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RJ’s #MrLATour In Los Angeles Was A MOVIE f. Snoop Dogg, YG, ScHoolboy Q, Dom Kennedy, Jay 305 & O.T. Genasis

August 5, 2017

FRIYAY. Got off work at 7pm and headed straight to West LA. Had to support my girl Bianca, who put this entire thing together. Salute to boss babes. This was LuvaBoy TJ’s exclusive release party for his project Machine Lyfe. TJ is super closely affiliated with Chris Brown (baby daddy). BFF’s lmao. With Chris’ support, you really can’t lose.

I pull up to The Village Recorder to find good vibes only. There was champagne on deck, lollipops (clutch), and slaps by Power 106. This was a super dope space to throw a listening party, with a recording studio in the back. That shit definitely turned into a hotbox near the end of the evening. Shout out to Siya out supporting, she’s a sweetheart always. Both of them were reppin’ New York tough.

I was so caught off guard when I saw Lil Twist, and my journalist instincts kicked right in lmao. I swear I can’t turn that shit off. I had to ask about Young Money and Lil Wayne. That’s gold. Plus homeboy just got out of jail lmao. He was probably loving his freedom.

He prolly didn’t remember me, but I used to work at Joyrich where him and his homie used to come in and shop all the damn time. They used to love that store (so did I lmao). But really, he said he’s the only other person with Carter 5 on his phone. I was dying. I literally went to grab my computer to write up the story lmao. 

Had the pleasure of meeting TJ shortly after. He was in such good spirits. This was his day. When it came time to hear some new music, we all gathered around the main room by the DJ booth. He began with a short speech thanking everyone for coming out, followed by the premiere of the “Lit BTW” music video. I thought it was fire (plus it featured CB). Super catchy and definitely a tune to dance to.

Next up: I had 30 minutes to get to The NOVO downtown. This was the last stop of RJ‘s #MrLATour, and there was no way in hell I was missing this. RJ is one of my favorite West Coast artists. His music gets me so fucking hyped. He’s signed to Mustard and YG’s 10 Summers imprint. I see him every single time he comes to LA. I’m a fan.

First off, Mr. LA fucking goes. This is his debut project, after releasing all his OMMIO mixtapes. I had to bring my homegirl who loves RJ as much as I do. We were literally so turnt the entire night- no idea what was about to go down. Huge thanks to Sasha who took care of me. RJ hopped on stage to “Blammer” and I was done. That song is a straight BANGER. I remember hearing it at his listening party where he was lit off his ass lmao. Good times.

The crowd was literally begging for RJ to come on stage. Switching up the chants with “OMMIO,” which stands for “On My Momma I’m On.” He literally created his own acronym. All of LA was out, which makes sense since it’s his hometown. He performed “Brackin” and “Want Me Broke” next before I was kicked out the photo pit. “Flex” is the record that really had me geeked. Every single time.


“OMG” from OMMIO 3 and “Thank God” featuring Blac Youngsta were next. Literally, banger after banger after banger. He snapped at the end too, straight spitting into the mic with all his heart. It was beautiful. Of course, it wouldn’t be a show in LA without surprise guests. First RJ brings out Jay 305 for “Youzza Flip,” then Joe Moses for “Burn Rubber.” West Coast the best coast.

RJ did a great job interlacing his hits with the guests he brought out. Next up was “Comfortable” from OMMIO 2. Everything about this show was lit, from DJ Vision to the crowd knowing all the words. He played “Is It MIne” next and I was so surprised Ty$ didn’t come out. He DID bring out ScHoolboy Q for “Hennebeeto.” I low key thought he would, but I swear the crowd didn’t even realize it was Q until the song was over. Smh.

“Left and Right Side” was next before… UNCLE SNOOP! This was lit. Me and my girl were just looking on RJ’s IG, and the 4 people he follows lmao. Snoop made the cut.

“Drop It Like It’s Hot.” TIMELESS. And then what I thought was my favorite moment of the evening… DOM.

Dom Kennedy is my fucking favorite. “Dance With Me” was too lit. I know I’m totally killing the word “lit,” but there is no better description for tonight. Snoop said this was one of his favorite tracks from RJ too (off OMMIO 2). Me too, Uncle Snoop. Me too. Next he brought out the crip-walking O.T. Genasis. “Cut It” and “Push It” will never get overplayed.

Baby daddy YG was definitely the cherry on top. We all called it lmao. So much so, the crowd was chanting YG at this point of the show. Man, I lost my shit. They first performed “Not To Be” before “Get Out Yo Feelin’s.” This record dropped on YG’s Red Friday over the holidays. I listen to this when I’m emo lmao real talk.

Do ya dance, YG, do ya dance. I was in heaven. “BPT” forever the anthem. My girl said I had a sparkle in my eye lmao I’m done. RJ closed out with “Get Rich.” What a fucking movie.

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