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Kendrick Lamar & Travis Scott’s #TheDAMNTour Sells Out 3 Nights At Staples Center

August 9, 2017

Happy Tuesday. Stressed af lmao. August is no joke right now. Today started with an interview with the producers of “Unforgettable.” 3 cats from Indiana called 1Mind. Huge thanks to my babygirl Lauren who set this up. Literally, the sweetest. Ural was doing the interview, I was assisting lmao. He’s a way better reporter than me so I know when to step aside.

The interview took place inside the Electric Feel studio. Obsessed. It was right there in the middle of beautiful, sunny Sunset Blvd. I love these plaques, man. So fucking honorable to hang. I remember when “Fight Night” by Migos came out. That shit was beyond lit.

If you watch The Breakfast Club, you probably saw that French Montana forgot the names of the dudes who produced this massive hit. Smh lmao. So sad. It’s a team effort. Interestingly enough, this was originally supposed to be Swae Lee’s song. But yeah. These guys are out in LA and eager to produce so… get at them.

#THEDAMNTOUR. Finally. This shit is self-explanatory. Kendrick Lamar dropped one of the best albums in Hip Hop in a very long time. DAMN. Literally. It went Platinum in less than a month. Every single track is a hit. How is that even possible lmao. Tonight was night 2 of 3 sold out shows in LA. First off, it’s at Staples Center. This trumps The Forum. Only K. Dot could pull this off. Most rappers don’t play this venue.

Huge thanks to Ray and Emily for allowing me to cover. There’s no way we could miss this one. Ask anyone who’s at the top of Hip Hop right now and they’ll probably say K. Dot. He’s GOAT. Travis Scott was on mad early so I rushed to catch his set. La Flame is probably one of the best artists to see live. He has so much fucking energy. If you look up lit in the dictionary, you will find Travis Scott’s name. “Butterfly Effect” was fucking fire.

People were saying his set was better than Kendrick’s… and it totally convinced me that it was lmao.

Smh. I ended up recording every damn song because each song was that lit. I couldn’t help it. I really want to post each one, but that takes away from Kendrick so I had to calm down. “Through The Late Night” with Kid Cudi was glorious. It was the perfect track for this setting.

He performed “Love Galore” and even shouted out SZA in the building. OMG. But she didn’t come out. Actual tears. Next, he shouted out Tyler, The Creator in the building before performing “Outside.” And then one of my all time favorites by Travie: “3500.” It’s with Future and 2 Chainz. So fire.

“Portland,” “Pick Up the Phone,” “Upper Echelon,” and “Antidote”- the song of the year. And then he pretended to get off stage lmao. The best part is he didn’t fool a single person. Everyone knew he was going to close out with “Goosebumps.” But I actually on the side of the stage so I could see him fake leave and turn right back around. It was amusing.

This shit was fucking explosive. Remember that one time La Flame performed “Goosebumps” 14 times in a row? I still can’t wrap my head around that one.

I fucking love my girl Ashlee lmao. We both snuck all the down to get footage of Travis and were right next to each other for a hot second before we both noticed. Our section had a dope view, minus the light pillars in our way for half of Kendrick’s set. It fucked up 70% of my videos. I was sad lmao.

I loved the Kung Fu Kenny theme of his entire set. Everything from his outfit to his ninja warrior dancers, it was all eyes on Kendrick tonight. He came out to “DNA.” which I thought was so fucking fire. Actually, any song would have been fire lmao. “Element.” is my homie’s favorite off the project. “Pull up, hop out, air out, made it look sexy.”

Seriously, the view out from the stage was breathtaking. Every seat at Staples Center was taken. Kendrick’s probably used to it, but this was his hometown. He’s from Compton. That’s like down the street. This lead right into “King Kunta” off To Pimp A Butterfly. Wow, just saw DX gave this project a 5 out of 5. Historic.

Kendrick did a great job switching between projects. “Levitate levitate levitate” had me hyped. And that lead right into Future’s “Mask Off” remix. You know the crowd went crazy for that one. “Collard Greens,” “Swimming Pools,” “Backseat Freestyle,” “LOYALTY.” Man. If Rih Rih came out lmao. Game over.

Which leads me to wonder if he’s going to bring out anyone for the last night in LA tomorrow. I’ll be pissed lmao. Everyone thinks he will, but I guess we’ll see. Next was a short little skit by his ninja dancers before he pops up in the center of Staples Center announced. No one was ready for that but we were all here for it.

He performed a new record which not only sounded fire, but looked fire too. There was a square box that came out from under him and propped him up high. It was lit so beautifully. And then: “Money Trees.” One time for the GOAT.

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