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Party Favor & Lil Jon Take Over #HARDSummer Day 2

August 7, 2017

#HARDSummer Day 2. Let’s go. Day 1 was intense. So much so, I almost didn’t come back today lmao. Glen Helen Amphitheater is so far from LA. But I recruited the homie to drive my whip, so that helped. We arrive on-site around 4pm, and I head straight to the Pink Stage. This was the Dirtybird Hangout with Claude VonStroke. If you fuck with house, you know Dirtybird. Claude is the man behind it all.

This shit was not close lmao. Literally the last stage tucked away in the corner of the festival, which ended being low key dope. First off, it was by the pool. Had no idea there was a pool on-site. Birds & Birds was the perfect place to regroup and chill out mid-day, away from the craziness that ensued elsewhere. Huge thanks to Jake for the invite and making sure I was taken care of.

For my EDM folks, you may best know Claude for his DJ’ing self. He actually played with Destructo, the man of the weekend, earlier in the day. Real recognize real. For my Hip Hop folks, you may know him as Barclay Crenshaw. His alter ego. He literally asked me who I wanted to speak with. I was so thrown off by that question lmao. I was like, “You pick.”

Next, I had to make my way over to the Green Stage for Party Favor. Truth be told, this is why I came out today lmao. Huge thanks to Gaston for having me cover this. He let me in on a secret that Lil Jon would be a surprise guest. As much as Lil Jon is on that EDM wave, he will always be a Hip Hop legend. Crunk Juice goes down in history.

I was so honored to be on stage with Party. Seeing all the fans go absolutely crazy from his POV was something else. I’m usually viewing the stage from the audience’s eyes, which completely misses the magnitude of how crowded and turnt the tent really was. This was next level. Lil Jon played “Turn Down For What”… that shit was made for HARD. It was honestly a beautiful fucking sight to see.

I had to get Lil Jon afterward. Huge thanks to Brandon for letting me chat with him. He shared some insight on why he fucks with EDM and how terrible social media is these days. This drop is so fire lmao. The best part is he still got that voice. BITCH.

Also, shout out to Party Favor for annihilating his set. That shit was a straight movie. He’s such a sick DJ and I loved how much Hip Hop he spun into his set. The crowd went crazy when he played K. Dot’s “DNA.” He’s also got a record with Offset and 2 Chainz coming out and I already know that’s going to be fire. I mean, if Lil Jon pops out at your set, you know you’re legit.

Retired after this lmao. Roamed the artist trailers in an attempt to get some juice for my phone and ended up just waiting around for the homie to finish shooting. Turns out, he was waiting for me too. Shout out to having no service in that bitch. Such a fail. I literally had to put on some throwback Lil Jon in the whip after. It hit the spot.


Finally got back to LA and I had to pull up for my girl Melissa’s birthday celebration. 35 never looked so good on you, babygirl. She’s honestly one of my favorites in the industry, and I respect her hustle and grind so fucking much. I didn’t even get a chance to go upstairs and change. Dropped off the homie and head straight to Ralph’s to pick up some goodies. I think about my birthday and how much it means when people come out on your big day.

First off, 2 thumbs up for the event in itself. Yummy Creations is fucking lit and I told her once I’m lit, I’m going to have my birthday here lmao. The celebration was super intimate and took place in what looked like a bakery shop, but literally all the grounds were covered. From the dank food, to the drinks, to the custom cake, to the photo booth, to the DJ, to the decorations, to the life-size cut of out Melissa in the corner… it was honestly nothing but love and good vibes only in that room tonight.

I didn’t even notice I was hoarding these edibles lying around the tables lmao. Deadass. I actually can’t even have them. Who wants one?

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