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Damar Jackson’s Private “Unfaithful” EP Listening Party Hosted By Louie The XIII

August 4, 2017

Tonight was the homie’s listening party. Damar Jackson, I fucks with you. I forgot where we actually met, but it was all love ever since. I remember posting his record “Crazy” on HipHopDX when I was running the music section. Now, the record has found its home on his Unfaithful EP.

Damar has been working his ass off on this project, which is why I was so excited to come out and support. Huge thanks to Diana for the personal invite, she’s a boss babe. This was a private listening party for the homies only, in the heart of DTLA. I knew it was a vibe the moment I saw it was hosted by Louie The XIII. You already know it’s gonna be lit.

This took place in a studio way up high on the 8th floor of a building. Man, this spot was a hidden gem. I legit walked into a hotbox, and I loved it. I haven’t been able to smoke because I just got a dental procedure (tear), but I swear I got contact high. And I hate when people say that lmao.


I was welcome with much love from Damar, as well as this fire King Louie pre-roll, a hard copy of his Unfaithful EP, and many familiar faces. Shout out to Garren lit off his ass I was dying lmao. It was honestly nothing but good vibes. Also had the pleasure of meeting the good people who own the studio: Louie and Sheppard.

I came right after work and was just in time for him to play the project through. Bless. The first track titled “RiteNow” is a banger, along with the next 7 he played from the project. Most of the production is handled by Damar as well. I would describe his music as sexy, sultry R&B. Homeboy definitely has his way with the ladies lmao. And vice versa.

That Yo Gotti feature though. “Club Again” is definitely directed at his ex-girl lmao. It reminds me of “Down in the DM.” The next track “Changed” he said was King Louie’s favorite. This one’s probably the most personal. He comes from a small town in Louisiana and the record touches on how people don’t ever make it out. He did something about it.

The rest of the project sounded great. This event was perfect. Just the right amount of people and didn’t start or end too late. He just touched down from his listening party in Atlanta the night prior too. Respect. <3

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