especially on the weekend. Responsiveness is valued so much in this industry.

The man of the hour graced the stage around 9pm. Honestly, every artists’ dream is to sell out The Forum. This was nothing for John lmao. He’s a superstar and he knows it. He started his set with “Helpless,” and Ash immediately notices how no one was on their phones. It was beautiful. John has an older fanbase, and everyone was genuinely there to enjoy his live performance.

He performed “Why Georgia” next, which the crowd got hyped for. Another awkward moment: everyone was sitting. We were in the lower section with a great view but it blew my mind that no one was standing. Especially when he came on. If this was a Hip Hop show, it would be reversed. No one would be sitting. It gave me anxiety that everyone was so calm.

I loved how much John talked in between songs. He told us he was going to be our tour guide on this Search For Everything Tour, which came just in time for the summer. He played “I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)” before giving the story behind “Who Says.” He said he wrote half in the Pacific Palisades and half in Santa Monica, and raved about how he was in Calabasas pre-Drake. It was hilarious.

This show was split up into 4 chapters. Not only was the stage set up amazing, but the turnaround time in between sets was impressive. “Moving On and Getting Over” closed out the first chapter (Full Band). We melted. Chapter 2 was Acoustic. That’s MY shit. After “Emoji of a Move,” he did the most beautiful cover of Beyonce’s “XO.” Can someone send this to Bey please? Lmao.

He performed “Neon” on the guitar, which I noticed he kept switching out- literally almost every track he played. They were all pre-tuned to that specific song. Unreal. Chapter 3 was Trio, which was welcomed with a short clip on the 2 guys that helped him write Continuum. Definitely one of his best projects, if not the best. The trio performed “Vultures” together and it was magical.

Chapter 4 was Full Band (Reprise), which is a musical term for repeated. Holy shit, this next moment was brazy. While John Mayer was finishing “Still Feel Like Your Man,” all of a sudden, the letters “POST” start flashing on the big screen. Low and behold, Post Malone steps on stage with his hippie self. No one was expecting that one.

Unfortunately, the mic failed. It was so sad lmao. Especially because Post’s voice is so fucking fire. He ended up killing the rest of”Congratulations” and it was soon forgotten. But man. It’s like, you had one job lmao. Shout out to Tommy Lee on stage as well. Real recognize real.

Next, I have to take a moment to shout out John’s guitarist Dylan Ryan Harris, who absolutely bodied his vocals into “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.” We were so impressed. And then John took the time to thank everyone in the building for coming out. He gave a very heartwarming speech about how there’s so much to choose from these days, yet we still stuck with him. Throughout his entire career (~20 years).

Shout out to Columbia Records also. They definitely play a huge role in how far he’s come. He played “Dear Marie” before his encores: “In The Blood” and “Gravity.” I found out John is actually a huge Hip Hop head, and started off as a guitarist on The Chapelle Show (thanks Ash). GOAT.

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